Hechos  Capitulo 17 - King James with Numbers Strong

Hec 17:1 Now G1161 when they had passed through G1353 Amphipolis G295 and G2532 Apollonia, G624 they came G2064 to G1519 Thessalonica, G2332 where G3699 was G2258 a synagogue G4864 of the G3588 Jews:G2453

Hec 17:2 And G1161 Paul, G3972 as his manner was, G2596 G1486 went in G1525 unto G4314 them, G846 and G2532 three( G5140) sabbath days G4521 reasoned G1256 with them G846 out of G575 the G3588 scriptures,G1124

Hec 17:3 Opening G1272 and G2532 alleging, G3908 that G3754 Christ G5547 must needs G1163 have suffered, G3958 and G2532 risen again G450 from G1537 the dead; G3498 and G2532 that G3754 this G3778 Jesus, G2424 whom G3739 I G1473 preach G2605 unto you, G5213 is G2076 Christ.G5547

Hec 17:4 And G2532 some G5100 of G1537 them G846 believed, G3982 and G2532 consorted with G4345 Paul G3972 and G2532 Silas; G4609 and G5037 of the G3588 devout G4576 Greeks G1672 a great G4183 multitude, G4128 and G5037 of the G3588 chief G4413 women G1135 not G3756 a few.G3641

Hec 17:5 But G1161 the G3588 Jews G2453 which believed not, G544 moved with envy,G2206( G2532) took unto G4355 them certain G5100 lewd G4190 fellows G435 of the G3588 baser sort, G60 and G2532 gathered a company, G3792 and set all the city on an uproar, G2350 G3588 G4172 and G5037 assaulted G2186 the G3588 house G3614 of Jason, G2394 and sought G2212 to( G846) bring them out G71 to G1519 the G3588 people.G1218

Hec 17:6 And G1161 when they found G2147 them G846 not, G3361 they drew G4951 Jason G2394 and G2532 certain G5100 brethren G80 unto G1909 the G3588 rulers of the city, G4173 crying, G994 These G3778 that have turned the world upside down G387 G3588 G3625 are come G3918 hither G1759 also;G2532

Hec 17:7 Whom G3739 Jason G2394 hath received: G5264 and G2532 these G3778 all G3956 do G4238 contrary G561 to the G3588 decrees G1378 of Caesar, G2541 saying G3004 that there is G1511 another G2087 king, G935 one Jesus.G2424

Hec 17:8 And G1161 they troubled G5015 the G3588 people G3793 and G2532 the G3588 rulers of the city, G4173 when they heard G191 these things.G5023

Hec 17:9 And G2532 when they had taken G2983 security G2425 of G3844 Jason, G2394 and G2532 of the G3588 other, G3062 they let them go. G630 G846

Hec 17:10 And G1161 the G3588 brethren G80 immediately G2112 sent awayG1599( G5037) Paul G3972 and G2532 Silas G4609 by G1223 night G3571 unto G1519 Berea: G960 who G3748 coming G3854 thither went G549 into G1519 the G3588 synagogue G4864 of the G3588 Jews.G2453

Hec 17:11 These( G3778) were G2258 more noble G2104 than those G3588 in G1722 Thessalonica, G2332 in that they G3748 received G1209 the G3588 word G3056 with G3326 all G3956 readiness of mind, G4288 and searched G350 the G3588 scriptures G1124 daily, G2596 G2250 whether G1487 those things G5023 were G2192 so.G3779

Hec 17:12 Therefore G3767 manyG4183( G3303) of G1537 them G846 believed; G4100 also G2532 of honourable G2158 women G1135 which were Greeks, G1674 and G2532 of men, G435 not G3756 a few.G3641

Hec 17:13 But G1161 when G5613 the G3588 Jews G2453 of G575 Thessalonica G2332 had knowledge G1097 that G3754 the G3588 word G3056 of God G2316 was preached G2605 of G5259 Paul G3972 at G1722 Berea, G960 they came G2064 thither also, G2546 and stirred up G4531 the G3588 people.G3793

Hec 17:14 And G1161 then G5119 immediately G2112 the G3588 brethren G80 sent away G1821 Paul G3972 to go G4198 as it were G5613 to G1909 the G3588 sea: G2281 butG1161( G5037) Silas G4609 and G2532 Timotheus G5095 abode G5278 there G1563 still.

Hec 17:15 And G1161 they that conducted G2525 Paul G3972 brought G71 him G846 unto G2193 Athens: G116 and G2532 receiving G2983 a commandment G1785 unto G4314 Silas G4609 and G2532 Timotheus G5095 for to come G2064 to G4314 him G846 with all speed, G5613 G5033 they departed.G1826

Hec 17:16 Now G1161 while Paul G3972 waited for G1551 them G846 at G1722 Athens, G116 his G848 spirit G4151 was stirred G3947 in G1722 him, G846 when he saw G2334 the G3588 city G4172 wholly given to idolatry.G2712

Hec 17:17 Therefore G3767 disputed G1256 he( G3303) in G1722 the G3588 synagogue G4864 with the G3588 Jews, G2453 and G2532 with the G3588 devout persons, G4576 and G2532 in G1722 the G3588 market G58 daily G2596 G3956 G2250 with G4314 them that met with G3909 him.

Hec 17:18 Then G1161 certain G5100 philosophers G5386 of the G3588 Epicureans, G1946 and G2532 of the G3588 Stoicks, G4770 encountered G4820 him. G846 And G2532 some G5100 said, G3004 What G5101 will G2309 G302 this G3778 babbler G4691 say?G3004( G1161) other G3588 some, He seemeth G1380 to be G1511 a setter forth G2604 of strange G3581 gods: G1140 because G3754 he preached G2097 unto them G846 Jesus, G2424 and G2532 the G3588 resurrection.G386

Hec 17:19 And G5037 they took G1949 him, G846 and brought G71 him unto G1909 Areopagus, G697 saying, G3004 May G1410 we know G1097 what G5101 this G3778 new G2537 doctrine, G1322 whereof G3588 thou G4675 speakest, G2980 is?

Hec 17:20 For G1063 thou bringest G1533 certain G5100 strange things G3579 to G1519 our G2257 ears: G189 we would G1014 know G1097 therefore G3767 what G5101 these things G5023 mean. G2309 G302 ( G1511)

Hec 17:21 (For( G1161) all G3956 the Athenians G117 and G2532 strangers G3581 which were there G1927 spent their time G2119 in G1519 nothing G3762 else, G2087 but G2228 either to tell, G3004 or G2532 to hear G191 some G5100 new thing.)G2537

Hec 17:22 Then G1161 Paul G3972 stood G2476 in G1722 the midst G3319 of Mars' hill, G697 and said, G5346 Ye men G435 of Athens, G117 I perceive G2334 that in G2596 all things G3956 ye G5209 are( G5613) too superstitious.G1174

Hec 17:23 For G1063 as I passed by, G1330 and G2532 beheld G333 your G5216 devotions, G4574 I found G2147 an( G2532) altar G1041 with this inscription, G1722 G3739 G1924 TO THE UNKNOWN G57 GOD. G2316 Whom G3739 therefore G3767 ye ignorantly G50 worship, G2151 him G5126 declare G2605 I G1473 unto you.G5213

Hec 17:24 God G2316 that made G4160 the G3588 world G2889 and G2532 all things G3956 therein, G1722 G846 seeing that he G3778 is G5225 Lord G2962 of heaven G3772 and G2532 earth, G1093 dwelleth G2730 not G3756 in G1722 temples G3485 made with hands;G5499

Hec 17:25 Neither G3761 is worshipped G2323 with G5259 men's G444 hands, G5495 as though he needed G4326 any thing, G5100 seeing he G846 giveth G1325 to all G3956 life, G2222 and G2532 breath, G4157 and all things; G2596 G3956

Hec 17:26 And G5037 hath made G4160 of G1537 one G1520 blood G129 all G3956 nations G1484 of men G444 for to dwell G2730 on G1909 all G3956 the G3588 face G4383 of the G3588 earth, G1093 and hath determined G3724 the times G2540 before appointed, G4384 and G2532 the G3588 bounds G3734 of their G848 habitation;G2733

Hec 17:28 For G1063 in G1722 him G846 we live, G2198 and G2532 move, G2795 and G2532 have our being; G2070 as G5613 certain G5100 also G2532 of your own G2596 G5209 poets G4163 have said, G2046 For G1063 we are G2070 also G2532 his G5120 offspring.G1085

Hec 17:29 Forasmuch then G3767 as we are G5225 the offspring G1085 of God, G2316 we ought G3784 not G3756 to think G3543 that the G3588 Godhead G2304 is G1511 like unto G3664 gold, G5557 or G2228 silver, G696 or G2228 stone, G3037 graven G5480 by art G5078 and G2532 man's G444 device.G1761

Hec 17:30 And( G3767 G3303) the G3588 times G5550 of this ignorance G52 God G2316 winked G5237 at; but now G3569 commandeth G3853 all G3956 men G444 every where G3837 to repent:G3340

Hec 17:31 Because G1360 he hath appointed G2476 a day, G2250 in G1722 the which G3739 he will G3195 judge G2919 the G3588 world G3625 in G1722 righteousness G1343 by G1722 that man G435 whom G3739 he hath ordained; G3724 whereof he hath given G3930 assurance G4102 unto all G3956 men, in that he hath raised G450 him G846 from G1537 the dead.G3498

Hec 17:32 And G1161 when they heard G191 of the resurrection G386 of the dead, G3498 some G3588 G3303 mocked: G5512 and G1161 others G3588 said, G2036 We will hear G191 thee G4675 again G3825 of G4012 this G5127 matter.

Hec 17:33 ( G2532) So G3779 Paul G3972 departed G1831 from G1537 among G3319 them.G846

Hec 17:34 Howbeit G1161 certain G5100 men G435 clave G2853 unto him, G846 and G2532 believed: G4100 among G1722 the which G3739 was Dionysius G1354 the G3588 Areopagite, G698 and G2532 a woman G1135 named G3686 Damaris, G1152 and G2532 others G2087 with G4862 them.G846

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