Gálatas   Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

Gál 4:1 Now G1161 I say, G3004 That the G3588 heir, G2818 as long as G3745 he( G5550) is G2076 a child, G3516 differeth G1308 nothing G3762 from a servant, G1401 though he be G5607 lord G2962 of all;G3956

Gál 4:2 But G235 is G2076 under G5259 tutors G2012 and G2532 governors G3623 until G891 the G3588 time appointed G4287 of the G3588 father.G3962

Gál 4:3 Even G2532 so G3779 we, G2249 when G3753 we were G2258 children, G3516 were G2258 in bondage G1402 under G5259 the G3588 elements G4747 of the G3588 world:G2889

Gál 4:4 But G1161 when G3753 the G3588 fulness G4138 of the G3588 time G5550 was come, G2064 God G2316 sent forth G1821 his G848 Son, G5207 made G1096 of G1537 a woman, G1135 made G1096 under G5259 the law,G3551

Gál 4:5 To G2443 redeem G1805 them G3588 that were under G5259 the law, G3551 that G2443 we might receive G618 the G3588 adoption of sons.G5206

Gál 4:6 And G1161 because G3754 ye are G2075 sons, G5207 God G2316 hath sent forth G1821 the G3588 Spirit G4151 of his G848 Son G5207 into G1519 your G5216 hearts, G2588 crying, G2896 Abba, G5 Father.G3962

Gál 4:7 Wherefore G5620 thou art G1488 no more G3765 a servant, G1401 but G235 a son; G5207 and G1161 if G1487 a son, G5207 then G2532 an heir G2818 of God G2316 through G1223 Christ.G5547

Gál 4:8 Howbeit G235 then, G5119 when( G3303) ye knew G1492 not G3756 God, G2316 ye did service G1398 unto them which by nature G5449 are G5607 no G3361 gods.G2316

Gál 4:9 But G1161 now, G3568 after that ye have known G1097 God, G2316 or G1161 rather G3123 are known G1097 of G5259 God, G2316 how G4459 turn G1994 ye again G3825 to G1909 the G3588 weak G772 and G2532 beggarly G4434 elements, G4747 whereunto G3739 ye( G3825) desire G2309 again G509 to be in bondage?G1398

Gál 4:11 I am afraid G5399 of you, G5209 lest G3381 I have bestowed upon you labour G2872 G1519 G5209 in vain.G1500

Gál 4:12 Brethren, G80 I beseech G1189 you, G5216 be G1096 as G5613 I G1473 am; for G3754 I G2504 am as G5613 ye G5210 are: ye have not injured me at all. G3762 G91 G3165

Gál 4:13 Ye( G1161) know G1492 how G3754 through G1223 infirmity G769 of the G3588 flesh G4561 I preached the gospel G2097 unto you G5213 at the first.G4386

Gál 4:14 And G2532 my G3450 temptation G3986 which G3588 was in G1722 my G3450 flesh G4561 ye despised G1848 not, G3756 nor G3761 rejected; G1609 but G235 received G1209 me G3165 as G5613 an angel G32 of God, G2316 even as G5613 Christ G5547 Jesus.G2424

Gál 4:15 Where G5101 is G2258 then G3767 the G3588 blessedness G3108 ye G5216 spake of? for G1063 I bear you record, G3140 G5213 that, G3754 if G1487 it had been possible, G1415 ye would have plucked out G1846 G302 your own G5216 eyes, G3788 and have given G1325 them to me.G3427

Gál 4:16 Am I therefore G5620 become G1096 your G5216 enemy, G2190 because I tell you the truth? G226 G5213

Gál 4:17 They zealously affect G2206 you, G5209 but not G3756 well; G2573 yea, G235 they would G2309 exclude G1576 you, G5209 that G2443 ye might affect G2206 them.G846

Gál 4:18 But G1161 it is good G2570 to be zealously affected G2206 always G3842 in G1722 a good G2570 thing, and G2532 not G3361 only G3440 when I G3165 am present G3918 with G4314 you.G5209

Gál 4:19 My G3450 little children, G5040 of whom G3739 I travail in birth G5605 again G3825 until G891 G3757 Christ( G5547) be formed G3445 in G1722 you,G5213

Gál 4:20 I( G1161) desire G2309 to be present G3918 with G4314 you G5209 now, G737 and G2532 to change G236 my G3450 voice; G5456 for G3754 I stand in doubt G639 of G1722 you.G5213

Gál 4:21 Tell G3004 me, G3427 ye that desire G2309 to be G1511 under G5259 the law, G3551 do ye not G3756 hear G191 the G3588 law?G3551

Gál 4:22 For G1063 it is written, G1125 that G3754 Abraham G11 had G2192 two G1417 sons, G5207 the one G1520 by G1537 a bondmaid, G3814 the( G2532) other G1520 by G1537 a freewoman.G1658

Gál 4:23 But G235 he G3588 G3303 who was of G1537 the G3588 bondwoman G3814 was born G1080 after G2596 the flesh; G4561 but G1161 he G3588 of G1537 the G3588 freewoman G1658 was by G1223 promise.G1860

Gál 4:24 Which things G3748 are G2076 an allegory: G238 for G1063 these G3778 are G1526 the G3588 two G1417 covenants; G1242 the one G3391 G3303 from G575 the mount G3735 Sinai, G4614 which gendereth G1080 to G1519 bondage, G1397 which G3748 is G2076 Agar.G28

Gál 4:25 For G1063 this Agar G28 is G2076 mount G3735 Sinai G4614 in G1722 Arabia, G688 and G1161 answereth to G4960 Jerusalem G2419 which now G3568 is, and G1161 is in bondage G1398 with G3326 her G848 children.G5043

Gál 4:26 But G1161 Jerusalem G2419 which is above G507 is G2076 free, G1658 which G3748 is G2076 the mother G3384 of us G2257 all.G3956

Gál 4:27 For G1063 it is written, G1125 Rejoice, G2165 thou barren G4723 that bearest G5088 not; G3756 break forth G4486 and G2532 cry, G994 thou that travailest G5605 not: G3756 for G3754 the G3588 desolate G2048 hath G2192 many G4183 more G3123 children G5043 than G2228 she which hath G2192 an husband.G435

Gál 4:28 Now G1161 we, G2249 brethren, G80 as G2596 Isaac G2464 was, are G2070 the children G5043 of promise.G1860

Gál 4:29 But G235 as G5618 then G5119 he that was born G1080 after G2596 the flesh G4561 persecuted G1377 him G3588 that was born after G2596 the Spirit, G4151 even G2532 so G3779 it is now.G3568

Gál 4:30 Nevertheless G235 what G5101 saith G3004 the G3588 scripture? G1124 Cast out G1544 the G3588 bondwoman G3814 and G2532 her G846 son: G5207 for G1063 the G3588 son G5207 of the G3588 bondwoman G3814 shall not G3364 be heir G2816 with G3326 the G3588 son G5207 of the G3588 freewoman.G1658

Gál 4:31 So then, G686 brethren, G80 we are G2070 not G3756 children G5043 of the bondwoman, G3814 but G235 of the G3588 free.G1658

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