2 Reyes  Capitulo 19 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Re 19:1 And it came to pass, H1961 when king H4428 Hezekiah H2396 heard H8085 it, that he rent H7167 (H853) his clothes, H899 and covered himself H3680 with sackcloth, H8242 and went H935 into the house H1004 of the LORD.H3068

2Re 19:2 And he sent H7971 (H853) Eliakim, H471 which H834 was over H5921 the household, H1004 and Shebna H7644 the scribe, H5608 and the elders H2205 of the priests, H3548 covered H3680 with sackcloth, H8242 to H413 Isaiah H3470 the prophet H5030 the son H1121 of Amoz.H531

2Re 19:3 And they said H559 unto H413 him, Thus H3541 saith H559 Hezekiah, H2396 This H2088 day H3117 is a day H3117 of trouble, H6869 and of rebuke, H8433 and blasphemy: H5007 for H3588 the children H1121 are come H935 to H5704 the birth, H4866 and there is not H369 strength H3581 to bring forth.H3205

2Re 19:4 It may be H194 the LORD H3068 thy God H430 will hear H8085 (H853) all H3605 the words H1697 of Rabshakeh, H7262 whom H834 the king H4428 of Assyria H804 his master H113 hath sent H7971 to reproach H2778 the living H2416 God; H430 and will reprove H3198 the words H1697 which H834 the LORD H3068 thy God H430 hath heard: H8085 wherefore lift up H5375 thy prayer H8605 for H1157 the remnant H7611 that are left.H4672

2Re 19:6 And Isaiah H3470 said H559 unto them, Thus H3541 shall ye say H559 to H413 your master, H113 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD, H3068 Be not afraid H408 H3372 of H4480 H6440 the words H1697 which H834 thou hast heard, H8085 with which H834 the servants H5288 of the king H4428 of Assyria H804 have blasphemed H1442 me.

2Re 19:7 Behold, H2009 I will send H5414 a blast H7307 upon him, and he shall hear H8085 a rumour, H8052 and shall return H7725 to his own land; H776 and I will cause him to fall H5307 by the sword H2719 in his own land.H776

2Re 19:8 So Rabshakeh H7262 returned, H7725 and found H4672 (H853) the king H4428 of Assyria H804 warring H3898 against H5921 Libnah: H3841 for H3588 he had heard H8085 that H3588 he was departed H5265 from Lachish. H4480 H3923

2Re 19:9 And when he heard H8085 say H559 of H413 Tirhakah H8640 king H4428 of Ethiopia, H3568 Behold, H2009 he is come out H3318 to fight H3898 against H854 thee: he sent H7971 messengers H4397 again H7725 unto H413 Hezekiah, H2396 saying,H559

2Re 19:10 Thus H3541 shall ye speak H559 to H413 Hezekiah H2396 king H4428 of Judah, H3063 saying, H559 Let not H408 thy God H430 in whom H834 thou H859 trustest H982 deceive H5377 thee, saying, H559 Jerusalem H3389 shall not H3808 be delivered H5414 into the hand H3027 of the king H4428 of Assyria.H804

2Re 19:11 Behold, H2009 thou H859 hast heard H8085 (H853) what H834 the kings H4428 of Assyria H804 have done H6213 to all H3605 lands, H776 by destroying them utterly: H2763 and shalt thou H859 be delivered?H5337

2Re 19:12 Have the gods H430 of the nations H1471 delivered H5337 them which H834 my fathers H1 have destroyed; H7843 as(H853) Gozan, H1470 and Haran, H2771 and Rezeph, H7530 and the children H1121 of Eden H5729 which H834 were in Thelasar?H8515

2Re 19:13 Where H346 is the king H4428 of Hamath, H2574 and the king H4428 of Arpad, H774 and the king H4428 of the city H5892 of Sepharvaim, H5617 of Hena, H2012 and Ivah?H5755

2Re 19:14 And Hezekiah H2396 received H3947 (H853) the letter H5612 of the hand H4480 H3027 of the messengers, H4397 and read H7121 it: and Hezekiah H2396 went up H5927 into the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 and spread H6566 it before H6440 the LORD.H3068

2Re 19:15 And Hezekiah H2396 prayed H6419 before H6440 the LORD, H3068 and said, H559 O LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel, H3478 which dwellest H3427 between the cherubims, H3742 thou H859 art the God, H430 even thou alone, H905 of all H3605 the kingdoms H4467 of the earth; H776 thou H859 hast made H6213 (H853) heaven H8064 and earth.H776

2Re 19:16 LORD, H3068 bow down H5186 thine ear, H241 and hear: H8085 open, H6491 LORD, H3068 thine eyes, H5869 and see: H7200 and hear H8085 (H853) the words H1697 of Sennacherib, H5576 which H834 hath sent H7971 him to reproach H2778 the living H2416 God.H430

2Re 19:17 Of a truth, H546 LORD, H3068 the kings H4428 of Assyria H804 have destroyed H2717 the nations H1471 and(H853) their lands,H776

2Re 19:18 And have cast H5414 (H853) their gods H430 into the fire: H784 for H3588 they H1992 were no H3808 gods, H430 but H3588 H518 the work H4639 of men's H120 hands, H3027 wood H6086 and stone: H68 therefore they have destroyed H6 them.

2Re 19:19 Now H6258 therefore, O LORD H3068 our God, H430 I beseech thee, H4994 save H3467 thou us out of his hand, H4480 H3027 that all H3605 the kingdoms H4467 of the earth H776 may know H3045 that H3588 thou H859 art the LORD H3068 God, H430 even thou only.H905

2Re 19:20 Then Isaiah H3470 the son H1121 of Amoz H531 sent H7971 to H413 Hezekiah, H2396 saying, H559 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel, H3478 That which H834 thou hast prayed H6419 to H413 me against H413 Sennacherib H5576 king H4428 of Assyria H804 I have heard.H8085

2Re 19:21 This H2088 is the word H1697 that H834 the LORD H3068 hath spoken H1696 concerning H5921 him; The virgin H1330 the daughter H1323 of Zion H6726 hath despised H959 thee, and laughed thee to scorn; H3932 the daughter H1323 of Jerusalem H3389 hath shaken H5128 her head H7218 at H310 thee.

2Re 19:22 (H853) Whom H4310 hast thou reproached H2778 and blasphemed? H1442 and against H5921 whom H4310 hast thou exalted H7311 thy voice, H6963 and lifted up H5375 thine eyes H5869 on high? H4791 even against H5921 the Holy H6918 One of Israel.H3478

2Re 19:23 By H3027 thy messengers H4397 thou hast reproached H2778 the Lord, H136 and hast said, H559 With the multitude H7230 of my chariots H7393 I H589 am come up H5927 to the height H4791 of the mountains, H2022 to the sides H3411 of Lebanon, H3844 and will cut down H3772 the tall H6967 cedar trees H730 thereof, and the choice H4004 fir trees H1265 thereof: and I will enter H935 into the lodgings H4411 of his borders, H7093 and into the forest H3293 of his Carmel.H3760

2Re 19:24 I H589 have digged H6979 and drunk H8354 strange H2114 waters, H4325 and with the sole H3709 of my feet H6471 have I dried up H2717 all H3605 the rivers H2975 of besieged places.H4693

2Re 19:25 Hast thou not H3808 heard H8085 long ago H4480 H7350 how I have done H6213 it, and of ancient times H4480 H3117 H6924 that I have formed H3335 it? now H6258 have I brought it to pass, H935 that thou shouldest be H1961 to lay waste H7582 fenced H1219 cities H5892 into ruinous H5327 heaps.H1530

2Re 19:26 Therefore their inhabitants H3427 were of small H7116 power, H3027 they were dismayed H2865 and confounded; H954 they were H1961 as the grass H6212 of the field, H7704 and as the green H3419 herb, H1877 as the grass H2682 on the housetops, H1406 and as corn blasted H7711 before H6440 it be grown up.H7054

2Re 19:27 But I know H3045 thy abode, H3427 and thy going out, H3318 and thy coming in, H935 and thy rage H7264 against H413 me.

2Re 19:28 Because H3282 thy rage H7264 against H413 me and thy tumult H7600 is come up H5927 into mine ears, H241 therefore I will put H7760 my hook H2397 in thy nose, H639 and my bridle H4964 in thy lips, H8193 and I will turn thee back H7725 by the way H1870 by which H834 thou camest.H935

2Re 19:29 And this H2088 shall be a sign H226 unto thee, Ye shall eat H398 this year H8141 such things as grow of themselves, H5599 and in the second H8145 year H8141 that which springeth of the same; H7823 and in the third H7992 year H8141 sow H2232 ye, and reap, H7114 and plant H5193 vineyards, H3754 and eat H398 the fruits H6529 thereof.

2Re 19:30 And the remnant H7604 that is escaped H6413 of the house H1004 of Judah H3063 shall yet again H3254 take root H8328 downward, H4295 and bear H6213 fruit H6529 upward.H4605

2Re 19:31 For H3588 out of Jerusalem H4480 H3389 shall go forth H3318 a remnant, H7611 and they that escape H6413 out of mount H4480 H2022 Zion: H6726 the zeal H7068 of the LORD H3068 of hosts shall do H6213 this.H2063

2Re 19:32 Therefore H3651 thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD H3068 concerning H413 the king H4428 of Assyria, H804 He shall not H3808 come H935 into H413 this H2063 city, H5892 nor H3808 shoot H3384 an arrow H2671 there, H8033 nor H3808 come before H6923 it with shield, H4043 nor H3808 cast H8210 a bank H5550 against H5921 it.

2Re 19:33 By the way H1870 that H834 he came, H935 by the same shall he return, H7725 and shall not H3808 come H935 into H413 this H2063 city, H5892 saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

2Re 19:34 For I will defend H1598 H413 this H2063 city, H5892 to save H3467 it, for mine own sake, H4616 and for my servant H5650 David's H1732 sake.H4616

2Re 19:35 And it came to pass H1961 that H1931 night, H3915 that the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 went out, H3318 and smote H5221 in the camp H4264 of the Assyrians H804 an hundred H3967 fourscore H8084 and five H2568 thousand: H505 and when they arose early H7925 in the morning, H1242 behold, H2009 they were all H3605 dead H4191 corpses.H6297

2Re 19:36 So Sennacherib H5576 king H4428 of Assyria H804 departed, H5265 and went H1980 and returned, H7725 and dwelt H3427 at Nineveh.H5210

2Re 19:37 And it came to pass, H1961 as he H1931 was worshipping H7812 in the house H1004 of Nisroch H5268 his god, H430 that Adrammelech H152 and Sharezer H8272 his sons H1121 smote H5221 him with the sword: H2719 and they H1992 escaped H4422 into the land H776 of Armenia. H780 And Esarhaddon H634 his son H1121 reigned H4427 in his stead.H8478

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