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2Cr 35:1 Moreover Josiah H2977 kept H6213 a passover H6453 unto the LORD H3068 in Jerusalem: H3389 and they killed H7819 the passover H6453 on the fourteenth H702 H6240 day of the first H7223 month.H2320

2Cr 35:2 And he set H5975 the priests H3548 in H5921 their charges, H4931 and encouraged H2388 them to the service H5656 of the house H1004 of the LORD,H3068

2Cr 35:3 And said H559 unto the Levites H3881 that taught H4000 all H3605 Israel, H3478 which were holy H6918 unto the LORD, H3068 Put H5414 (H853) the holy H6944 ark H727 in the house H1004 which H834 Solomon H8010 the son H1121 of David H1732 king H4428 of Israel H3478 did build; H1129 it shall not H369 be a burden H4853 upon your shoulders: H3802 serve H5647 now H6258 (H853) the LORD H3068 your God, H430 and his people H5971 Israel,H3478

2Cr 35:4 And prepare H3559 yourselves by the houses H1004 of your fathers, H1 after your courses, H4256 according to the writing H3791 of David H1732 king H4428 of Israel, H3478 and according to the writing H4385 of Solomon H8010 his son.H1121

2Cr 35:5 And stand H5975 in the holy H6944 place according to the divisions H6391 of the families H1004 of the fathers H1 of your brethren H251 the people, H1121 H5971 and after the division H2515 of the families H1004 H1 of the Levites.H3881

2Cr 35:6 So kill H7819 the passover, H6453 and sanctify yourselves, H6942 and prepare H3559 your brethren, H251 that they may do H6213 according to the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 by the hand H3027 of Moses.H4872

2Cr 35:7 And Josiah H2977 gave H7311 to the people, H1121 H5971 of the flock, H6629 lambs H3532 and kids, H1121 H5795 all H3605 for the passover offerings, H6453 for all H3605 that were present, H4672 to the number H4557 of thirty H7970 thousand, H505 and three H7969 thousand H505 bullocks: H1241 these H428 were of the king's H4428 substance. H4480 H7399

2Cr 35:8 And his princes H8269 gave H7311 willingly H5071 unto the people, H5971 to the priests, H3548 and to the Levites: H3881 Hilkiah H2518 and Zechariah H2148 and Jehiel, H3171 rulers H5057 of the house H1004 of God, H430 gave H5414 unto the priests H3548 for the passover offerings H6453 two thousand H505 and six H8337 hundred H3967 small cattle, and three H7969 hundred H3967 oxen.H1241

2Cr 35:9 Conaniah H3562 also, and Shemaiah H8098 and Nethaneel, H5417 his brethren, H251 and Hashabiah H2811 and Jeiel H3273 and Jozabad, H3107 chief H8269 of the Levites, H3881 gave H7311 unto the Levites H3881 for passover offerings H6453 five H2568 thousand H505 small cattle, and five H2568 hundred H3967 oxen.H1241

2Cr 35:10 So the service H5656 was prepared, H3559 and the priests H3548 stood H5975 in H5921 their place, H5977 and the Levites H3881 in H5921 their courses, H4256 according to the king's H4428 commandment.H4687

2Cr 35:11 And they killed H7819 the passover, H6453 and the priests H3548 sprinkled H2236 the blood from their hands, H4480 H3027 and the Levites H3881 flayed H6584 them.

2Cr 35:12 And they removed H5493 the burnt offerings, H5930 that they might give H5414 according to the divisions H4653 of the families H1004 H1 of the people, H1121 H5971 to offer H7126 unto the LORD, H3068 as it is written H3789 in the book H5612 of Moses. H4872 And so H3651 did they with the oxen.H1241

2Cr 35:13 And they roasted H1310 the passover H6453 with fire H784 according to the ordinance: H4941 but the other holy H6944 offerings sod H1310 they in pots, H5518 and in caldrons, H1731 and in pans, H6745 and divided them speedily H7323 among all H3605 the people. H1121 H5971

2Cr 35:14 And afterward H310 they made ready H3559 for themselves, and for the priests: H3548 because H3588 the priests H3548 the sons H1121 of Aaron H175 were busied in offering H5927 of burnt offerings H5930 and the fat H2459 until H5704 night; H3915 therefore the Levites H3881 prepared H3559 for themselves, and for the priests H3548 the sons H1121 of Aaron.H175

2Cr 35:15 And the singers H7891 the sons H1121 of Asaph H623 were in H5921 their place, H4612 according to the commandment H4687 of David, H1732 and Asaph, H623 and Heman, H1968 and Jeduthun H3038 the king's H4428 seer; H2374 and the porters H7778 waited at every gate; H8179 H8179 they might not H369 depart H5493 from H4480 H5921 their service; H5656 for H3588 their brethren H251 the Levites H3881 prepared H3559 for them.

2Cr 35:16 So all H3605 the service H5656 of the LORD H3068 was prepared H3559 the same H1931 day, H3117 to keep H6213 the passover, H6453 and to offer H5927 burnt offerings H5930 upon H5921 the altar H4196 of the LORD, H3068 according to the commandment H4687 of king H4428 Josiah.H2977

2Cr 35:17 And the children H1121 of Israel H3478 that were present H4672 kept H6213 (H853) the passover H6453 at that H1931 time, H6256 and the feast H2282 of unleavened bread H4682 seven H7651 days.H3117

2Cr 35:18 And there was no H3808 passover H6453 like to H3644 that kept H6213 in Israel H3478 from the days H4480 H3117 of Samuel H8050 the prophet; H5030 neither H3808 did H6213 all H3605 the kings H4428 of Israel H3478 keep H6213 such a passover H6453 as H834 Josiah H2977 kept, H6213 and the priests, H3548 and the Levites, H3881 and all H3605 Judah H3063 and Israel H3478 that were present, H4672 and the inhabitants H3427 of Jerusalem.H3389

2Cr 35:19 In the eighteenth H8083 H6240 year H8141 of the reign H4438 of Josiah H2977 was this H2088 passover H6453 kept.H6213

2Cr 35:20 After H310 all H3605 this, H2063 when H834 Josiah H2977 had prepared H3559 (H853) the temple, H1004 Necho H5224 king H4428 of Egypt H4714 came up H5927 to fight H3898 against Carchemish H3751 by H5921 Euphrates: H6578 and Josiah H2977 went out H3318 against H7125 him.

2Cr 35:21 But he sent H7971 ambassadors H4397 to H413 him, saying, H559 What H4100 have I to do with thee, thou king H4428 of Judah? H3063 I come not H3808 against H5921 thee H859 this day, H3117 but H3588 against H413 the house H1004 wherewith I have war: H4421 for God H430 commanded H559 me to make haste: H926 forbear H2308 thee from meddling with God, H4480 H430 who H834 is with H5973 me, that he destroy H7843 thee not.H408

2Cr 35:22 Nevertheless Josiah H2977 would not H3808 turn H5437 his face H6440 from H4480 him, but H3588 disguised himself, H2664 that he might fight H3898 with him, and hearkened H8085 not H3808 unto H413 the words H1697 of Necho H5224 from the mouth H4480 H6310 of God, H430 and came H935 to fight H3898 in the valley H1237 of Megiddo.H4023

2Cr 35:23 And the archers H3384 shot H3384 at king H4428 Josiah; H2977 and the king H4428 said H559 to his servants, H5650 Have me away; H5674 for H3588 I am sore wounded. H2470 H3966

2Cr 35:24 His servants H5650 therefore took H5674 him out of H4480 that chariot, H4818 and put H7392 him in H5921 the second H4932 chariot H7393 that H834 he had; and they brought H1980 him to Jerusalem, H3389 and he died, H4191 and was buried H6912 in one of the sepulchres H6913 of his fathers. H1 And all H3605 Judah H3063 and Jerusalem H3389 mourned H56 for H5921 Josiah.H2977

2Cr 35:25 And Jeremiah H3414 lamented H6969 for H5921 Josiah: H2977 and all H3605 the singing men H7891 and the singing women H7891 spake H559 of H5921 Josiah H2977 in their lamentations H7015 to H5704 this day, H3117 and made H5414 them an ordinance H2706 in H5921 Israel: H3478 and, behold, H2009 they are written H3789 in H5921 the lamentations.H7015

2Cr 35:26 Now the rest H3499 of the acts H1697 of Josiah, H2977 and his goodness, H2617 according to that which was written H3789 in the law H8451 of the LORD,H3068

2Cr 35:27 And his deeds, H1697 first H7223 and last, H314 behold, H2009 they are written H3789 in H5921 the book H5612 of the kings H4428 of Israel H3478 and Judah.H3063

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