Hechos  Capitulo 22 - King James with Numbers Strong

Hec 22:1 Men, G435 brethren, G80 and G2532 fathers, G3962 hear G191 ye my G3450 defence G627 which I make now G3568 unto G4314 you.G5209

Hec 22:2 (And G1161 when they heard G191 that G3754 he spake G4377 in the G3588 Hebrew G1446 tongue G1258 to them, G846 they kept G3930 the more G3123 silence: G2271 and G2532 he saith,)G5346

Hec 22:3 I G1473 am G1510 verily G3303 a man G435 which am a Jew, G2453 born G1080 in G1722 Tarsus, G5019 a city in Cilicia, G2791 yet G1161 brought up G397 in G1722 this G5026 city G4172 at G3844 the G3588 feet G4228 of Gamaliel, G1059 and taught G3811 according G2596 to the perfect manner G195 of the law G3551 of the G3588 fathers, G3971 and was G5225 zealous G2207 toward God, G2316 as G2531 ye G5210 all G3956 are G2075 this day.G4594

Hec 22:4 And I( G3739) persecuted G1377 this G5026 way G3598 unto G891 the death, G2288 binding G1195 and G2532 delivering G3860 into G1519 prisons G5438 both G5037 men G435 and G2532 women.G1135

Hec 22:5 As G5613 also G2532 the G3588 high priest G749 doth bear me witness, G3140 G3427 and G2532 all G3956 the G3588 estate of the elders: G4244 from G3844 whom G3739 also G2532 I received G1209 letters G1992 unto G4314 the G3588 brethren, G80 and went G4198 to G1519 Damascus, G1154 to bringG71( G2532) them which were G5607 there G1566 bound G1210 unto G1519 Jerusalem, G2419 for to G2443 be punished.G5097

Hec 22:6 And G1161 it came to pass, G1096 that, as I G3427 made my journey, G4198 and G2532 was come nigh G1448 unto Damascus G1154 about G4012 noon, G3314 suddenly G1810 there shone G4015 from G1537 heaven G3772 a great G2425 light G5457 round about G4012 me.G1691

Hec 22:7 And G5037 I fell G4098 unto G1519 the G3588 ground, G1475 and G2532 heard G191 a voice G5456 saying G3004 unto me, G3427 Saul, G4549 Saul, G4549 why G5101 persecutest G1377 thou me?G3165

Hec 22:8 And G1161 I G1473 answered, G611 Who G5101 art G1488 thou, Lord? G2962 And G5037 he said G2036 unto G4314 me, G3165 I G1473 am G1510 Jesus G2424 of Nazareth, G3480 whom G3739 thou G4771 persecutest.G1377

Hec 22:9 And G1161 they that were G5607 with G4862 me G1698 saw G2300 indeed G3303 the G3588 light, G5457 and G2532 were G1096 afraid; G1719 but G1161 they heard G191 not G3756 the G3588 voice G5456 of him that spake G2980 to me.G3427

Hec 22:10 And G1161 I said, G2036 What G5101 shall I do, G4160 Lord? G2962 And G1161 the G3588 Lord G2962 said G2036 unto G4314 me, G3165 Arise, G450 and go G4198 into G1519 Damascus; G1154 and there G2546 it shall be told G2980 thee G4671 of G4012 all things G3956 which G3739 are appointed G5021 for thee G4671 to do.G4160

Hec 22:11 And G1161 when G5613 I could not G3756 see G1689 for G575 the G3588 glory G1391 of that G1565 light, G5457 being led by the hand G5496 of G5259 them that were with G4895 me, G3427 I came G2064 into G1519 Damascus.G1154

Hec 22:12 And G1161 one G5100 Ananias, G367 a devout G2152 man G435 according G2596 to the G3588 law, G3551 having a good report G3140 of G5259 all G3956 the G3588 Jews G2453 which dwelt G2730 there,

Hec 22:13 Came G2064 unto G4314 me, G3165 and G2532 stood, G2186 and said G2036 unto me, G3427 Brother G80 Saul, G4549 receive thy sight. G308 And the G3588 same G846 hour G5610 I G2504 looked up G308 upon G1519 him.G846

Hec 22:14 And G1161 he G3588 said, G2036 The G3588 God G2316 of our G2257 fathers G3962 hath chosen G4400 thee, G4571 that thou shouldest know G1097 his G848 will, G2307 and G2532 see G1492 that Just One, G1342 and G2532 shouldest hear G191 the voice G5456 of G1537 his G848 mouth.G4750

Hec 22:15 For G3754 thou shalt be G2071 his G846 witness G3144 unto G4314 all G3956 men G444 of what G3739 thou hast seen G3708 and G2532 heard.G191

Hec 22:16 And G2532 now G3568 why G5101 tarriest G3195 thou? arise, G450 and be baptized, G907 and G2532 wash away G628 thy G4675 sins, G266 calling on G1941 the G3588 name G3686 of the G3588 Lord.G2962

Hec 22:17 And G1161 it came to pass, G1096 that, when I G3427 was come again G5290 to G1519 Jerusalem, G2419 even G2532 while I G3450 prayed G4336 in G1722 the G3588 temple, G2411 I G3165 was G1096 in G1722 a trance;G1611

Hec 22:18 And G2532 saw G1492 him G846 saying G3004 unto me, G3427 Make haste, G4692 and G2532 get G1831 thee quickly G1722 G5034 out of G1537 Jerusalem: G2419 for G1360 they will not G3756 receive G3858 thy G4675 testimony G3141 concerning G4012 me.G1700

Hec 22:19 And I G2504 said, G2036 Lord, G2962 they G846 know G1987 that G3754 I G1473 imprisoned G2252 G5439 and G2532 beat G1194 in every synagogue G2596 G4864 them that believed G4100 on G1909 thee:G4571

Hec 22:20 And G2532 when G3753 the G3588 blood G129 of thy G4675 martyr G3144 Stephen G4736 was shed, G1632 I G848 also G2532 was G2252 standing by, G2186 and G2532 consenting G4909 unto his G848 death, G336 and G2532 kept G5442 the G3588 raiment G2440 of them that slew G337 him.G846

Hec 22:21 And G2532 he said G2036 unto G4314 me, G3165 Depart: G4198 for G3754 I G1473 will send G1821 thee G4571 far hence G3112 unto G1519 the Gentiles.G1484

Hec 22:22 And G1161 they gave him audience G191 G846 unto G891 this G5127 word, G3056 and G2532 then lifted up G1869 their G848 voices, G5456 and said, G3004 Away G142 with such G5108 a fellow from G575 the G3588 earth: G1093 for G1063 it is not fit G2520 G3756 that he G846 should live.G2198

Hec 22:23 And G1161 as they G846 cried out, G2905 and G2532 cast off G4495 their clothes, G2440 and G2532 threw G906 dust G2868 into G1519 the G3588 air,G109

Hec 22:24 The G3588 chief captain G5506 commanded G2753 him G846 to be brought G71 into G1519 the G3588 castle, G3925 and bade G2036 that he G846 should be examined G426 by scourging; G3148 that G2443 he might know G1921 wherefore G1223 G3739 G156 they cried so against G2019 G3779 him.G846

Hec 22:25 And G1161 as G5613 they bound G4385 him G846 with thongs, G2438 Paul G3972 said G2036 unto G4314 the centurion G1543 that stood by,G2476( G1487) Is it lawful G1832 for you G5213 to scourge G3147 a man G444 that is a Roman, G4514 and G2532 uncondemned?G178

Hec 22:26 When G1161 the G3588 centurion G1543 heard G191 that, he went G4334 and told G518 the G3588 chief captain, G5506 saying, G3004 Take heed G3708 what G5101 thou( G3195) doest: G4160 for G1063 this G3778 man G444 is G2076 a Roman.G4514

Hec 22:27 Then G1161 the G3588 chief captain G5506 came, G4334 and said G2036 unto him, G846 Tell G3004 me,G3427( G1487) art G1488 thou G4771 a Roman?G4514( G1161) He G3588 said, G5346 Yea.G3483

Hec 22:28 And G5037 the G3588 chief captain G5506 answered, G611 With a great G4183 sum G2774 obtained G2932 I G1473 this G5026 freedom. G4174 And G1161 Paul G3972 said, G5346 But G1161 I G1473 was( G2532) free born.G1080

Hec 22:29 Then G3767 straightway G2112 they departed G868 from G575 him G846 which should G3195 have examined G426 him: G846 and G2532 the G3588 chief captain G5506 also G1161 was afraid, G5399 after he knew G1921 that G3754 he was G2076 a Roman, G4514 and G2532 because G3754 he had G2258 bound G1210 him.G846

Hec 22:30 On( G1161) the G3588 morrow, G1887 because he would G1014 have known G1097 the G3588 certainty G804 wherefore G5101 he was accused G2723 of G3844 the G3588 Jews, G2453 he loosed G3089 him G846 from G575 his bands, G1199 and G2532 commanded G2753 the G3588 chief priests G749 and G2532 all G3650 their G848 council G4892 to appear, G2064 and G2532 brought Paul down, G2609 G3972 and set G2476 him before G1519 them.G846

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