2 Corintios Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Co 5:1 For G1063 we know G1492 that G3754 if G1437 our G2257 earthly G1919 house G3614 of this tabernacle G4636 were dissolved, G2647 we have G2192 a building G3619 of G1537 God, G2316 an house G3614 not made with hands, G886 eternal G166 in G1722 the G3588 heavens.G3772

2Co 5:2 For G1063 in G1722 this G5129 we( G2532) groan, G4727 earnestly desiring G1971 to be clothed upon G1902 with our G2257 house G3613 which G3588 is from G1537 heaven:G3772

2Co 5:3 If so be G1489 that( G2532) being clothed G1746 we shall not G3756 be found G2147 naked.G1131

2Co 5:4 ForG1063( G2532) we that are G5607 in G1722 this tabernacle G4636 do groan, G4727 being burdened: G916 not G3756 for that G1909 G3739 we would G2309 be unclothed, G1562 but G235 clothed upon, G1902 that G2443 mortality G2349 might be swallowed up G2666 of G5259 life.G2222

2Co 5:5 Now G1161 he that hath wrought G2716 us G2248 for G1519 the selfsame thing G846 G5124 is God, G2316 who also hath given G1325 G2532 unto us G2254 the G3588 earnest G728 of the G3588 Spirit.G4151

2Co 5:6 Therefore G3767 we are always G3842 confident, G2292 knowing( G1492) that, G3754 whilst we are at home G1736 in G1722 the G3588 body, G4983 we are absent G1553 from G575 the G3588 Lord:G2962

2Co 5:8 ( G1161) We are confident, G2292 I say, and G2532 willing G2106 rather G3123 to be absent G1553 from G1537 the G3588 body, G4983 and G2532 to be present G1736 with G4314 the G3588 Lord.G2962

2Co 5:9 Wherefore G1352 we( G2532) labour, G5389 that, whether G1535 present G1736 or G1535 absent, G1553 we may be G1511 accepted G2101 of him.G846

2Co 5:10 For G1063 we G2248 must G1163 all G3956 appear G5319 before G1715 the G3588 judgment seat G968 of Christ; G5547 that G2443 every one G1538 may receive G2865 the things G3588 done in G1223 his body, G4983 according G4314 to that G3739 he hath done, G4238 whether G1535 it be good G18 or G1535 bad.G2556

2Co 5:11 Knowing G1492 therefore G3767 the G3588 terror G5401 of the G3588 Lord, G2962 we persuade G3982 men; G444 but G1161 we are made manifest G5319 unto God; G2316 and G1161 I trust G1679 also G2532 are made manifest G5319 in G1722 your G5216 consciences.G4893

2Co 5:12 For G1063 we commend G4921 not G3756 ourselves G1438 again G3825 unto you, G5213 but G235 give G1325 you G5213 occasion G874 to glory G2745 on our behalf, G5228 G2257 that G2443 ye may have G2192 somewhat to G4314 answer them which glory G2744 in G1722 appearance, G4383 and G2532 not G3756 in heart.G2588

2Co 5:13 For G1063 whether G1535 we be beside ourselves, G1839 it is to God: G2316 or whether G1535 we be sober, G4993 it is for your cause.G5213

2Co 5:14 For G1063 the G3588 love G26 of Christ G5547 constraineth G4912 us; G2248 because we thus G5124 judge, G2919 that G3754 if G1487 one G1520 died G599 for G5228 all, G3956 then G686 were all dead: G599 G3956

2Co 5:15 And G2532 that he died G599 for G5228 all, G3956 that G2443 they which live G2198 should not henceforth G3371 live G2198 unto themselves, G1438 but G235 unto him which died G599 for G5228 them, G846 and G2532 rose again.G1453

2Co 5:16 Wherefore G5620 henceforth G575 G3568 know G1492 we G2249 no man G3762 after G2596 the flesh: G4561 yea, G1161 though G1499 we have known G1097 Christ G5547 after G2596 the flesh, G4561 yet G235 now G3568 henceforth know G1097 we him no more.G3765

2Co 5:17 Therefore G5620 if any man G1536 be in G1722 Christ, G5547 he is a new G2537 creature: G2937 old things G744 are passed away; G3928 behold, G2400 all things G3956 are become G1096 new.G2537

2Co 5:18 And G1161 all things G3956 are of G1537 God, G2316 who hath reconciled G2644 us G2248 to himself G1438 by G1223 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 and G2532 hath given G1325 to us G2254 the G3588 ministry G1248 of reconciliation;G2643

2Co 5:19 To wit, G5613 that G3754 God G2316 was G2258 in G1722 Christ, G5547 reconciling G2644 the world G2889 unto himself, G1438 not G3361 imputing G3049 their G846 trespasses G3900 unto them; G846 and G2532 hath committed G5087 unto G1722 us G2254 the G3588 word G3056 of reconciliation.G2643

2Co 5:20 Now then G3767 we are ambassadors G4243 for G5228 Christ, G5547 as though G5613 God G2316 did beseech G3870 you by G1223 us: G2257 we pray G1189 you in Christ's stead, G5228 G5547 be ye reconciled G2644 to God.G2316

2Co 5:21 For G1063 he hath made G4160 him to be sin G266 for G5228 us, G2257 who knew G1097 no G3361 sin; G266 that G2443 we G2249 might be made G1096 the righteousness G1343 of God G2316 in G1722 him.G846

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