1 Corintios  Capitulo 8 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Co 8:1 Now G1161 as touching G4012 things offered unto idols, G1494 we know G1492 that G3754 we all G3956 have G2192 knowledge. G1108 Knowledge G1108 puffeth up, G5448 but G1161 charity G26 edifieth.G3618

1Co 8:2 And G1161 if G1487 any man G5100 think G1380 that he knoweth G1492 any thing, G5100 he knoweth G1097 nothing G3762 yet G3764 as G2531 he ought G1163 to know.G1097

1Co 8:3 But G1161 if G1487 any man G5100 love G25 God, G2316 the same G3778 is known G1097 of G5259 him.G846

1Co 8:4 As concerning G4012 therefore G3767 the G3588 eating G1035 of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, G1494 we know G1492 that G3754 an idol G1497 is nothing G3762 in G1722 the world, G2889 and G2532 that G3754 there is none G3762 other G2087 God G2316 but G1508 one.G1520

1Co 8:5 For G1063 though G2532 G1512 there be G1526 that are called G3004 gods, G2316 whether G1535 in G1722 heaven G3772 or G1535 in G1909 earth, G1093 (as G5618 there be G1526 gods G2316 many, G4183 and G2532 lords G2962 many,)G4183

1Co 8:6 But G235 to us G2254 there is but one G1520 God, G2316 the G3588 Father, G3962 of G1537 whom G3739 are all things, G3956 and G2532 we G2249 in G1519 him; G846 and G2532 one G1520 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 by G1223 whom G3739 are all things, G3956 and G2532 we G2249 by G1223 him.G846

1Co 8:7 Howbeit G235 there is not G3756 in G1722 every man G3956 that knowledge: G1108 for G1161 some G5100 with conscience G4893 of the G3588 idol G1497 unto G2193 this hour G737 eat G2068 it as G5613 a thing offered unto an idol; G1494 and G2532 their G848 conscience G4893 being G5607 weak G772 is defiled.G3435

1Co 8:8 But G1161 meat G1033 commendeth G3936 us G2248 not G3756 to God: G2316 for G1063 neither, G3777 if G1437 we eat, G5315 are we the better; G4052 neither, G3777 if G1437 we eat G5315 not, G3361 are we the worse.G5302

1Co 8:9 But G1161 take heed G991 lest by any means G3381 this G3778 liberty G1849 of yours G5216 become G1096 a stumblingblock G4348 to them that are weak.G770

1Co 8:10 For G1063 if G1437 any man G5100 see G1492 thee G4571 which hast G2192 knowledge G1108 sit at meat G2621 in G1722 the idol's temple, G1493 shall not G3780 the G3588 conscience G4893 of him G846 which is G5607 weak G772 be emboldened G3618 to eat G2068 those things which are offered to idols;G1494

1Co 8:11 And G2532 through G1909 thy G4674 knowledge G1108 shall the G3588 weak G770 brother G80 perish, G622 for G1223 whom G3739 Christ G5547 died?G599

1Co 8:12 But G1161 when ye sin G264 so G3779 against G1519 the G3588 brethren, G80 and G2532 wound G5180 their G848 weak G770 conscience, G4893 ye sin G264 against G1519 Christ.G5547

1Co 8:13 Wherefore, G1355 if G1487 meat G1033 make my brother to offend, G4624 G3450 G80 I will eat G5315 no G3364 flesh G2907 while the world standeth, G1519 G3588 G165 lest G3363 I make my brother to offend. G4624 G3450 G80

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