1 Samuel  Capitulo 31 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Sa 31:1 Now the Philistines H6430 fought H3898 against Israel: H3478 and the men H376 of Israel H3478 fled H5127 from before H4480 H6440 the Philistines, H6430 and fell down H5307 slain H2491 in mount H2022 Gilboa.H1533

1Sa 31:2 And the Philistines H6430 followed hard upon H1692 (H853) Saul H7586 and upon his sons; H1121 and the Philistines H6430 slew H5221 (H853) Jonathan, H3083 and Abinadab, H41 and Malchishua, H4444 Saul's H7586 sons.H1121

1Sa 31:3 And the battle H4421 went sore H3513 against H413 Saul, H7586 and the archers H3384 H376 hit H4672 him; and he was sore H3966 wounded H2342 of the archers. H4480 H3384

1Sa 31:4 Then said H559 Saul H7586 unto his armourbearer, H5375 H3627 Draw H8025 thy sword, H2719 and thrust me through H1856 therewith; lest H6435 these H428 uncircumcised H6189 come H935 and thrust me through, H1856 and abuse H5953 me. But his armourbearer H5375 H3627 would H14 not; H3808 for H3588 he was sore H3966 afraid. H3372 Therefore Saul H7586 took H3947 (H853) a sword, H2719 and fell H5307 upon H5921 it.

1Sa 31:6 So Saul H7586 died, H4191 and his three H7969 sons, H1121 and his armourbearer, H5375 H3627 and H1571 all H3605 his men, H376 that same H1931 day H3117 together.H3162

1Sa 31:7 And when the men H376 of Israel H3478 that H834 were on the other side H5676 of the valley, H6010 and they that H834 were on the other side H5676 Jordan, H3383 saw H7200 that H3588 the men H376 of Israel H3478 fled, H5127 and that H3588 Saul H7586 and his sons H1121 were dead, H4191 they forsook H5800 (H853) the cities, H5892 and fled; H5127 and the Philistines H6430 came H935 and dwelt H3427 in them.H2004

1Sa 31:8 And it came to pass H1961 on the morrow, H4480 H4283 when the Philistines H6430 came H935 to strip H6584 (H853) the slain, H2491 that they found H4672 (H853) Saul H7586 and his three H7969 sons H1121 fallen H5307 in mount H2022 Gilboa.H1533

1Sa 31:9 And they cut off H3772 (H853) his head, H7218 and stripped off H6584 (H853) his armour, H3627 and sent H7971 into the land H776 of the Philistines H6430 round about, H5439 to publish H1319 it in the house H1004 of their idols, H6091 and among H854 the people.H5971

1Sa 31:10 And they put H7760 (H853) his armour H3627 in the house H1004 of Ashtaroth: H6252 and they fastened H8628 his body H1472 to the wall H2346 of Bethshan.H1052

1Sa 31:11 And when the inhabitants H3427 of Jabeshgilead H3003 H1568 heard H8085 H413 (H853) of that which H834 the Philistines H6430 had done H6213 to Saul;H7586

1Sa 31:12 All H3605 the valiant H2428 men H376 arose, H6965 and went H1980 all H3605 night, H3915 and took H3947 (H853) the body H1472 of Saul H7586 and the bodies H1472 of his sons H1121 from the wall H4480 H2346 of Bethshan, H1052 and came H935 to Jabesh, H3003 and burnt H8313 them there.H8033

1Sa 31:13 And they took H3947 (H853) their bones, H6106 and buried H6912 them under H8478 a tree H815 at Jabesh, H3003 and fasted H6684 seven H7651 days.H3117

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