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2Cr 26:1 Then all H3605 the people H5971 of Judah H3063 took H3947 (H853) Uzziah, H5818 who H1931 was sixteen H8337 H6240 years H8141 old, H1121 and made him king H4427 (H853) in the room of H8478 his father H1 Amaziah.H558

2Cr 26:2 He H1931 built H1129 (H853) Eloth, H359 and restored H7725 it to Judah, H3063 after that H310 the king H4428 slept H7901 with H5973 his fathers.H1

2Cr 26:3 Sixteen H8337 H6240 years H8141 old H1121 was Uzziah H5818 when he began to reign, H4427 and he reigned H4427 fifty H2572 and two H8147 years H8141 in Jerusalem. H3389 His mother's H517 name H8034 also was Jecoliah H3203 of H4480 Jerusalem.H3389

2Cr 26:4 And he did H6213 that which was right H3477 in the sight H5869 of the LORD, H3068 according to all H3605 that H834 his father H1 Amaziah H558 did.H6213

2Cr 26:5 And he sought H1961 H1875 God H430 in the days H3117 of Zechariah, H2148 who had understanding H995 in the visions H7200 of God: H430 and as long as H3117 he sought H1875 (H853) the LORD, H3068 God H430 made him to prosper.H6743

2Cr 26:6 And he went forth H3318 and warred H3898 against the Philistines, H6430 and brake down H6555 (H853) the wall H2346 of Gath, H1661 and the wall H2346 of Jabneh, H2996 and the wall H2346 of Ashdod, H795 and built H1129 cities H5892 about Ashdod, H795 and among the Philistines.H6430

2Cr 26:7 And God H430 helped H5826 him against H5921 the Philistines, H6430 and against H5921 the Arabians H6163 that dwelt H3427 in Gurbaal, H1485 and the Mehunims.H4586

2Cr 26:8 And the Ammonites H5984 gave H5414 gifts H4503 to Uzziah: H5818 and his name H8034 spread abroad H1980 even to H5704 the entering in H935 of Egypt; H4714 for H3588 he strengthened H2388 himself exceedingly. H5704 H4605

2Cr 26:9 Moreover Uzziah H5818 built H1129 towers H4026 in Jerusalem H3389 at H5921 the corner H6438 gate, H8179 and at H5921 the valley H1516 gate, H8179 and at H5921 the turning H4740 of the wall, and fortified H2388 them.

2Cr 26:10 Also he built H1129 towers H4026 in the desert, H4057 and digged H2672 many H7227 wells: H953 for H3588 he had H1961 much H7227 cattle, H4735 both in the low country, H8219 and in the plains: H4334 husbandmen H406 also, and vine dressers H3755 in the mountains, H2022 and in Carmel: H3760 for H3588 he loved H1961 H157 husbandry.H127

2Cr 26:11 Moreover Uzziah H5818 had H1961 an host H2428 of fighting men, H6213 H4421 that went out H3318 to war H6635 by bands, H1416 according to the number H4557 of their account H6486 by the hand H3027 of Jeiel H3273 the scribe H5608 and Maaseiah H4641 the ruler, H7860 under H5921 the hand H3027 of Hananiah, H2608 one of the king's H4428 captains. H4480 H8269

2Cr 26:12 The whole H3605 number H4557 of the chief H7218 of the fathers H1 of the mighty men H1368 of valour H2428 were two thousand H505 and six H8337 hundred.H3967

2Cr 26:13 And under H5921 their hand H3027 was an army, H2428 H6635 three H7969 hundred H3967 thousand H505 and seven H7651 thousand H505 and five H2568 hundred, H3967 that made H6213 war H4421 with mighty H2428 power, H3581 to help H5826 the king H4428 against H5921 the enemy.H341

2Cr 26:14 And Uzziah H5818 prepared H3559 for them throughout all H3605 the host H6635 shields, H4043 and spears, H7420 and helmets, H3553 and habergeons, H8302 and bows, H7198 and slings H7050 to cast stones.H68

2Cr 26:15 And he made H6213 in Jerusalem H3389 engines, H2810 invented H4284 by cunning men, H2803 to be H1961 on H5921 the towers H4026 and upon H5921 the bulwarks, H6438 to shoot H3384 arrows H2671 and great H1419 stones H68 withal. And his name H8034 spread H3318 far abroad; H5704 H4480 H7350 for H3588 he was marvellously H6381 helped, H5826 till H5704 H3588 he was strong.H2388

2Cr 26:16 But when he was strong, H2394 his heart H3820 was lifted up H1361 to H5704 his destruction: H7843 for he transgressed H4603 against the LORD H3068 his God, H430 and went H935 into H413 the temple H1964 of the LORD H3068 to burn incense H6999 upon H5921 the altar H4196 of incense.H7004

2Cr 26:17 And Azariah H5838 the priest H3548 went in H935 after H310 him, and with H5973 him fourscore H8084 priests H3548 of the LORD, H3068 that were valiant men: H1121 H2428

2Cr 26:18 And they withstood H5975 H5921 Uzziah H5818 the king, H4428 and said H559 unto him, It appertaineth not H3808 unto thee, Uzziah, H5818 to burn incense H6999 unto the LORD, H3068 but H3588 to the priests H3548 the sons H1121 of Aaron, H175 that are consecrated H6942 to burn incense: H6999 go out H3318 of H4480 the sanctuary; H4720 for H3588 thou hast trespassed; H4603 neither H3808 shall it be for thine honour H3519 from the LORD H4480 H3068 God.H430

2Cr 26:19 Then Uzziah H5818 was wroth, H2196 and had a censer H4730 in his hand H3027 to burn incense: H6999 and while he was wroth H2196 with H5973 the priests, H3548 the leprosy H6883 even rose up H2224 in his forehead H4696 before H6440 the priests H3548 in the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 from beside H4480 H5921 the incense H7004 altar.H4196

2Cr 26:20 And Azariah H5838 the chief H7218 priest, H3548 and all H3605 the priests, H3548 looked H6437 upon H413 him, and, behold, H2009 he H1931 was leprous H6879 in his forehead, H4696 and they thrust him out H926 from thence; H4480 H8033 yea, himself H1931 hasted H1765 also H1571 to go out, H3318 because H3588 the LORD H3068 had smitten H5060 him.

2Cr 26:21 And Uzziah H5818 the king H4428 was H1961 a leper H6879 unto H5704 the day H3117 of his death, H4194 and dwelt H3427 in a several H2669 house, H1004 being a leper; H6879 for H3588 he was cut off H1504 from the house H4480 H1004 of the LORD: H3068 and Jotham H3147 his son H1121 was over H5921 the king's H4428 house, H1004 judging H8199 (H853) the people H5971 of the land.H776

2Cr 26:22 Now the rest H3499 of the acts H1697 of Uzziah, H5818 first H7223 and last, H314 did Isaiah H3470 the prophet, H5030 the son H1121 of Amoz, H531 write.H3789

2Cr 26:23 So Uzziah H5818 slept H7901 with H5973 his fathers, H1 and they buried H6912 him with H5973 his fathers H1 in the field H7704 of the burial H6900 which H834 belonged to the kings; H4428 for H3588 they said, H559 He H1931 is a leper: H6879 and Jotham H3147 his son H1121 reigned H4427 in his stead.H8478

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