2 Corintios Capitulo 3 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Co 3:1 Do we begin G756 again G3825 to commend G4921 ourselves? G1438 or G1508 need G5535 we, as G5613 some G5100 others, epistles G1992 of commendation G4956 to G4314 you, G5209 or G2228 letters of commendation G4956 from G1537 you?G5216

2Co 3:3 Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared G5319 to( G3754) be G2075 the epistle G1992 of Christ G5547 ministered G1247 by G5259 us, G2257 written G1449 not G3756 with ink, G3188 but G235 with the Spirit G4151 of the living G2198 God; G2316 not G3756 in G1722 tables G4109 of stone, G3035 but G235 in G1722 fleshy G4560 tables G4109 of the heart.G2588

2Co 3:4 And G1161 such G5108 trust G4006 have G2192 we through G1223 Christ G5547 to G4314 God-ward:G2316

2Co 3:5 Not G3756 that G3754 we are G2070 sufficient G2425 of G575 ourselves G1438 to think G3049 any thing G5100 as G5613 of G1537 ourselves; G1438 but G235 our G2257 sufficiency G2426 is of G1537 God;G2316

2Co 3:6 Who G3739 also G2532 hath made us able G2427 G2248 ministers G1249 of the new G2537 testament; G1242 not G3756 of the letter, G1121 but G235 of the spirit: G4151 for G1063 the G3588 letter G1121 killeth, G615 but G1161 the G3588 spirit G4151 giveth life.G2227

2Co 3:7 But G1161 if G1487 the G3588 ministration G1248 of death, G2288 written G1722 G1121 and engraven G1795 in G1722 stones, G3037 was G1096 glorious, G1722 G1391 so that G5620 the G3588 children G5207 of Israel G2474 could G1410 not G3361 stedfastly G816 behold( G1519) the G3588 face G4383 of Moses G3475 for G1223 the G3588 glory G1391 of his G846 countenance; G4383 which glory was to be done away:G2673

2Co 3:8 How G4459 shall not G3780 the G3588 ministration G1248 of the G3588 spirit G4151 be G2071 rather G3123 glorious? G1722 G1391

2Co 3:9 For G1063 if G1487 the G3588 ministration G1248 of condemnation G2633 be glory, G1391 much G4183 more G3123 doth the G3588 ministration G1248 of righteousness G1343 exceed G4052 in G1722 glory.G1391

2Co 3:10 For G1063 even G2532 that which was made glorious G1392 had no glory G1392 G3761 in G1722 this G5129 respect, G3313 by reason of G1752 the G3588 glory G1391 that excelleth.G5235

2Co 3:11 For G1063 if G1487 that which is done away G2673 was glorious, G1223 G1391 much G4183 more G3123 that which remaineth G3306 is glorious. G1722 G1391

2Co 3:12 Seeing then G3767 that we have G2192 such G5108 hope, G1680 we use G5530 great G4183 plainness of speech:G3954

2Co 3:13 And G2532 not G3756 as G2509 Moses, G3475 which put G5087 a vail G2571 over G1909 his G1438 face, G4383 that the G3588 children G5207 of Israel G2474 could not G3361 stedfastly look G816 to G1519 the G3588 end G5056 of that which is abolished:G2673

2Co 3:14 But G235 their G846 minds G3540 were blinded: G4456 for G1063 until G891 this day G4594 remaineth G3306 the G3588 same G846 vail G2571 untaken away G343 G3361 in G1909 the G3588 reading G320 of the G3588 old G3820 testament; G1242 which G3748 vail is done away G2673 in G1722 Christ.G5547

2Co 3:15 But G235 even unto G2193 this day, G4594 when G2259 Moses G3475 is read, G314 the vail G2571 is G2749 upon G1909 their G846 heart.G2588

2Co 3:16 Nevertheless G1161 when G2259 G302 it shall turn G1994 to G4314 the Lord, G2962 the G3588 vail G2571 shall be taken away.G4014

2Co 3:17 Now G1161 the G3588 Lord G2962 is G2076 that Spirit: G4151 and G1161 where G3757 the G3588 Spirit G4151 of the Lord G2962 is, there G1563 is liberty.G1657

2Co 3:18 But G1161 we G2249 all, G3956 with open G343 face G4383 beholding as in a glass G2734 the G3588 glory G1391 of the Lord, G2962 are changed G3339 into the G3588 same G846 image G1504 from G575 glory G1391 to G1519 glory, G1391 even as G2509 by G575 the Spirit G4151 of the Lord.G2962

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