Hechos  Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

Hec 2:1 And G2532 when the G3588 day G2250 of Pentecost G4005 was fully come, G4845 they were G2258 all G537 with one accord G3661 in G1909 one place.G846

Hec 2:2 And G2532 suddenly G869 there came G1096 a sound G2279 from G1537 heaven G3772 as G5618 of a rushing G5342 mighty G972 wind, G4157 and G2532 it filled G4137 all G3650 the G3588 house G3624 where G3757 they were G2258 sitting.G2521

Hec 2:3 And G2532 there appeared G3700 unto them G846 cloven G1266 tongues G1100 like as G5616 of fire, G4442 and G5037 it sat G2523 upon G1909 each G1538 G1520 of them.G846

Hec 2:4 And G2532 they were all G537 filled G4130 with the Holy G40 Ghost, G4151 and G2532 began G756 to speak G2980 with other G2087 tongues, G1100 as G2531 the G3588 Spirit G4151 gave G1325 them G846 utterance.G669

Hec 2:5 And G1161 there were G2258 dwelling G2730 at G1722 Jerusalem G2419 Jews, G2453 devout G2126 men, G435 out of G575 every G3956 nation G1484 under G5259 heaven.G3772

Hec 2:6 Now G1161 when this G5026 was noised abroad, G1096 G5456 the G3588 multitude G4128 came together, G4905 and G2532 were confounded, G4797 because G3754 that every man G1538 G1520 heard G191 them G846 speak G2980 in his own G2398 language.G1258

Hec 2:7 And G1161 they were all G3956 amazed G1839 and G2532 marvelled, G2296 saying G3004 one to another, G240 G4314 Behold, G2400 are G1526 not G3756 all G3956 these G3778 which speak G2980 Galilaeans?G1057

Hec 2:8 And G2532 how G4459 hear G191 we G2249 every man G1538 in our G2257 own G2398 tongue, G1258 wherein G1722 G3739 we were born?G1080

Hec 2:9 Parthians, G3934 and G2532 Medes, G3370 and G2532 Elamites, G1639 and G2532 the G3588 dwellers G2730 in Mesopotamia, G3318 and G5037 in Judaea, G2449 and G2532 Cappadocia, G2587 in Pontus, G4195 and G2532 Asia,G773

Hec 2:10 ( G5037) Phrygia, G5435 and G2532 Pamphylia, G3828 in Egypt, G125 and G2532 in the G3588 parts G3313 of Libya G3033 about G2596 Cyrene, G2957 and G2532 strangers G1927 of Rome,G4514( G5037) Jews G2453 and G2532 proselytes,G4339

Hec 2:11 Cretes G2912 and G2532 Arabians, G690 we do hear G191 them G846 speak G2980 in our G2251 tongues G1100 the G3588 wonderful works G3167 of God.G2316

Hec 2:12 And G1161 they were all G3956 amazed, G1839 and G2532 were in doubt, G1280 saying G3004 one to another, G243 G4314 G243 What G5101 meaneth G2309 G302 G1511 this?G5124

Hec 2:13 ( G1161) Others G2087 mocking G5512 said, G3004 These men are G1526 full G3325 of new wine.G1098

Hec 2:14 But G1161 Peter, G4074 standing up G2476 with G4862 the G3588 eleven, G1733 lifted up G1869 his G848 voice, G5456 and G2532 said G669 unto them, G846 Ye men G435 of Judaea, G2453 and G2532 all G537 ye that dwell G2730 at Jerusalem, G2419 be G2077 this G5124 known G1110 unto you, G5213 and G2532 hearken G1801 to my G3450 words:G4487

Hec 2:15 For G1063 these G3778 are not G3756 drunken, G3184 as G5613 ye G5210 suppose, G5274 seeing G1063 it is G2076 but the third G5154 hour G5610 of the G3588 day.G2250

Hec 2:16 But G235 this G5124 is G2076 that which was spoken G2046 by G1223 the G3588 prophet G4396 Joel;G2493

Hec 2:17 And G2532 it shall come to pass G2071 in G1722 the G3588 last G2078 days, G2250 saith G3004 God, G2316 I will pour out G1632 of G575 my G3450 Spirit G4151 upon G1909 all G3956 flesh: G4561 and G2532 your G5216 sons G5207 and G2532 your G5216 daughters G2364 shall prophesy, G4395 and G2532 your G5216 young men G3495 shall see G3700 visions, G3706 and G2532 your G5216 old men G4245 shall dream G1797 dreams:G1798

Hec 2:18 AndG2532( G1065) on G1909 my G3450 servants G1401 and G2532 on G1909 my G3450 handmaidens G1399 I will pour out G1632 in G1722 those G1565 days G2250 of G575 my G3450 Spirit; G4151 and G2532 they shall prophesy:G4395

Hec 2:19 And G2532 I will shew G1325 wonders G5059 in G1722 heaven G3772 above, G507 and G2532 signs G4592 in G1909 the G3588 earth G1093 beneath; G2736 blood, G129 and G2532 fire, G4442 and G2532 vapour G822 of smoke:G2586

Hec 2:20 The G3588 sun G2246 shall be turned G3344 into G1519 darkness, G4655 and G2532 the G3588 moon G4582 into G1519 blood, G129 before G4250 that( G2228) great G3173 and G2532 notable G2016 day G2250 of the Lord G2962 come:G2064

Hec 2:21 And G2532 it shall come to pass, G2071 that whosoever G3956 G3739 G302 shall call on G1941 the G3588 name G3686 of the Lord G2962 shall be saved.G4982

Hec 2:22 Ye men G435 of Israel, G2475 hear G191 these G5128 words; G3056 Jesus G2424 of Nazareth, G3480 a man G435 approved G584 of G575 God G2316 among G1519 you G5209 by miracles G1411 and G2532 wonders G5059 and G2532 signs, G4592 which G3739 God G2316 did G4160 by G1223 him G846 in G1722 the midst G3319 of you, G5216 as G2531 ye G846 yourselves also G2532 know:G1492

Hec 2:23 Him, G5126 being delivered G1560 by the G3588 determinate G3724 counsel G1012 and G2532 foreknowledge G4268 of God, G2316 ye have taken, G2983 and by G1223 wicked G459 hands G5495 have crucified G4362 and slain:G337

Hec 2:24 Whom G3739 God G2316 hath raised up, G450 having loosed G3089 the G3588 pains G5604 of death: G2288 because G2530 it was G2258 not G3756 possible G1415 that he G846 should be holden G2902 of G5259 it.G846

Hec 2:25 For G1063 David G1138 speaketh G3004 concerning G1519 him, G846 I foresaw G4308 the G3588 Lord G2962 always G1223 G3956 before G1799 my face, G3450 for G3754 he is G2076 on G1537 my G3450 right hand, G1188 that G2443 I should not G3361 be moved:G4531

Hec 2:27 Because G3754 thou wilt not G3756 leave G1459 my G3450 soul G5590 in G1519 hell, G86 neither G3761 wilt thou suffer G1325 thine G4675 Holy One G3741 to see G1492 corruption.G1312

Hec 2:28 Thou hast made known G1107 to me G3427 the ways G3598 of life; G2222 thou shalt make me full G4137 G3165 of joy G2167 with G3326 thy G4675 countenance.G4383

Hec 2:29 Men G435 and brethren, G80 let G1832 me freely G3326 G3954 speak G2036 unto G4314 you G5209 of G4012 the G3588 patriarch G3966 David, G1138 that G3754 he is both dead G5053 G2532 and G2532 buried, G2290 and G2532 his G846 sepulchre G3418 is G2076 with G1722 us G2254 unto G891 this G5026 day.G2250

Hec 2:30 Therefore G3767 being G5225 a prophet, G4396 and G2532 knowing G1492 that G3754 God G2316 had sworn G3660 with an oath G3727 to him, G846 that of G1537 the fruit G2590 of his G846 loins, G3751 according to G2596 the flesh, G4561 he would raise up G450 Christ G5547 to sit G2523 on G1909 his G846 throne;G2362

Hec 2:31 He seeing this before G4275 spake G2980 of G4012 the G3588 resurrection G386 of Christ, G5547 that G3754 his G846 soul G5590 was not G3756 left G2641 in G1519 hell, G86 neither G3761 his G846 flesh G4561 did see G1492 corruption.G1312

Hec 2:32 This G5126 Jesus G2424 hath God G2316 raised up, G450 whereof G3739 we G2249 all G3956 are G2070 witnesses.G3144

Hec 2:33 Therefore G3767 being by the G3588 right hand G1188 of God G2316 exalted, G5312 and G5037 having received G2983 of G3844 the G3588 Father G3962 the G3588 promise G1860 of the G3588 Holy G40 Ghost, G4151 he hath shed forth G1632 this, G5124 which G3739 ye G5210 now G3568 see G991 and G2532 hear.G191

Hec 2:34 For G1063 David G1138 is not G3756 ascended G305 into G1519 the G3588 heavens: G3772 but G1161 he G846 saith G3004 himself, The G3588 LORD G2962 said G2036 unto my G3450 Lord, G2962 Sit G2521 thou on G1537 my G3450 right hand,G1188

Hec 2:36 Therefore G3767 let all G3956 the house G3624 of Israel G2474 know G1097 assuredly, G806 that G3754 God G2316 hath made G4160 that same G5126 Jesus, G2424 whom G3739 ye G5210 have crucified, G4717 both G2532 Lord G2962 and G2532 Christ.G5547

Hec 2:37 Now G1161 when they heard G191 this, they were pricked G2660 in their heart, G2588 and G5037 said G2036 unto G4314 Peter G4074 and G2532 to the G3588 rest G3062 of the apostles, G652 Men G435 and brethren, G80 what G5101 shall we do?G4160

Hec 2:38 Then G1161 Peter G4074 said G5346 unto G4314 them, G846 Repent, G3340 and G2532 be baptized G907 every one G1538 of you G5216 in G1909 the G3588 name G3686 of Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 for G1519 the remission G859 of sins, G266 and G2532 ye shall receive G2983 the G3588 gift G1431 of the G3588 Holy G40 Ghost.G4151

Hec 2:39 For G1063 the G3588 promise G1860 is G2076 unto you, G5213 and G2532 to your G5216 children, G5043 and G2532 to all G3956 that G3588 are afar off, G1519 G3112 even as many as G3745 G302 the Lord G2962 our G2257 God G2316 shall call.G4341

Hec 2:40 And G5037 with many G4119 other G2087 words G3056 did he testify G1263 and G2532 exhort, G3870 saying, G3004 Save G4982 yourselves from G575 this G5026 untoward G4646 generation.G1074

Hec 2:41 Then G3767 they that gladly received G588 G780( G3303) his G846 word G3056 were baptized: G907 and G2532 the G3588 same G1565 day G2250 there were added G4369 unto them about G5616 three thousand G5153 souls.G5590

Hec 2:42 And G1161 they continued stedfastly G2258 G4342 in the G3588 apostles' G652 doctrine G1322 and G2532 fellowship, G2842 and G2532 in breaking G2800 of bread, G740 and G2532 in prayers.G4335

Hec 2:43 And G1161 fear G5401 came G1096 upon every G3956 soul: G5590 and G5037 many G4183 wonders G5059 and G2532 signs G4592 were done G1096 by G1223 the G3588 apostles.G652

Hec 2:44 And G1161 all G3956 that believed G4100 were G2258 together, G1909 G846 and G2532 had G2192 all things G537 common;G2839

Hec 2:45 And G2532 sold G4097 their possessions G2933 and G2532 goods, G5223 and G2532 parted G1266 them G846 to all G3956 men, as G2530 every man G5100 G302 had G2192 need.G5532

Hec 2:46 And G5037 they, continuing G4342 daily G2596 G2250 with one accord G3661 in G1722 the G3588 temple, G2411 and G5037 breaking G2806 bread G740 from house to house, G2596 G3624 did eat G3335 their meat G5160 with G1722 gladness G20 and G2532 singleness G858 of heart,G2588

Hec 2:47 Praising G134 God, G2316 and G2532 having G2192 favour G5485 with G4314 all G3650 the G3588 people. G2992 And G1161 the G3588 Lord G2962 added G4369 to the G3588 church G1577 daily G2596 G2250 such as should be saved.G4982

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