Gálatas   Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

Gál 2:1 Then G1899 fourteen G1180 years G2094 after G1223 I went up G305 again G3825 to G1519 Jerusalem G2414 with G3326 Barnabas, G921 and took Titus with G4838 G5103 me also.G2532

Gál 2:2 And G1161 I went up G305 by G2596 revelation, G602 and G2532 communicated G394 unto them G846 that gospel G2098 which G3739 I preach G2784 among G1722 the G3588 Gentiles, G1484 but G1161 privately G2596 G2398 to them which were of reputation, G1380 lest by any means G3381 I should run, G5143 or G2228 had run, G5143 in G1519 vain.G2756

Gál 2:3 But G235 neither G3761 Titus, G5103 who G3588 was with G4862 me, G1698 being G5607 a Greek, G1672 was compelled G315 to be circumcised:G4059

Gál 2:4 And G1161 that because G1223 of false brethren G5569 unawares brought in, G3920 who G3748 came in privily G3922 to spy out G2684 our G2257 liberty G1657 which G3739 we have G2192 in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus, G2424 that G2443 they might bring us into bondage: G2615 G2248

Gál 2:5 To whom G3739 we gave place G1502 by subjection, G5292 no, not G3761 for G4314 an hour; G5610 that G2443 the G3588 truth G225 of the G3588 gospel G2098 might continue G1265 with G4314 you.G5209

Gál 2:6 But G1161 of G575 these G3588 who seemed G1380 to be G1511 somewhat, G5100 (whatsoever G3697 G4218 they were, G2258 it maketh no matter G1308 G3762 to me: G3427 God G2316 accepteth G2983 no G3756 man's G444 person:) G4383 for G1063 they who seemed G1380 to be somewhat in conference added G4323 nothing G3762 to me:G1698

Gál 2:7 But G235 contrariwise, G5121 when they saw G1492 that G3754 the G3588 gospel G2098 of the G3588 uncircumcision G203 was committed G4100 unto me, as G2531 the gospel of the G3588 circumcision G4061 was unto Peter;G4074

Gál 2:8 (For G1063 he that wrought effectually G1754 in Peter G4074 to G1519 the apostleship G651 of the G3588 circumcision, G4061 the same was mighty G1754 in( G2532) me G1698 toward G1519 the G3588 Gentiles:)G1484

Gál 2:9 And G2532 when James,G2385( G2532) Cephas, G2786 and G2532 John, G2491 who seemed G1380 to be G1511 pillars, G4769 perceived G1097 the G3588 grace G5485 that was given G1325 unto me, G3427 they gave G1325 to me G1698 and G2532 Barnabas G921 the right hands G1188 of fellowship; G2842 that G2443 we G2249 should go unto G1519 the G3588 heathen, G1484 and G1161 they G846 unto G1519 the G3588 circumcision.G4061

Gál 2:10 Only G3440 they would that G2443 we should remember G3421 the G3588 poor; G4434 the same G846 G5124 which G3739 I also G2532 was forward G4704 to do.G4160

Gál 2:11 But G1161 when G3753 Peter G4074 was come G2064 to G1519 Antioch, G490 I withstood G436 him G846 to G2596 the face, G4383 because G3754 he was G2258 to be blamed.G2607

Gál 2:12 For G1063 before that certain G5100 came G2064 from G575 James, G2385 he did eat G4906 with G3326 the G3588 Gentiles: G1484 but G1161 when G3753 they were come, G2064 he withdrew G5288 and G2532 separated G873 himself, G1438 fearing G5399 them G3588 which were of G1537 the circumcision.G4061

Gál 2:13 And G2532 the G3588 other G3062 Jews G2453 dissembled likewise with G4942 G2532 him; G846 insomuch that G5620 Barnabas G921 also G2532 was carried away with G4879 their G846 dissimulation.G5272

Gál 2:14 But G235 when G3753 I saw G1492 that G3754 they walked not uprightly G3716 G3756 according G4314 to the G3588 truth G225 of the G3588 gospel, G2098 I said G2036 unto Peter G4074 before G1715 them all, G3956 If G1487 thou, G4771 being G5225 a Jew, G2453 livest G2198 after the manner of Gentiles, G1483 and G2532 not G3756 as do the Jews, G2452 why G5101 compellest G315 thou the G3588 Gentiles G1484 to live as do the Jews?G2450

Gál 2:15 We G2249 who are Jews G2453 by nature, G5449 and G2532 not G3756 sinners G268 of G1537 the Gentiles,G1484

Gál 2:16 Knowing G1492 that G3754 a man G444 is not G3756 justified G1344 by G1537 the works G2041 of the law, G3551 but G3362 by G1223 the faith G4102 of Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 even G2532 we G2249 have believed G4100 in G1519 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 that G2443 we might be justified G1344 by G1537 the faith G4102 of Christ, G5547 and G2532 not G3756 by G1537 the works G2041 of the law: G3551 for G1360 by G1537 the works G2041 of the law G3551 shall no G3756 flesh G4561 be justified.G1344

Gál 2:17 But G1161 if, G1487 while we seek G2212 to be justified G1344 by G1722 Christ, G5547 we G846 ourselves also G2532 are found G2147 sinners, G268 is therefore G687 Christ G5547 the minister G1249 of sin? G266 God forbid. G1096 G3361

Gál 2:18 For G1063 if G1487 I build G3618 again G3825 the things G5023 which G3739 I destroyed, G2647 I make G4921 myself G1683 a transgressor.G3848

Gál 2:19 For G1063 I G1473 through G1223 the law G3551 am dead G599 to the law, G3551 that G2443 I might live G2198 unto God.G2316

Gál 2:20 I am crucified with G4957 Christ: G5547 nevertheless G1161 I live; G2198 yet not G3765 I, G1473 but G1161 Christ G5547 liveth G2198 in G1722 me: G1698 and G1161 the life which G3739 I now G3568 live G2198 in G1722 the flesh G4561 I live G2198 by G1722 the faith G4102 of( G3588) the G3588 Son G5207 of God, G2316 who loved G25 me, G3165 and G2532 gave G3860 himself G1438 for G5228 me.G1700

Gál 2:21 I do not G3756 frustrate G114 the G3588 grace G5485 of God: G2316 for G1063 if G1487 righteousness G1343 come by G1223 the law, G3551 then G686 Christ G5547 is dead G599 in vain.G1432

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