Génesis  Capitulo 25 - King James with Numbers Strong

Gén 25:1 Then again H3254 Abraham H85 took H3947 a wife, H802 and her name H8034 was Keturah.H6989

Gén 25:2 And she bare H3205 him(H853) Zimran, H2175 and Jokshan, H3370 and Medan, H4091 and Midian, H4080 and Ishbak, H3435 and Shuah.H7744

Gén 25:3 And Jokshan H3370 begat H3205 (H853) Sheba, H7614 and Dedan. H1719 And the sons H1121 of Dedan H1719 were H1961 Asshurim, H805 and Letushim, H3912 and Leummim.H3817

Gén 25:4 And the sons H1121 of Midian; H4080 Ephah, H5891 and Epher, H6081 and Hanoch, H2585 and Abida, H28 and Eldaah. H420 All H3605 these H428 were the children H1121 of Keturah.H6989

Gén 25:5 And Abraham H85 gave H5414 (H853) all H3605 that H834 he had unto Isaac.H3327

Gén 25:6 But unto the sons H1121 of the concubines, H6370 which H834 Abraham H85 had, Abraham H85 gave H5414 gifts, H4979 and sent them away H7971 from H4480 H5921 Isaac H3327 his son, H1121 while he yet H5750 lived, H2416 eastward, H6924 unto H413 the east H6924 country.H776

Gén 25:7 And these H428 are the days H3117 of the years H8141 of Abraham's H85 life H2416 which H834 he lived, H2416 an hundred H3967 threescore and fifteen H7657 (H8141) H2568 years.H8141

Gén 25:8 Then Abraham H85 gave up the ghost, H1478 and died H4191 in a good H2896 old age, H7872 an old man, H2205 and full H7649 of years; and was gathered H622 to H413 his people.H5971

Gén 25:9 And his sons H1121 Isaac H3327 and Ishmael H3458 buried H6912 him in H413 the cave H4631 of Machpelah, H4375 in H413 the field H7704 of Ephron H6085 the son H1121 of Zohar H6714 the Hittite, H2850 which H834 is before H5921 H6440 Mamre;H4471

Gén 25:10 The field H7704 which H834 Abraham H85 purchased H7069 of H4480 H854 the sons H1121 of Heth: H2845 there H8033 was Abraham H85 buried, H6912 and Sarah H8283 his wife.H802

Gén 25:11 And it came to pass H1961 after H310 the death H4194 of Abraham, H85 that God H430 blessed H1288 his son H1121 (H853) Isaac; H3327 and Isaac H3327 dwelt H3427 by H5973 the well Lahairoi.H883

Gén 25:12 Now these H428 are the generations H8435 of Ishmael, H3458 Abraham's H85 son, H1121 whom H834 Hagar H1904 the Egyptian, H4713 Sarah's H8283 handmaid, H8198 bare H3205 unto Abraham:H85

Gén 25:13 And these H428 are the names H8034 of the sons H1121 of Ishmael, H3458 by their names, H8034 according to their generations: H8435 the firstborn H1060 of Ishmael, H3458 Nebajoth; H5032 and Kedar, H6938 and Adbeel, H110 and Mibsam,H4017

Gén 25:14 And Mishma, H4927 and Dumah, H1746 and Massa,H4854

Gén 25:15 Hadar, H2316 and Tema, H8485 Jetur, H3195 Naphish, H5305 and Kedemah:H6929

Gén 25:16 These H428 are the sons H1121 of Ishmael, H3458 and these H428 are their names, H8034 by their towns, H2691 and by their castles; H2918 twelve H8147 H6240 princes H5387 according to their nations.H523

Gén 25:17 And these H428 are the years H8141 of the life H2416 of Ishmael, H3458 an hundred H3967 and thirty H7970 and seven H7651 years: H8141 and he gave up the ghost H1478 and died; H4191 and was gathered H622 unto H413 his people.H5971

Gén 25:18 And they dwelt H7931 from Havilah H4480 H2341 unto H5704 Shur, H7793 that H834 is before H5921 H6440 Egypt, H4714 as thou goest H935 toward Assyria: H804 and he died H5307 in H5921 the presence H6440 of all H3605 his brethren.H251

Gén 25:19 And these H428 are the generations H8435 of Isaac, H3327 Abraham's H85 son: H1121 Abraham H85 begat H3205 (H853) Isaac:H3327

Gén 25:20 And Isaac H3327 was H1961 forty H705 years H8141 old H1121 when he took H3947 (H853) Rebekah H7259 to wife, H802 the daughter H1323 of Bethuel H1328 the Syrian H761 of Padanaram, H4480 H6307 the sister H269 to Laban H3837 the Syrian.H761

Gén 25:21 And Isaac H3327 intreated H6279 the LORD H3068 for H5227 his wife, H802 because H3588 she H1931 was barren: H6135 and the LORD H3068 was intreated H6279 of him, and Rebekah H7259 his wife H802 conceived.H2029

Gén 25:22 And the children H1121 struggled together H7533 within H7130 her; and she said, H559 If H518 it be so, H3651 why H4100 am I H595 thus? H2088 And she went H1980 to enquire H1875 of(H853) the LORD.H3068

Gén 25:23 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto her, Two H8147 nations H1471 are in thy womb, H990 and two H8147 manner of people H3816 shall be separated H6504 from thy bowels; H4480 H4578 and the one people H3816 shall be stronger H553 than the other people; H4480 H3816 and the elder H7227 shall serve H5647 the younger.H6810

Gén 25:24 And when her days H3117 to be delivered H3205 were fulfilled, H4390 behold, H2009 there were twins H8380 in her womb.H990

Gén 25:25 And the first H7223 came out H3318 red, H132 all over H3605 like an hairy H8181 garment; H155 and they called H7121 his name H8034 Esau.H6215

Gén 25:26 And after that H310 H3651 came H3318 his brother H251 out, and his hand H3027 took hold H270 on Esau's H6215 heel; H6119 and his name H8034 was called H7121 Jacob: H3290 and Isaac H3327 was threescore H8346 years H8141 old H1121 when she bare H3205 them.

Gén 25:27 And the boys H5288 grew: H1431 and Esau H6215 was H1961 a cunning H3045 hunter, H6718 a man H376 of the field; H7704 and Jacob H3290 was a plain H8535 man, H376 dwelling H3427 in tents.H168

Gén 25:28 And Isaac H3327 loved H157 (H853) Esau, H6215 because H3588 he did eat H6310 of his venison: H6718 but Rebekah H7259 loved H157 (H853) Jacob.H3290

Gén 25:29 And Jacob H3290 sod H2102 pottage: H5138 and Esau H6215 came H935 from H4480 the field, H7704 and he H1931 was faint:H5889

Gén 25:30 And Esau H6215 said H559 to H413 Jacob, H3290 Feed H3938 me, I pray thee, H4994 with H4480 that same H2088 red H122 pottage; for H3588 I H595 am faint: H5889 therefore H5921 H3651 was his name H8034 called H7121 Edom.H123

Gén 25:31 And Jacob H3290 said, H559 Sell H4376 me this day H3117 (H853) thy birthright.H1062

Gén 25:32 And Esau H6215 said, H559 Behold, H2009 I H595 am at the point H1980 to die: H4191 and what profit H4100 shall this H2088 birthright H1062 do to me?

Gén 25:33 And Jacob H3290 said, H559 Swear H7650 to me this day; H3117 and he sware H7650 unto him: and he sold H4376 (H853) his birthright H1062 unto Jacob.H3290

Gén 25:34 Then Jacob H3290 gave H5414 Esau H6215 bread H3899 and pottage H5138 of lentiles; H5742 and he did eat H398 and drink, H8354 and rose up, H6965 and went his way: H1980 thus Esau H6215 despised H959 (H853) his birthright.H1062

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