Esdras  Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

Esd 4:1 Now when the adversaries H6862 of Judah H3063 and Benjamin H1144 heard H8085 that H3588 the children H1121 of the captivity H1473 builded H1129 the temple H1964 unto the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel;H3478

Esd 4:2 Then they came H5066 to H413 Zerubbabel, H2216 and to H413 the chief H7218 of the fathers, H1 and said H559 unto them, Let us build H1129 with H5973 you: for H3588 we seek H1875 your God, H430 as ye do; and we H587 do sacrifice H2076 unto him since the days H4480 H3117 of Esarhaddon H634 king H4428 of Assur, H804 which brought us up H5927 (H853) hither.H6311

Esd 4:3 But Zerubbabel, H2216 and Jeshua, H3442 and the rest H7605 of the chief H7218 of the fathers H1 of Israel, H3478 said H559 unto them, Ye have nothing H3808 to do with us to build H1129 an house H1004 unto our God; H430 but H3588 we ourselves H587 together H3162 will build H1129 unto the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel, H3478 as H834 king H4428 Cyrus H3566 the king H4428 of Persia H6539 hath commanded H6680 us.

Esd 4:4 Then the people H5971 of the land H776 weakened H7503 the hands H3027 of the people H5971 of Judah, H3063 and troubled H1089 them in building,H1129

Esd 4:5 And hired H7936 counsellors H3289 against H5921 them, to frustrate H6565 their purpose, H6098 all H3605 the days H3117 of Cyrus H3566 king H4428 of Persia, H6539 even until H5704 the reign H4438 of Darius H1867 king H4428 of Persia.H6539

Esd 4:6 And in the reign H4438 of Ahasuerus, H325 in the beginning H8462 of his reign, H4438 wrote H3789 they unto him an accusation H7855 against H5921 the inhabitants H3427 of Judah H3063 and Jerusalem.H3389

Esd 4:7 And in the days H3117 of Artaxerxes H783 wrote H3789 Bishlam, H1312 Mithredath, H4990 Tabeel, H2870 and the rest H7605 of their companions, H3674 unto H5921 Artaxerxes H783 king H4428 of Persia; H6539 and the writing H3791 of the letter H5406 was written H3789 in the Syrian tongue, H762 and interpreted H8638 in the Syrian tongue.H762

Esd 4:8 Rehum H7348 the chancellor H2942 H1169 and Shimshai H8124 the scribe H5613 wrote H3790 a H2298 letter H104 against H5922 Jerusalem H3390 to Artaxerxes H783 the king H4430 in this sort:H3660

Esd 4:9 Then H116 wrote Rehum H7348 the chancellor, H2942 H1169 and Shimshai H8124 the scribe, H5613 and the rest H7606 of their companions; H3675 the Dinaites, H1784 the Apharsathchites, H671 the Tarpelites, H2967 the Apharsites, H670 the Archevites, H756 the Babylonians, H896 the Susanchites, H7801 the Dehavites, H1723 and the Elamites,H5962

Esd 4:10 And the rest H7606 of the nations H524 whom H1768 the great H7229 and noble H3358 Asnappar H620 brought over, H1541 and set H3488 in the cities H7149 of H1768 Samaria, H8115 and the rest H7606 that are on this side H5675 the river, H5103 and at such a time.H3706

Esd 4:11 This H1836 is the copy H6573 of the letter H104 that H1768 they sent H7972 unto H5922 him, even unto H5922 Artaxerxes H783 the king; H4430 Thy servants H5649 the men H606 on this side H5675 the river, H5103 and at such a time.H3706

Esd 4:12 Be H1934 it known H3046 unto the king, H4430 that the Jews H3062 which H1768 came up H5559 from H4481 H3890 thee to H5922 us are come H858 unto Jerusalem, H3390 building H1124 the rebellious H4779 and the bad H873 city, H7149 and have set up H3635 the walls H7792 thereof, and joined H2338 the foundations.H787

Esd 4:13 Be H1934 it known H3046 now H3705 unto the king, H4430 that, H1768 if H2006 this H1791 city H7149 be builded, H1124 and the walls H7792 set up H3635 again, then will they not H3809 pay H5415 toll, H4061 tribute, H1093 and custom, H1983 and so thou shalt endamage H5142 the revenue H674 of the kings.H4430

Esd 4:14 Now H3705 because H3606 H6903 H1768 we have maintenance H4415 H4416 from the king's palace, H1965 and it was not H3809 meet H749 for us to see H2370 the king's H4430 dishonour, H6173 therefore H5922 H1836 have we sent H7972 and certified H3046 the king;H4430

Esd 4:15 That H1768 search may be made H1240 in the book H5609 of the records H1799 of H1768 thy fathers: H2 so shalt thou find H7912 in the book H5609 of the records, H1799 and know H3046 that H1768 this H1791 city H7149 is a rebellious H4779 city, H7149 and hurtful H5142 unto kings H4430 and provinces, H4083 and that they have moved H5648 sedition H849 within the same H1459 of H4481 old H5957 time: H3118 for H5922 which cause H1836 was this H1791 city H7149 destroyed.H2718

Esd 4:16 We H586 certify H3046 the king H4430 that, H1768 if H2006 this H1791 city H7149 be builded H1124 again, and the walls H7792 thereof set up, H3635 by this H1836 means H6903 thou shalt have H383 no H3809 portion H2508 on this side H5675 the river.H5103

Esd 4:17 Then sent H7972 the king H4430 an answer H6600 unto H5922 Rehum H7348 the chancellor, H1169 H2942 and to Shimshai H8124 the scribe, H5613 and to the rest H7606 of their companions H3675 that H1768 dwell H3488 in Samaria, H8115 and unto the rest H7606 beyond H5675 the river, H5103 Peace, H8001 and at such a time.H3706

Esd 4:18 The letter H5407 which H1768 ye sent H7972 unto H5922 us hath been plainly H6568 read H7123 before H6925 me.

Esd 4:19 And I commanded, H7761 H2942 and search hath been made, H1240 and it is found H7912 that H1768 this H1791 city H7149 of H4481 old H5957 time H3118 hath made insurrection H5376 against H5922 kings, H4430 and that rebellion H4776 and sedition H849 have been made H5648 therein.

Esd 4:20 There have been H1934 mighty H8624 kings H4430 also over H5922 Jerusalem, H3390 which have ruled H7990 over all H3606 countries beyond H5675 the river; H5103 and toll, H4061 tribute, H1093 and custom, H1983 was paid H3052 unto them.

Esd 4:21 Give H7761 ye now H3705 commandment H2942 to cause these H479 men H1400 to cease, H989 and that this H1791 city H7149 be not H3809 builded, H1124 until H5705 another commandment H2941 shall be given H7761 from H4481 me.

Esd 4:22 Take heed H2095 H1934 now that ye fail not H7960 to do H5648 this:(H5922) H1836 why H4101 should damage H2257 grow H7680 to the hurt H5142 of the kings?H4430

Esd 4:23 Now H116 when H4481 H1768 the copy H6573 of king H4430 Artaxerxes' H783 letter H5407 was read H7123 before H6925 Rehum, H7348 and Shimshai H8124 the scribe, H5613 and their companions, H3675 they went up H236 in haste H924 to Jerusalem H3390 unto H5922 the Jews, H3062 and made them H1994 to cease H989 by force H153 and power.H2429

Esd 4:24 Then H116 ceased H989 the work H5673 of the house H1005 of God H426 which H1768 is at Jerusalem. H3390 So H1934 it ceased H989 unto H5705 the second H8648 year H8140 of the reign H4437 of Darius H1868 king H4430 of Persia.H6540

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