Génesis  Capitulo 28 - King James with Numbers Strong

Gén 28:1 And Isaac H3327 called H7121 H413 Jacob, H3290 and blessed H1288 him, and charged H6680 him, and said H559 unto him, Thou shalt not H3808 take H3947 a wife H802 of the daughters H4480 H1323 of Canaan.H3667

Gén 28:2 Arise, H6965 go H1980 to Padanaram, H6307 to the house H1004 of Bethuel H1328 thy mother's H517 father; H1 and take H3947 thee a wife H802 from thence H4480 H8033 of the daughters H4480 H1323 of Laban H3837 thy mother's H517 brother.H251

Gén 28:3 And God H410 Almighty H7706 bless H1288 thee, and make thee fruitful, H6509 and multiply H7235 thee, that thou mayest be H1961 a multitude H6951 of people;H5971

Gén 28:4 And give H5414 thee(H853) the blessing H1293 of Abraham, H85 to thee, and to thy seed H2233 with H854 thee; that thou mayest inherit H3423 (H853) the land H776 wherein thou art a stranger, H4033 which H834 God H430 gave H5414 unto Abraham.H85

Gén 28:5 And Isaac H3327 sent away H7971 (H853) Jacob: H3290 and he went H1980 to Padanaram H6307 unto H413 Laban, H3837 son H1121 of Bethuel H1328 the Syrian, H761 the brother H251 of Rebekah, H7259 Jacob's H3290 and Esau's H6215 mother.H517

Gén 28:6 When Esau H6215 saw H7200 that H3588 Isaac H3327 had blessed H1288 (H853) Jacob, H3290 and sent him away H7971 (H853) to Padanaram, H6307 to take H3947 him a wife H802 from thence; H4480 H8033 and that as he blessed H1288 him he gave him a charge, H6680 H5921 saying, H559 Thou shalt not H3808 take H3947 a wife H802 of the daughters H4480 H1323 of Canaan;H3667

Gén 28:7 And that Jacob H3290 obeyed H8085 H413 his father H1 and his mother, H517 and was gone H1980 to Padanaram;H6307

Gén 28:8 And Esau H6215 seeing H7200 that H3588 the daughters H1323 of Canaan H3667 pleased not H7451 H5869 Isaac H3327 his father;H1

Gén 28:9 Then went H1980 Esau H6215 unto H413 Ishmael, H3458 and took H3947 unto H5921 the wives H802 which he had(H853) Mahalath H4258 the daughter H1323 of Ishmael H3458 Abraham's H85 son, H1121 the sister H269 of Nebajoth, H5032 to be his wife.H802

Gén 28:10 And Jacob H3290 went out H3318 from Beersheba, H4480 H884 and went H1980 toward Haran.H2771

Gén 28:11 And he lighted H6293 upon a certain place, H4725 and tarried there all night, H3885 H8033 because H3588 the sun H8121 was set; H935 and he took H3947 of the stones H4480 H68 of that place, H4725 and put H7760 them for his pillows, H4763 and lay down H7901 in that H1931 place H4725 to sleep.

Gén 28:12 And he dreamed, H2492 and behold H2009 a ladder H5551 set up H5324 on the earth, H776 and the top H7218 of it reached H5060 to heaven: H8064 and behold H2009 the angels H4397 of God H430 ascending H5927 and descending H3381 on it.

Gén 28:13 And, behold, H2009 the LORD H3068 stood H5324 above H5921 it, and said, H559 I H589 am the LORD H3068 God H430 of Abraham H85 thy father, H1 and the God H430 of Isaac: H3327 the land H776 whereon H834 H5921 thou H859 liest, H7901 to thee will I give H5414 it, and to thy seed;H2233

Gén 28:14 And thy seed H2233 shall be H1961 as the dust H6083 of the earth, H776 and thou shalt spread abroad H6555 to the west, H3220 and to the east, H6924 and to the north, H6828 and to the south: H5045 and in thee and in thy seed H2233 shall all H3605 the families H4940 of the earth H127 be blessed.H1288

Gén 28:15 And, behold, H2009 I H595 am with H5973 thee, and will keep H8104 thee in all H3605 places whither H834 thou goest, H1980 and will bring thee again H7725 into H413 this H2063 land; H127 for H3588 I will not H3808 leave H5800 thee, until H5704 H834 H518 I have done H6213 (H853) that which H834 I have spoken H1696 to thee of.

Gén 28:16 And Jacob H3290 awaked H3364 out of his sleep, H4480 H8142 and he said, H559 Surely H403 the LORD H3068 is H3426 in this H2088 place; H4725 and I H595 knew H3045 it not.H3808

Gén 28:17 And he was afraid, H3372 and said, H559 How H4100 dreadful H3372 is this H2088 place! H4725 this H2088 is none H369 other but H3588 H518 the house H1004 of God, H430 and this H2088 is the gate H8179 of heaven.H8064

Gén 28:18 And Jacob H3290 rose up early H7925 in the morning, H1242 and took H3947 (H853) the stone H68 that H834 he had put H7760 for his pillows, H4763 and set it up H7760 (H853) for a pillar, H4676 and poured H3332 oil H8081 upon H5921 the top H7218 of it.

Gén 28:19 And he called H7121 (H853) the name H8034 of that H1931 place H4725 Bethel: H1008 but H199 the name H8034 of that city H5892 was called Luz H3870 at the first.H7223

Gén 28:20 And Jacob H3290 vowed H5087 a vow, H5088 saying, H559 If H518 God H430 will be H1961 with H5973 me, and will keep H8104 me in this H2088 way H1870 that H834 I H595 go, H1980 and will give H5414 me bread H3899 to eat, H398 and raiment H899 to put on,H3847

Gén 28:21 So that I come again H7725 to H413 my father's H1 house H1004 in peace; H7965 then shall the LORD H3068 be H1961 my God:H430

Gén 28:22 And this H2063 stone, H68 which H834 I have set H7760 for a pillar, H4676 shall be H1961 God's H430 house: H1004 and of all H3605 that H834 thou shalt give H5414 me I will surely give the tenth H6237 H6237 unto thee.

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