1 Pedro Capitulo 3 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Pe 3:1 Likewise, G3668 ye wives, G1135 be in subjection G5293 to your own G2398 husbands; G435 that, G2443 if any G1536 obey not G544 the G3588 word, G3056 they also G2532 may without G427 the word G3056 be won G2770 by G1223 the G3588 conversation G391 of the G3588 wives;G1135

1Pe 3:2 While they behold G2029 your G5216 chaste G53 conversation G391 coupled with G1722 fear.G5401

1Pe 3:3 Whose G3739 adorning G2889 let it not G3756 be G2077 that G3588 outward G1855 adorning of plaiting G1708 the hair, G2359 and G2532 of wearing G4025 of gold, G5553 or G2228 of putting on G1745 of apparel;G2440

1Pe 3:4 But G235 let it be the G3588 hidden G2927 man G444 of the G3588 heart, G2588 in G1722 that which is not corruptible, G862 even the ornament of a meek G4239 and G2532 quiet G2272 spirit, G4151 which G3739 is G2076 in the sight G1799 of God G2316 of great price.G4185

1Pe 3:5 For G1063 after this manner G3779 in the old time G4218 the G3588 holy G40 women G1135 also, G2532 who trusted G1679 in G1909 God, G2316 adorned G2885 themselves, G1438 being in subjection G5293 unto their own G2398 husbands:G435

1Pe 3:6 Even as G5613 Sara G4564 obeyed G5219 Abraham, G11 calling G2564 him G846 lord: G2962 whose G3739 daughters G5043 ye are, G1096 as long as ye do well, G15 and G2532 are not afraid G5399 G3361 with any G3367 amazement.G4423

1Pe 3:7 Likewise, G3668 ye husbands, G435 dwell with G4924 them according G2596 to knowledge, G1108 giving G632 honour G5092 unto the G3588 wife, G1134 as G5613 unto the weaker G772 vessel, G4632 and G2532 as G5613 being heirs together G4789 of the grace G5485 of life; G2222 that your G5216 prayers G4335 be not G3361 hindered.G1581

1Pe 3:8 Finally, G5056 be ye all G3956 of one mind, G3675 having compassion one of another, G4835 love as brethren, G5361 be pitiful, G2155 be courteous:G5391

1Pe 3:9 Not G3361 rendering G591 evil G2556 for G473 evil, G2556 or G2228 railing G3059 for G473 railing: G3059 but G1161 contrariwise G5121 blessing; G2127 knowing G1492 that G3754 ye are thereunto G1519 G5124 called, G2564 that G2443 ye should inherit G2816 a blessing.G2129

1Pe 3:10 For G1063 he that will G2309 love G25 life, G2222 and G2532 see G1492 good G18 days, G2250 let him refrain G3973 his G848 tongue G1100 from G575 evil, G2556 and G2532 his G848 lips G5491 that they speak G2980 no G3361 guile:G1388

1Pe 3:12 For G3754 the G3588 eyes G3788 of the Lord G2962 are over G1909 the righteous, G1342 and G2532 his G846 ears G3775 are open unto G1519 their G846 prayers: G1162 but G1161 the face G4383 of the Lord G2962 is against G1909 them that do G4160 evil.G2556

1Pe 3:13 And G2532 who G5101 is he that will harm G2559 you, G5209 if G1437 ye be G1096 followers G3402 of that which is good?G18

1Pe 3:14 But G235 and G2532 if G1487 ye suffer G3958 for righteousness' sake, G1223 G1343 happy G3107 are ye: and G1161 be not afraid G5399 G3361 of their G846 terror, G5401 neither G3366 be troubled;G5015

1Pe 3:15 But G1161 sanctify G37 the Lord G2962 God G2316 in G1722 your G5216 hearts: G2588 and G1161 be ready G2092 always G104 to give an answer G4314 G627 to every man G3956 that asketh G154 you G5209 a reason G3056 of G4012 the G3588 hope G1680 that is in G1722 you G5213 with G3326 meekness G4240 and G2532 fear:G5401

1Pe 3:16 Having G2192 a good G18 conscience; G4893 that, G2443 whereas G1722 G3739 they speak evil of G2635 you, G5216 as G5613 of evildoers, G2555 they may be ashamed G2617 that falsely accuse G1908 your G5216 good G18 conversation G391 in G1722 Christ.G5547

1Pe 3:17 For G1063 it is better, G2909 if G1487 the G3588 will G2307 of God G2316 be G2309 so, that ye suffer G3958 for well doing, G15 than G2228 for evil doing.G2554

1Pe 3:18 For G3754 Christ G5547 also G2532 hath once G530 suffered G3958 for G4012 sins, G266 the just G1342 for G5228 the unjust, G94 that G2443 he might bring G4317 us G2248 to God, G2316 being put to death G2289 in the( G3303) flesh, G4561 but G1161 quickened G2227 by the G3588 Spirit:G4151

1Pe 3:19 By G1722 which G3739 also G2532 he went G4198 and preached G2784 unto the G3588 spirits G4151 in G1722 prison;G5438

1Pe 3:20 Which sometime G4218 were disobedient, G544 when G3753 once G530 the G3588 longsuffering G3115 of God G2316 waited G1551 in G1722 the days G2250 of Noah, G3575 while the ark G2787 was a preparing, G2680 wherein G1519 G3739 few, G3641 that is, G5123 eight G3638 souls G5590 were saved G1295 by G1223 water.G5204

1Pe 3:21 The like figure G499 whereunto G3739 even baptism G908 doth also G2532 now G3568 save G4982 us G2248 (not G3756 the putting away G595 of the filth G4509 of the flesh, G4561 but G235 the answer G1906 of a good G18 conscience G4893 toward G1519 God,) G2316 by G1223 the resurrection G386 of Jesus G2424 Christ:G5547

1Pe 3:22 Who G3739 is gone G4198 into G1519 heaven, G3772 and is G2076 on G1722 the right hand G1188 of God; G2316 angels G32 and G2532 authorities G1849 and G2532 powers G1411 being made subject unto G5293 him.G846

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