2 Corintios Capitulo 9 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Co 9:1 For G1063 as touchingG4012( G3303) the G3588 ministering G1248 to G1519 the G3588 saints, G40 it is G2076 superfluous G4053 for me G3427 to write G1125 to you:G5213

2Co 9:2 For G1063 I know G1492 the G3588 forwardness of your mind, G4288 G5216 for which G3739 I boast G2744 of G5228 you G5216 to them of Macedonia, G3110 that G3754 Achaia G882 was ready G3903 a year ago; G575 G4070 and G2532 ( G1537) your G5216 zeal G2205 hath provoked G2042 very many.G4119

2Co 9:3 Yet G1161 have I sent G3992 the G3588 brethren, G80 lest G3363 our G2257 boasting G2745 of G5228 you G5216 should be in vain G2758 in G1722 this G5129 behalf; G3313 that, G2443 as G2531 I said, G3004 ye may be G5600 ready:G3903

2Co 9:4 Lest haply G3381 if G1437 they of Macedonia G3110 come G2064 with G4862 me, G1698 and G2532 find G2147 you G5209 unprepared, G532 we G2249 (that G2443 we say G3004 not, G3361 ye) should be G5210 ashamed G2617 in G1722 this same G5026 confident G5287 boasting.G2746

2Co 9:5 Therefore G3767 I thought G2233 it necessary G316 to exhort G3870 the G3588 brethren, G80 that G2443 they would go before G4281 unto G1519 you, G5209 and G2532 make up beforehand G4294 your G5216 bounty, G2129 whereof ye had notice before, G4293 that the same G5026 might be G1511 ready, G2092 ( G3779) as G5613 a matter of bounty, G2129 and G2532 not G3361 as G5618 of covetousness.G4124

2Co 9:6 But G1161 this G5124 I say, He which soweth G4687 sparingly G5340 shall reap G2325 also G2532 sparingly; G5340 and G2532 he which soweth G4687 bountifully G1909 G2129 shall reap G2325 also G2532 bountifully. G1909 G2129

2Co 9:7 Every man G1538 according as G2531 he purposeth G4255 in his heart, G2588 so let him give; not G3361 grudgingly, G1537 G3077 or G2228 of G1537 necessity: G318 for G1063 God G2316 loveth G25 a cheerful G2431 giver.G1395

2Co 9:8 And G1161 God G2316 is able G1415 to make all grace abound G4052 G3956 G5485 toward G1519 you; G5209 that G2443 ye, always G3842 having G2192 all G3956 sufficiency G841 in G1722 all G3956 things, may abound G4052 to G1519 every G3956 good G18 work:G2041

2Co 9:9 (As G2531 it is written, G1125 He hath dispersed abroad; G4650 he hath given G1325 to the G3588 poor: G3993 his G846 righteousness G1343 remaineth G3306 for ever. G1519 G165

2Co 9:10 Now G1161 he that ministereth G2023 seed G4690 to the G3588 sower G4687 both G2532 minister G5524 bread G740 for G1519 your food, G1035 and G2532 multiply G4129 your G5216 seed sown, G4703 and G2532 increase G837 the G3588 fruits G1081 of your G5216 righteousness;)G1343

2Co 9:11 Being enriched G4148 in G1722 every thing G3956 to G1519 all G3956 bountifulness, G572 which G3748 causeth G2716 through G1223 us G2257 thanksgiving G2169 to God.G2316

2Co 9:12 For G3754 the G3588 administration G1248 of this G5026 service G3009 not G3756 only G3440 supplieth G2076 G4322 the G3588 want G5303 of the G3588 saints, G40 but G235 is abundant G4052 also G2532 by G1223 many G4183 thanksgivings G2169 unto God;G2316

2Co 9:13 Whiles by G1223 the G3588 experiment G1382 of this G5026 ministration G1248 they glorify G1392 God G2316 for your G5216 professed G3671 subjection G5292 unto G1519 the G3588 gospel G2098 of Christ, G5547 and G2532 for your liberal G572 distribution G2842 unto G1519 them, G846 and G2532 unto G1519 all G3956 men;

2Co 9:14 And G2532 by their G846 prayer G1162 for G5228 you, G5216 which long after G1971 you G5209 for G1223 the G3588 exceeding G5235 grace G5485 of God G2316 in G1909 you.G5213

2Co 9:15 ( G1161) Thanks G5485 be unto God G2316 for G1909 his G846 unspeakable G411 gift.G1431

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