2 Timoteo   Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Ti 2:1 Thou G4771 therefore, G3767 my G3450 son, G5043 be strong G1743 in G1722 the G3588 grace G5485 that G3588 is in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus.G2424

2Ti 2:2 And G2532 the things that G3739 thou hast heard G191 of G3844 me G1700 among G1223 many G4183 witnesses, G3144 the same G5023 commit G3908 thou to faithful G4103 men, G444 who G3748 shall be G2071 able G2425 to teach G1321 others G2087 also.G2532

2Ti 2:3 Thou G4771 therefore G3767 endure hardness, G2553 as G5613 a good G2570 soldier G4757 of Jesus G2424 Christ.G5547

2Ti 2:4 No man G3762 that warreth G4754 entangleth himself with G1707 the G3588 affairs G4230 of this life; G979 that G2443 he may please G700 him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.G4758

2Ti 2:5 And G1161 if G1437 a man G5100 also G2532 strive for masteries, G118 yet is he not G3756 crowned, G4737 except G3362 he strive G118 lawfully.G3545

2Ti 2:6 The husbandman G1092 that laboureth G2872 must G1163 be first partaker G3335 G4413 of the G3588 fruits.G2590

2Ti 2:7 Consider G3539 what G3739 I say; G3004 and G1063 the G3588 Lord G2962 give G1325 thee G4671 understanding G4907 in G1722 all things.G3956

2Ti 2:8 Remember G3421 that Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 of G1537 the seed G4690 of David G1138 was raised G1453 from G1537 the dead G3498 according G2596 to my G3450 gospel:G2098

2Ti 2:9 Wherein G1722 G3739 I suffer trouble, G2553 as G5613 an evil doer, G2557 even unto G3360 bonds; G1199 but G235 the G3588 word G3056 of God G2316 is not G3756 bound.G1210

2Ti 2:10 Therefore G1223 G5124 I endure G5278 all things G3956 for the elect's sakes, G1223 G3588 G1588 that G2443 they G846 may also G2532 obtain G5177 the salvation G4991 which G3588 is in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus G2424 with G3326 eternal G166 glory.G1391

2Ti 2:11 It is a faithful G4103 saying: G3056 For G1063 if G1487 we be dead with G4880 him, we shall also G2532 live with G4800 him:

2Ti 2:12 If G1487 we suffer, G5278 we shall also G2532 reign with G4821 him: if G1487 we deny G720 him, he also G2548 will deny G720 us:G2248

2Ti 2:13 If G1487 we believe not, G569 yet he G1565 abideth G3306 faithful: G4103 he cannot G1410 G3756 deny G720 himself.G1438

2Ti 2:14 Of these things G5023 put them in remembrance, G5279 charging G1263 them before G1799 the G3588 Lord G2962 that they strive not about words G3054 G3361 to no profit, G1519 G3762 G5539 but to G1909 the subverting G2692 of the G3588 hearers.G191

2Ti 2:15 Study G4704 to shew G3936 thyself G4572 approved G1384 unto God, G2316 a workman G2040 that needeth not to be ashamed, G422 rightly dividing G3718 the G3588 word G3056 of truth.G225

2Ti 2:16 But G1161 shun G4026 profane G952 and vain babblings: G2757 for G1063 they will increase G4298 unto G1909 more G4119 ungodliness.G763

2Ti 2:17 And G2532 their G846 word G3056 will eat G2192 G3542 as G5613 doth a canker: G1044 of whom G3739 is G2076 Hymenaeus G5211 and G2532 Philetus;G5372

2Ti 2:18 Who G3748 concerning G4012 the G3588 truth G225 have erred, G795 saying G3004 that the G3588 resurrection G386 is past G1096 already; G2235 and G2532 overthrow G396 the G3588 faith G4102 of some.G5100

2Ti 2:19 Nevertheless G3305 the foundation G2310 of God G2316 standeth G2476 sure, G4731 having G2192 this G5026 seal, G4973 The Lord G2962 knoweth G1097 them that are G5607 his. G848 And, G2532 Let every one G3956 that nameth G3687 the G3588 name G3686 of Christ G5547 depart G868 from G575 iniquity.G93

2Ti 2:20 But G1161 in G1722 a great G3173 house G3614 there are G2076 not G3756 only G3440 vessels G4632 of gold G5552 and G2532 of silver, G693 but G235 also G2532 of wood G3585 and G2532 of earth; G3749 and G2532 some G3739 G3303 to G1519 honour, G5092 and G1161 some G3739 to G1519 dishonour.G819

2Ti 2:21 If G1437 a man G5100 therefore G3767 purge G1571 himself G1438 from G575 these, G5130 he shall be G2071 a vessel G4632 unto G1519 honour, G5092 sanctified, G37 and G2532 meet for the master's use, G2173 G3588 G1203 and prepared G2090 unto G1519 every G3956 good G18 work.G2041

2Ti 2:22 Flee G5343 also G1161 youthful G3512 lusts: G1939 but G1161 follow G1377 righteousness, G1343 faith, G4102 charity, G26 peace, G1515 with G3326 them that call on G1941 the G3588 Lord G2962 out of G1537 a pure G2513 heart.G2588

2Ti 2:23 But G1161 foolish G3474 and G2532 unlearned G521 questions G2214 avoid, G3868 knowing G1492 that G3754 they do gender G1080 strifes.G3163

2Ti 2:24 And G1161 the servant G1401 of the Lord G2962 must G1163 not G3756 strive; G3164 but G235 be G1511 gentle G2261 unto G4314 all G3956 men, apt to teach, G1317 patient,G420

2Ti 2:25 In G1722 meekness G4236 instructing G3811 those that oppose themselves; G475 if God peradventure G3379 G2316 will give G1325 them G846 repentance G3341 to G1519 the acknowledging G1922 of the truth;G225

2Ti 2:26 And G2532 that they may recover themselves G366 out of G1537 the G3588 snare G3803 of the G3588 devil, G1228 who are taken captive G2221 by G5259 him G846 at G1519 his G1565 will.G2307

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