Ezequiel  Capitulo 6 - King James with Numbers Strong

Eze 6:1 And the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 came H1961 unto H413 me, saying,H559

Eze 6:2 Son H1121 of man, H120 set H7760 thy face H6440 toward H413 the mountains H2022 of Israel, H3478 and prophesy H5012 against H413 them,

Eze 6:3 And say, H559 Ye mountains H2022 of Israel, H3478 hear H8085 the word H1697 of the Lord H136 GOD; H3069 Thus H3541 saith H559 the Lord H136 GOD H3069 to the mountains, H2022 and to the hills, H1389 to the rivers, H650 and to the valleys; H1516 Behold, H2009 I, even I, H589 will bring H935 a sword H2719 upon H5921 you, and I will destroy H6 your high places.H1116

Eze 6:4 And your altars H4196 shall be desolate, H8074 and your images H2553 shall be broken: H7665 and I will cast down H5307 your slain H2491 men before H6440 your idols.H1544

Eze 6:5 And I will lay H5414 (H853) the dead carcases H6297 of the children H1121 of Israel H3478 before H6440 their idols; H1544 and I will scatter H2219 (H853) your bones H6106 round about H5439 your altars.H4196

Eze 6:6 In all H3605 your dwellingplaces H4186 the cities H5892 shall be laid waste, H2717 and the high places H1116 shall be desolate; H3456 that H4616 your altars H4196 may be laid waste H2717 and made desolate, H816 and your idols H1544 may be broken H7665 and cease, H7673 and your images H2553 may be cut down, H1438 and your works H4639 may be abolished.H4229

Eze 6:7 And the slain H2491 shall fall H5307 in the midst H8432 of you, and ye shall know H3045 that H3588 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Eze 6:8 Yet will I leave a remnant, H3498 that ye may have H1961 some that shall escape H6412 the sword H2719 among the nations, H1471 when ye shall be scattered H2219 through the countries.H776

Eze 6:9 And they that escape H6412 of you shall remember H2142 me among the nations H1471 whither H834 H8033 they shall be carried captives, H7617 because H834 I am broken H7665 with H854 their whorish H2181 heart, H3820 which H834 hath departed H5493 from H4480 H5921 me, and with H854 their eyes, H5869 which go a whoring H2181 after H310 their idols: H1544 and they shall lothe H6962 themselves H6440 for H413 the evils H7451 which H834 they have committed H6213 in all H3605 their abominations.H8441

Eze 6:10 And they shall know H3045 that H3588 I H589 am the LORD, H3068 and that I have not H3808 said H1696 in vain H413 H2600 that I would do H6213 this H2063 evil H7451 unto them.

Eze 6:11 Thus H3541 saith H559 the Lord H136 GOD; H3069 Smite H5221 with thine hand, H3709 and stamp H7554 with thy foot, H7272 and say, H559 Alas H253 for H413 all H3605 the evil H7451 abominations H8441 of the house H1004 of Israel! H3478 for H834 they shall fall H5307 by the sword, H2719 by the famine, H7458 and by the pestilence.H1698

Eze 6:12 He that is far off H7350 shall die H4191 of the pestilence; H1698 and he that is near H7138 shall fall H5307 by the sword; H2719 and he that remaineth H7604 and is besieged H5341 shall die H4191 by the famine: H7458 thus will I accomplish H3615 my fury H2534 upon them.

Eze 6:13 Then shall ye know H3045 that H3588 I H589 am the LORD, H3068 when their slain H2491 men shall be H1961 among H8432 their idols H1544 round about H5439 their altars, H4196 upon H413 every H3605 high H7311 hill, H1389 in all H3605 the tops H7218 of the mountains, H2022 and under H8478 every H3605 green H7488 tree, H6086 and under H8478 every H3605 thick H5687 oak, H424 the place H4725 where H834 H8033 they did offer H5414 sweet H5207 savour H7381 to all H3605 their idols.H1544

Eze 6:14 So will I stretch out H5186 (H853) my hand H3027 upon H5921 them, and make H5414 (H853) the land H776 desolate, H8077 yea, more desolate H4923 than the wilderness H4480 H4057 toward Diblath, H1689 in all H3605 their habitations: H4186 and they shall know H3045 that H3588 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

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