2 Corintios Capitulo 7 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Co 7:1 Having G2192 therefore G3767 these G5025 promises, G1860 dearly beloved, G27 let us cleanse G2511 ourselves G1438 from G575 all G3956 filthiness G3436 of the flesh G4561 and G2532 spirit, G4151 perfecting G2005 holiness G42 in G1722 the fear G5401 of God.G2316

2Co 7:2 Receive G5562 us; G2248 we have wronged G91 no man, G3762 we have corrupted G5351 no man, G3762 we have defrauded G4122 no man.G3762

2Co 7:3 I speak G3004 not G3756 this to G4314 condemn G2633 you: for G1063 I have said before, G4280 that G3754 ye are G2075 in G1722 our G2257 hearts G2588 to die G4880 and G2532 live with G4800 you.

2Co 7:4 Great G4183 is my G3427 boldness of speech G3954 toward G4314 you, G5209 great G4183 is my G3427 glorying G2746 of G5228 you: G5216 I am filled G4137 with comfort, G3874 I am exceeding G5248 joyful G5479 in G1909 all G3956 our G2257 tribulation.G2347

2Co 7:5 For, G1063 when G2532 we G2257 were come G2064 into G1519 Macedonia, G3109 our G2257 flesh G4561 had G2192 no G3762 rest, G425 but G235 we were troubled G2346 on G1722 every side; G3956 without G1855 were fightings, G3163 within G2081 were fears.G5401

2Co 7:6 Nevertheless G235 God, G2316 that comforteth G3870 those that are cast down, G5011 comforted G3870 us G2248 by G1722 the G3588 coming G3952 of Titus;G5103

2Co 7:7 And G1161 not G3756 by G1722 his G846 coming G3952 only, G3440 but G235 ( G2532) by G1722 the G3588 consolation G3874 wherewith G3739 he was comforted G3870 in G1909 you, G5213 when he told G312 us G2254 your G5216 earnest desire, G1972 your G5216 mourning, G3602 your G5216 fervent mind G2205 toward G5228 me; G1700 so that G5620 I G3165 rejoiced G5463 the more.G3123

2Co 7:8 For G3754 though G1499 I made you sorry G3076 G5209 with G1722 a letter, G1992 I do not G3756 repent, G3338 though G1499 I did repent: G3338 for G1063 I perceive G991 that G3754 the G3588 same G1565 epistle G1992 hath made you sorry, G3076 G5209 though G1499 it were but for G4314 a season.G5610

2Co 7:9 Now G3568 I rejoice, G5463 not G3756 that G3754 ye were made sorry, G3076 but G235 that G3754 ye sorrowed G3076 to G1519 repentance: G3341 for G1063 ye were made sorry G3076 after a godly manner, G2596 G2316 that G2443 ye might receive damage G2210 by G1537 us G2257 in G1722 nothing.G3367

2Co 7:10 For G1063 godly G2596 G2316 sorrow G3077 worketh G2716 repentance G3341 to G1519 salvation G4991 not to be repented of: G278 but G1161 the G3588 sorrow G3077 of the G3588 world G2889 worketh G2716 death.G2288

2Co 7:11 For G1063 behold G2400 this G5124 selfsame thing, G846 that ye G5209 sorrowed G3076 after a godly sort, G2596 G2316 what G4214 carefulness G4710 it wrought G2716 in you, G5213 yea, G235 what clearing of yourselves, G627 yea, G235 what indignation, G24 yea, G235 what fear, G5401 yea, G235 what vehement desire, G1972 yea, G235 what zeal, G2205 yea, G235 what revenge! G1557 In G1722 all G3956 things ye have approved G4921 yourselves G1438 to be G1511 clear G53 in G1722 this matter.G4229

2Co 7:12 Wherefore, G686 though G1499 I wrote G1125 unto you, G5213 I did it not G3756 for his cause G1752 that had done the wrong, G91 nor G3761 for his cause G1752 that suffered wrong, G91 but G235 that our G2257 care G4710 for G5228 you G5216 in the sight G1799 of God G2316 might appear G5319 unto G4314 you.G5209

2Co 7:13 Therefore G1223 G5124 we were comforted G3870 in G1909 your G5216 comfort: G3874 yea, and G1161 exceedingly G4056 the more G3123 joyed G5463 we for G1909 the G3588 joy G5479 of Titus, G5103 because G3754 his G846 spirit G4151 was refreshed G373 by G575 you G5216 all.G3956

2Co 7:14 For G3754 if I have boasted any thing G1536 G2744 to him G846 of G5228 you, G5216 I am not ashamed; G2617 G3756 but G235 as G5613 we spake G2980 all things G3956 to you G5213 in G1722 truth, G225 even G2532 so G3779 our G2257 boasting, G2746 which G3588 I made before G1909 Titus, G5103 is found G1096 a truth.G225

2Co 7:15 And G2532 his G846 inward affection G4698 is G2076 more abundant G4056 toward G1519 you, G5209 whilst he remembereth G363 the G3588 obedience G5218 of you G5216 all, G3956 how G5613 with G3326 fear G5401 and G2532 trembling G5156 ye received G1209 him.G846

2Co 7:16 I rejoice G5463 therefore G3767 that G3754 I have confidence G2292 in G1722 you G5213 in G1722 all G3956 things.

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