2 Tesalonicenses   Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Ts 2:1 Now G1161 we beseech G2065 you, G5209 brethren, G80 by G5228 the G3588 coming G3952 of our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 and G2532 by our G2257 gathering together G1997 unto G1909 him,G846

2Ts 2:2 That ye G5209 be not G3361 soon G5030 shaken G4531 in G575 mind, G3563 or G3383 be troubled, G2360 neither G3383 by G1223 spirit, G4151 nor G3383 by G1223 word, G3056 nor G3383 by G1223 letter G1992 as G5613 from G1223 us, G2257 as that G3754 the G3588 day G2250 of Christ G5547 is at hand.G1764

2Ts 2:3 Let no G3361 man G5100 deceive G1818 you G5209 by G2596 any G3367 means: G5158 for G3754 that day shall not come, except G3362 there come G2064 a falling away G646 first, G4412 and G2532 that man G444 of sin G266 be revealed, G601 the G3588 son G5207 of perdition;G684

2Ts 2:4 Who opposeth G480 and G2532 exalteth himself G5229 above G1909 all G3956 that is called G3004 God, G2316 or G2228 that is worshipped; G4574 so that G5620 he G846 as G5613 God G2316 sitteth G2523 in G1519 the G3588 temple G3485 of God, G2316 shewing G584 himself G1438 that G3754 he is G2076 God.G2316

2Ts 2:5 Remember G3421 ye not, G3756 that, G3754 when I was G5607 yet G2089 with G4314 you, G5209 I told G3004 you G5213 these things?G5023

2Ts 2:6 And G2532 now G3568 ye know G1492 what withholdeth G2722 that he G846 might be revealed G601 in G1722 his G1438 time.G2540

2Ts 2:7 For G1063 the G3588 mystery G3466 of iniquity G458 doth already G2235 work: G1754 only G3440 he who now letteth G2722 G737 will let, until G2193 he be taken G1096 out of G1537 the way.G3319

2Ts 2:8 And G2532 then G5119 shall that Wicked G459 be revealed, G601 whom G3739 the G3588 Lord G2962 shall consume G355 with the G3588 spirit G4151 of his G848 mouth, G4750 and G2532 shall destroy G2673 with the G3588 brightness G2015 of his G848 coming:G3952

2Ts 2:9 Even him, whose G3739 coming G3952 is G2076 after G2596 the working G1753 of Satan G4567 with G1722 all G3956 power G1411 and G2532 signs G4592 and G2532 lying G5579 wonders,G5059

2Ts 2:10 And G2532 with G1722 all G3956 deceivableness G539 of unrighteousness G93 in G1722 them that perish; G622 because G473 G3739 they received G1209 not G3756 the G3588 love G26 of the G3588 truth, G225 that they G846 might be saved.G4982

2Ts 2:11 And G2532 for this cause G1223 G5124 God G2316 shall send G3992 them G846 strong delusion, G1753 G4106 that they G846 should believe G4100 a lie:G5579

2Ts 2:12 That G2443 they all G3956 might be damned G2919 who believed G4100 not G3361 the G3588 truth, G225 but G235 had pleasure G2106 in G1722 unrighteousness.G93

2Ts 2:13 But G1161 we G2249 are bound G3784 to give thanks G2168 alway G3842 to God G2316 for G4012 you, G5216 brethren G80 beloved G25 of G5259 the Lord, G2962 because G3754 God G2316 hath from G575 the beginning G746 chosen G138 you G5209 to G1519 salvation G4991 through G1722 sanctification G38 of the Spirit G4151 and G2532 belief G4102 of the truth:G225

2Ts 2:14 Whereunto G1519 G3739 he called G2564 you G5209 by G1223 our G2257 gospel, G2098 to G1519 the obtaining G4047 of the glory G1391 of our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ.G5547

2Ts 2:15 Therefore, G686 G3767 brethren, G80 stand fast, G4739 and G2532 hold G2902 the G3588 traditions G3862 which G3739 ye have been taught, G1321 whether G1535 by G1223 word, G3056 or G1535 ( G1223) our G2257 epistle.G1992

2Ts 2:16 Now G1161 our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 himself, G846 and G2532 God, G2316 even G2532 our G2257 Father, G3962 which hath loved G25 us, G2248 and G2532 hath given G1325 us everlasting G166 consolation G3874 and G2532 good G18 hope G1680 through G1722 grace,G5485

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