1 Tesalonicenses   Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Ts 2:1 For G1063 yourselves, G846 brethren, G80 know G1492 our G2257 entrance in G1529 unto G4314 you, G5209 that G3754 it was G1096 not G3756 in vain:G2756

1Ts 2:2 But G235 even G2532 after that we had suffered before, G4310 and G2532 were shamefully entreated, G5195 as G2531 ye know, G1492 at G1722 Philippi, G5375 we were bold G3955 in G1722 our G2257 God G2316 to speak G2980 unto G4314 you G5209 the G3588 gospel G2098 of God G2316 with G1722 much G4183 contention.G73

1Ts 2:3 For G1063 our G2257 exhortation G3874 was not G3756 of G1537 deceit, G4106 nor G3761 of G1537 uncleanness, G167 nor G3777 in G1722 guile:G1388

1Ts 2:4 But G235 as G2531 we were allowed G1381 of G5259 God G2316 to be put in trust G4100 with the G3588 gospel, G2098 even so G3779 we speak; G2980 not G3756 as G5613 pleasing G700 men, G444 but G235 God, G2316 which trieth G1381 our G2257 hearts.G2588

1Ts 2:5 For G1063 neither G3777 at any time G4218 used we flattering words, G1096 G1722 G3056 G2850 as G2531 ye know, G1492 nor G3777 a cloke G4392 of covetousness; G4124 God G2316 is witness:G3144

1Ts 2:6 Nor G3777 of G1537 men G444 sought G2212 we glory, G1391 neither G3777 of G575 you, G5216 nor G3777 yet of G575 others, G243 when we might G1410 have been G1511 burdensome, G1722 G922 as G5613 the apostles G652 of Christ.G5547

1Ts 2:7 But G235 we were G1096 gentle G2261 among G1722 G3319 you, G5216 even as G5613 G302 a nurse G5162 cherisheth G2282 her G1438 children:G5043

1Ts 2:8 So G3779 being affectionately desirous G2442 of you, G5216 we were willing G2106 to have imparted G3330 unto you, G5213 not G3756 the G3588 gospel G2098 of God G2316 only, G3440 but G235 also G2532 our own G1438 souls, G5590 because G1360 ye were G1096 dear G27 unto us.G2254

1Ts 2:9 For G1063 ye remember, G3421 brethren, G80 our G2257 labour G2873 and G2532 travail: G3449 for G1063 labouring G2038 night G3571 and G2532 day, G2250 because we would not G3361 be chargeable G1912 unto any G5100 of you, G5216 we preached G2784 unto G1519 you G5209 the G3588 gospel G2098 of God.G2316

1Ts 2:10 Ye G5210 are witnesses, G3144 and G2532 God G2316 also, how G5613 holily G3743 and G2532 justly G1346 and G2532 unblameably G274 we behaved ourselves G1096 among you G5213 that believe:G4100

1Ts 2:11 As G2509 ye know G1492 how G5613 we exhorted G3870 ( G5209) and G2532 comforted G3888 and G2532 charged G3140 every G1538 one G1520 of you, G5216 as G5613 a father G3962 doth his G1438 children,G5043

1Ts 2:12 That ye G5209 would walk G4043 worthy G516 of God, G2316 who hath called G2564 you G5209 unto G1519 his G1438 kingdom G932 and G2532 glory.G1391

1Ts 2:13 For this cause G1223 G5124 also G2532 thank G2168 we G2249 God G2316 without ceasing, G89 because, G3754 when ye received G3880 the word G3056 of God G2316 which ye heard G189 of G3844 us, G2257 ye received G1209 it not G3756 as the word G3056 of men, G444 but G235 as G2531 it is G2076 in truth, G230 the word G3056 of God, G2316 which G3739 effectually worketh G1754 also G2532 in G1722 you G5213 that believe.G4100

1Ts 2:14 For G1063 ye, G5210 brethren, G80 became G1096 followers G3402 of the G3588 churches G1577 of God G2316 which in G1722 Judaea G2449 are G5607 in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus: G2424 for G3754 ye G5210 also G2532 have suffered G3958 like things G5024 of G5259 your own G2398 countrymen, G4853 even as G2531 they G846 have( G2532) of G5259 the G3588 Jews:G2453

1Ts 2:15 Who both killed G615 G2532 the G3588 Lord G2962 Jesus, G2424 and G2532 their own G2398 prophets, G4396 and G2532 have persecuted G1559 us; G2248 and G2532 they please G700 not G3361 God, G2316 and G2532 are contrary G1727 to all G3956 men:G444

1Ts 2:16 Forbidding G2967 us G2248 to speak G2980 to the G3588 Gentiles G1484 that G2443 they might be saved, G4982 to fill up G378 their G848 sins G266 alway: G3842 for G1161 the G3588 wrath G3709 is come G5348 upon G1909 them G846 to G1519 the uttermost.G5056

1Ts 2:17 But G1161 we, G2249 brethren, G80 being taken G642 from G575 you G5216 for G4314 a short time G5610 G2540 in presence, G4383 not G3756 in heart, G2588 endeavoured G4704 the more abundantly G4056 to see G1492 your G5216 face G4383 with G1722 great G4183 desire.G1939

1Ts 2:19 For G1063 what G5101 is our G2257 hope, G1680 or G2228 joy, G5479 or G2228 crown G4735 of rejoicing? G2746 Are( G2228) not G3780 even G2532 ye G5210 in the presence G1715 of our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 at G1722 his G846 coming?G3952

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