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1Cr 26:1 Concerning the divisions H4256 of the porters: H7778 Of the Korhites H7145 was Meshelemiah H4920 the son H1121 of Kore, H6981 of H4480 the sons H1121 of Asaph.H623

1Cr 26:2 And the sons H1121 of Meshelemiah H4920 were, Zechariah H2148 the firstborn, H1060 Jediael H3043 the second, H8145 Zebadiah H2069 the third, H7992 Jathniel H3496 the fourth,H7243

1Cr 26:3 Elam H5867 the fifth, H2549 Jehohanan H3076 the sixth, H8345 Elioenai H454 the seventh.H7637

1Cr 26:4 Moreover the sons H1121 of Obededom H5654 were, Shemaiah H8098 the firstborn, H1060 Jehozabad H3075 the second, H8145 Joah H3098 the third, H7992 and Sacar H7940 the fourth, H7243 and Nethaneel H5417 the fifth,H2549

1Cr 26:5 Ammiel H5988 the sixth, H8345 Issachar H3485 the seventh, H7637 Peulthai H6469 the eighth: H8066 for H3588 God H430 blessed H1288 him.

1Cr 26:6 Also unto Shemaiah H8098 his son H1121 were sons H1121 born, H3205 that ruled H4474 throughout the house H1004 of their father: H1 for H3588 they H1992 were mighty men H1368 of valour.H2428

1Cr 26:7 The sons H1121 of Shemaiah; H8098 Othni, H6273 and Rephael, H7501 and Obed, H5744 Elzabad, H443 whose brethren H251 were strong men, H1121 H2428 Elihu, H453 and Semachiah.H5565

1Cr 26:8 All H3605 these H428 of the sons H4480 H1121 of Obededom: H5654 they H1992 and their sons H1121 and their brethren, H251 able H2428 men H376 for strength H3581 for the service, H5656 were threescore H8346 and two H8147 of Obededom.H5654

1Cr 26:9 And Meshelemiah H4920 had sons H1121 and brethren, H251 strong men, H1121 H2428 eighteen. H8083 H6240

1Cr 26:10 Also Hosah, H2621 of H4480 the children H1121 of Merari, H4847 had sons; H1121 Simri H8113 the chief, H7218 (for H3588 though he was H1961 not H3808 the firstborn, H1060 yet his father H1 made H7760 him the chief;)H7218

1Cr 26:11 Hilkiah H2518 the second, H8145 Tebaliah H2882 the third, H7992 Zechariah H2148 the fourth: H7243 all H3605 the sons H1121 and brethren H251 of Hosah H2621 were thirteen. H7969 H6240

1Cr 26:12 Among these H428 were the divisions H4256 of the porters, H7778 even among the chief H7218 men, H1397 having wards H4931 one against another, H5980 H251 to minister H8334 in the house H1004 of the LORD.H3068

1Cr 26:13 And they cast H5307 lots, H1486 as well the small H6996 as the great, H1419 according to the house H1004 of their fathers, H1 for every gate. H8179 H8179

1Cr 26:14 And the lot H1486 eastward H4217 fell H5307 to Shelemiah. H8018 Then for Zechariah H2148 his son, H1121 a wise H7922 counsellor, H3289 they cast H5307 lots; H1486 and his lot H1486 came out H3318 northward.H6828

1Cr 26:15 To Obededom H5654 southward; H5045 and to his sons H1121 the house H1004 of Asuppim.H624

1Cr 26:16 To Shuppim H8206 and Hosah H2621 the lot came forth westward, H4628 with H5973 the gate H8179 Shallecheth, H7996 by the causeway H4546 of the going up, H5927 ward H4929 against H5980 ward.H4929

1Cr 26:17 Eastward H4217 were six H8337 Levites, H3881 northward H6828 four H702 a day, H3117 southward H5045 four H702 a day, H3117 and toward Asuppim H624 two H8147 and two.H8147

1Cr 26:18 At Parbar H6503 westward, H4628 four H702 at the causeway, H4546 and two H8147 at Parbar.H6503

1Cr 26:19 These H428 are the divisions H4256 of the porters H7778 among the sons H1121 of Kore, H7145 and among the sons H1121 of Merari.H4847

1Cr 26:20 And of the Levites, H3881 Ahijah H281 was over H5921 the treasures H214 of the house H1004 of God, H430 and over the treasures H214 of the dedicated things.H6944

1Cr 26:21 As concerning the sons H1121 of Laadan; H3936 the sons H1121 of the Gershonite H1649 Laadan, H3936 chief H7218 fathers, H1 even of Laadan H3936 the Gershonite, H1649 were Jehieli.H3172

1Cr 26:22 The sons H1121 of Jehieli; H3172 Zetham, H2241 and Joel H3100 his brother, H251 which were over H5921 the treasures H214 of the house H1004 of the LORD.H3068

1Cr 26:23 Of the Amramites, H6020 and the Izharites, H3325 the Hebronites, H2276 and the Uzzielites:H5817

1Cr 26:24 And Shebuel H7619 the son H1121 of Gershom, H1648 the son H1121 of Moses, H4872 was ruler H5057 of H5921 the treasures.H214

1Cr 26:25 And his brethren H251 by Eliezer; H461 Rehabiah H7345 his son, H1121 and Jeshaiah H3470 his son, H1121 and Joram H3141 his son, H1121 and Zichri H2147 his son, H1121 and Shelomith H8013 his son.H1121

1Cr 26:26 Which H1931 Shelomith H8013 and his brethren H251 were over H5921 all H3605 the treasures H214 of the dedicated things, H6944 which H834 David H1732 the king, H4428 and the chief H7218 fathers, H1 the captains H8269 over thousands H505 and hundreds, H3967 and the captains H8269 of the host, H6635 had dedicated.H6942

1Cr 26:27 Out of H4480 the spoils H7998 won in H4480 battles H4421 did they dedicate H6942 to maintain H2388 the house H1004 of the LORD.H3068

1Cr 26:28 And all H3605 that Samuel H8050 the seer, H7203 and Saul H7586 the son H1121 of Kish, H7027 and Abner H74 the son H1121 of Ner, H5369 and Joab H3097 the son H1121 of Zeruiah, H6870 had dedicated; H6942 and whosoever H3605 had dedicated H6942 any thing, it was under H5921 the hand H3027 of Shelomith, H8019 and of his brethren.H251

1Cr 26:29 Of the Izharites, H3325 Chenaniah H3663 and his sons H1121 were for the outward H2435 business H4399 over H5921 Israel, H3478 for officers H7860 and judges.H8199

1Cr 26:30 And of the Hebronites, H2276 Hashabiah H2811 and his brethren, H251 men of valour, H1121 H2428 a thousand H505 and seven H7651 hundred, H3967 were officers H6486 among H5921 them of Israel H3478 on this side H4480 H5676 Jordan H3383 westward H4628 in all H3605 the business H4399 of the LORD, H3068 and in the service H5656 of the king.H4428

1Cr 26:31 Among the Hebronites H2276 was Jerijah H3404 the chief, H7218 even among the Hebronites, H2276 according to the generations H8435 of his fathers. H1 In the fortieth H705 year H8141 of the reign H4438 of David H1732 they were sought for, H1875 and there were found H4672 among them mighty men H1368 of valour H2428 at Jazer H3270 of Gilead.H1568

1Cr 26:32 And his brethren, H251 men H1121 of valour, H2428 were two thousand H505 and seven H7651 hundred H3967 chief H7218 fathers, H1 whom king H4428 David H1732 made rulers H6485 over H5921 the Reubenites, H7206 the Gadites, H1425 and the half H2677 tribe H7626 of Manasseh, H4520 for every H3605 matter H1697 pertaining to God, H430 and affairs H1697 of the king.H4428

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