Daniel  Capitulo 10 - King James with Numbers Strong

Dan 10:1 In the third H7969 year H8141 of Cyrus H3566 king H4428 of Persia H6539 a thing H1697 was revealed H1540 unto Daniel, H1840 whose H834 name H8034 was called H7121 Belteshazzar; H1095 and the thing H1697 was true, H571 but the time appointed H6635 was long: H1419 and he understood H995 (H853) the thing, H1697 and had understanding H998 of the vision.H4758

Dan 10:3 I ate H398 no H3808 pleasant H2530 bread, H3899 neither H3808 came H935 flesh H1320 nor wine H3196 in H413 my mouth, H6310 neither H3808 did I anoint myself at all, H5480 H5480 till H5704 three H7969 whole H3117 weeks H7620 were fulfilled.H4390

Dan 10:4 And in the four H702 and twentieth H6242 day H3117 of the first H7223 month, H2320 as I H589 was H1961 by H5921 the side H3027 of the great H1419 river, H5104 which H1931 is Hiddekel;H2313

Dan 10:5 Then I lifted up H5375 (H853) mine eyes, H5869 and looked, H7200 and behold H2009 a certain H259 man H376 clothed H3847 in linen, H906 whose loins H4975 were girded H2296 with fine gold H3800 of Uphaz:H210

Dan 10:6 His body H1472 also was like the beryl, H8658 and his face H6440 as the appearance H4758 of lightning, H1300 and his eyes H5869 as lamps H3940 of fire, H784 and his arms H2220 and his feet H4772 like in colour H5869 to polished H7044 brass, H5178 and the voice H6963 of his words H1697 like the voice H6963 of a multitude.H1995

Dan 10:7 And I H589 Daniel H1840 alone H905 saw H7200 (H853) the vision: H4759 for the men H376 that H834 were H1961 with H5973 me saw H7200 not H3808 (H853) the vision; H4759 but H61 a great H1419 quaking H2731 fell H5307 upon H5921 them, so that they fled H1272 to hide themselves.H2244

Dan 10:8 Therefore I H589 was left H7604 alone, H905 and saw H7200 (H853) this H2063 great H1419 vision, H4759 and there remained H7604 no H3808 strength H3581 in me: for my comeliness H1935 was turned H2015 in H5921 me into corruption, H4889 and I retained H6113 no H3808 strength.H3581

Dan 10:9 Yet heard H8085 I(H853) the voice H6963 of his words: H1697 and when I heard H8085 (H853) the voice H6963 of his words, H1697 then was H1961 I H589 in a deep sleep H7290 on H5921 my face, H6440 and my face H6440 toward the ground.H776

Dan 10:10 And, behold, H2009 an hand H3027 touched H5060 me, which set H5128 me upon H5921 my knees H1290 and upon the palms H3709 of my hands.H3027

Dan 10:11 And he said H559 unto H413 me, O Daniel, H1840 a man H376 greatly beloved, H2530 understand H995 the words H1697 that H834 I H595 speak H1696 unto H413 thee, and stand H5975 upright: H5921 H5977 for H3588 unto H413 thee am I now H6258 sent. H7971 And when he had spoken H1696 (H853) this H2088 word H1697 unto H5973 me, I stood H5975 trembling.H7460

Dan 10:12 Then said H559 he unto H413 me, Fear H3372 not, H408 Daniel: H1840 for H3588 from H4480 the first H7223 day H3117 that H834 thou didst set H5414 (H853) thine heart H3820 to understand, H995 and to chasten thyself H6031 before H6440 thy God, H430 thy words H1697 were heard, H8085 and I H589 am come H935 for thy words.H1697

Dan 10:13 But the prince H8269 of the kingdom H4438 of Persia H6539 withstood H5975 H5048 me one H259 and twenty H6242 days: H3117 but, lo, H2009 Michael, H4317 one H259 of the chief H7223 princes, H8269 came H935 to help H5826 me; and I H589 remained H3498 there H8033 with H681 the kings H4428 of Persia.H6539

Dan 10:14 Now I am come H935 to make thee understand H995 (H853) what H834 shall befall H7136 thy people H5971 in the latter H319 days: H3117 for H3588 yet H5750 the vision H2377 is for many days.H3117

Dan 10:15 And when he had spoken H1696 such H428 words H1697 unto H5973 me, I set H5414 my face H6440 toward the ground, H776 and I became dumb.H481

Dan 10:16 And, behold, H2009 one like the similitude H1823 of the sons H1121 of men H120 touched H5060 H5921 my lips: H8193 then I opened H6605 my mouth, H6310 and spake, H1696 and said H559 unto H413 him that stood H5975 before H5048 me, O my lord, H113 by the vision H4758 my sorrows H6735 are turned H2015 upon H5921 me, and I have retained H6113 no H3808 strength.H3581

Dan 10:17 For how H1963 can H3201 the servant H5650 of this H2088 my lord H113 talk H1696 with H5973 this H2088 my lord? H113 for as for me, H589 straightway H4480 H6258 there remained H5975 no H3808 strength H3581 in me, neither H3808 is there breath H5397 left H7604 in me.

Dan 10:18 Then there came again H3584 and touched H5060 me one like the appearance H4758 of a man, H120 and he strengthened H2388 me,

Dan 10:19 And said, H559 O man H376 greatly beloved, H2530 fear H3372 not: H408 peace H7965 be unto thee, be strong, H2388 yea, be strong. H2388 And when he had spoken H1696 unto H5973 me, I was strengthened, H2388 and said, H559 Let my lord H113 speak; H1696 for H3588 thou hast strengthened H2388 me.

Dan 10:20 Then said H559 he, Knowest H3045 thou wherefore H4100 I come H935 unto H413 thee? and now H6258 will I return H7725 to fight H3898 with H5973 the prince H8269 of Persia: H6539 and when I H589 am gone forth, H3318 lo, H2009 the prince H8269 of Grecia H3120 shall come.H935

Dan 10:21 But H61 I will shew H5046 thee(H853) that which is noted H7559 in the scripture H3791 of truth: H571 and there is none H369 H259 that holdeth H2388 with H5973 me in H5921 these things, H428 but H3588 H518 Michael H4317 your prince.H8269

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