2 Timoteo   Capitulo 3 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Ti 3:1 This G5124 know G1097 also, G1161 that G3754 in G1722 the last G2078 days G2250 perilous G5467 times G2540 shall come.G1764

2Ti 3:2 For G1063 men G444 shall be G2071 lovers of their own selves, G5367 covetous, G5366 boasters, G213 proud, G5244 blasphemers, G989 disobedient G545 to parents, G1118 unthankful, G884 unholy,G462

2Ti 3:3 Without natural affection, G794 trucebreakers, G786 false accusers, G1228 incontinent, G193 fierce, G434 despisers of those that are good,G865

2Ti 3:4 Traitors, G4273 heady, G4312 highminded, G5187 lovers of pleasures G5369 more G3123 than G2228 lovers of God;G5377

2Ti 3:5 Having G2192 a form G3446 of godliness, G2150 but G1161 denying G720 the G3588 power G1411 thereof: G846 from such turn away. G665 G5128

2Ti 3:6 For G1063 of G1537 this sort G5130 are G1526 they which creep G1744 into G1519 houses, G3614 and G2532 lead captive G162 silly women G1133 laden G4987 with sins, G266 led away G71 with divers G4164 lusts,G1939

2Ti 3:7 Ever G3842 learning, G3129 and G2532 never G3368 able G1410 to come G2064 to G1519 the knowledge G1922 of the truth.G225

2Ti 3:8 Now G1161 as G3739 G5158 Jannes G2389 and G2532 Jambres G2387 withstood G436 Moses, G3475 so G3779 do these G3778 also G2532 resist G436 the G3588 truth: G225 men G444 of corrupt G2704 minds, G3563 reprobate G96 concerning G4012 the G3588 faith.G4102

2Ti 3:9 But G235 they shall proceed G4298 no G3756 further: G1909 G4119 for G1063 their G846 folly G454 shall be G2071 manifest G1552 unto all G3956 men, as G5613 theirs G1565 also G2532 was.G1096

2Ti 3:10 But G1161 thou G4771 hast fully known G3877 my G3450 doctrine, G1319 manner of life, G72 purpose, G4286 faith, G4102 longsuffering, G3115 charity, G26 patience,G5281

2Ti 3:11 Persecutions, G1375 afflictions, G3804 which G3634 came G1096 unto me G3427 at G1722 Antioch, G490 at G1722 Iconium, G2430 at G1722 Lystra; G3082 what G3634 persecutions G1375 I endured: G5297 but G2532 out of G1537 them all G3956 the G3588 Lord G2962 delivered G4506 me.G3165

2Ti 3:12 Yea, G1161 and G2532 all G3956 that will G2309 live G2198 godly G2153 in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus G2424 shall suffer persecution.G1377

2Ti 3:13 But G1161 evil G4190 men G444 and G2532 seducers G1114 shall wax worse and worse, G4298 G1909 G5501 deceiving, G4105 and G2532 being deceived.G4105

2Ti 3:14 But G1161 continue G3306 thou G4771 in G1722 the things which G3739 thou hast learned G3129 and G2532 hast been assured of, G4104 knowing G1492 of G3844 whom G5101 thou hast learned G3129 them;

2Ti 3:15 And G2532 that G3754 from G575 a child G1025 thou hast known G1492 the G3588 holy G2413 scriptures, G1121 which are able G1410 to make thee wise G4679 G4571 unto G1519 salvation G4991 through G1223 faith G4102 which G3588 is in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus.G2424

2Ti 3:16 All G3956 scripture G1124 is given by inspiration of God, G2315 and G2532 is profitable G5624 for G4314 doctrine, G1319 for G4314 reproof, G1650 for G4314 correction, G1882 for G4314 instruction G3809 in G1722 righteousness:G1343

2Ti 3:17 That G2443 the G3588 man G444 of God G2316 may be G5600 perfect, G739 throughly furnished G1822 unto G4314 all G3956 good G18 works.G2041

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