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Col 4:1 Masters, G2962 give G3930 unto your servants G1401 that which is just G1342 and G2532 equal; G2471 knowing G1492 that G3754 ye G5210 also G2532 have G2192 a Master G2962 in G1722 heaven.G3772

Col 4:2 Continue G4342 in prayer, G4335 and watch G1127 in G1722 the same G846 with G1722 thanksgiving;G2169

Col 4:3 Withal G260 praying G4336 also G2532 for G4012 us, G2257 that G2443 God G2316 would open G455 unto us G2254 a door G2374 of utterance, G3056 to speak G2980 the G3588 mystery G3466 of Christ, G5547 for G1223 which G3739 I am also in bonds: G1210 G2532

Col 4:4 That G2443 I may make it manifest, G5319 G846 as G5613 I G3165 ought G1163 to speak.G2980

Col 4:5 Walk G4043 in G1722 wisdom G4678 toward G4314 them that are without, G1854 redeeming G1805 the G3588 time.G2540

Col 4:6 Let your G5216 speech G3056 be alway G3842 with G1722 grace, G5485 seasoned G741 with salt, G217 that ye may know G1492 how G4459 ye G5209 ought G1163 to answer G611 every man. G1520 G1538

Col 4:7 All G3956 my state G2596 G1691 shall Tychicus G5190 declare G1107 unto you, G5213 who is a beloved G27 brother, G80 and G2532 a faithful G4103 minister G1249 and G2532 fellowservant G4889 in G1722 the Lord:G2962

Col 4:8 Whom G3739 I have sent G3992 unto G4314 you G5209 for G1519 the same purpose, G846 G5124 that G2443 he might know G1097 your estate, G4012 G5216 and G2532 comfort G3870 your G5216 hearts;G2588

Col 4:9 With G4862 Onesimus, G3682 a faithful G4103 and G2532 beloved G27 brother, G80 who G3739 is G2076 one of G1537 you. G5216 They shall make known G1107 unto you G5213 all things G3956 which are done here.G5602

Col 4:10 Aristarchus G708 my G3450 fellowprisoner G4869 saluteth G782 you, G5209 and G2532 Marcus, G3138 sister's son G431 to Barnabas, G921 (touching G4012 whom G3739 ye received G2983 commandments: G1785 if G1437 he come G2064 unto G4314 you, G5209 receive G1209 him;)G846

Col 4:11 And G2532 Jesus, G2424 which is called G3004 Justus, G2459 who are G5607 of G1537 the circumcision. G4061 These G3778 only G3441 are my fellowworkers G4904 unto G1519 the G3588 kingdom G932 of God, G2316 which G3748 have been G1096 a comfort G3931 unto me.G3427

Col 4:12 Epaphras, G1889 who G3588 is one of G1537 you, G5216 a servant G1401 of Christ, G5547 saluteth G782 you, G5209 always G3842 labouring fervently G75 for G5228 you G5216 in G1722 prayers, G4335 that G2443 ye may stand G2476 perfect G5046 and G2532 complete G4137 in G1722 all G3956 the will G2307 of God.G2316

Col 4:13 For G1063 I bear him record, G3140 G846 that G3754 he hath G2192 a great G4183 zeal G2205 for G5228 you, G5216 and G2532 them G3588 that are in G1722 Laodicea, G2993 and G2532 them G3588 in G1722 Hierapolis.G2404

Col 4:14 Luke, G3065 the G3588 beloved G27 physician, G2395 and G2532 Demas, G1214 greet G782 you.G5209

Col 4:15 Salute G782 the G3588 brethren G80 which are in G1722 Laodicea, G2993 and G2532 Nymphas, G3564 and G2532 the G3588 church G1577 which is in G2596 his G846 house.G3624

Col 4:16 And G2532 when G3752 this epistle G1992 is read G314 among G3844 you, G5213 cause G4160 that G2443 it be read G314 also G2532 in G1722 the G3588 church G1577 of the Laodiceans; G2994 and G2532 that ye G5210 likewise G2532 read G314 the G3588 epistle from G1537 Laodicea.G2993

Col 4:17 And G2532 say G2036 to Archippus, G751 Take heed G991 to the G3588 ministry G1248 which G3739 thou hast received G3880 in G1722 the Lord, G2962 that G2443 thou fulfil G4137 it.G846

Col 4:18 The G3588 salutation G783 by the hand G5495 of me G1699 Paul. G3972 Remember G3421 my G3450 bonds. G1199 Grace G5485 be with G3326 you. G5216 Amen. G281 Written from Rome to Colossians by Tychicus and Onesimus.

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