Hechos  Capitulo 27 - King James with Numbers Strong

Hec 27:1 And G1161 when G5613 it was determined G2919 that we G2248 should sail G636 into G1519 Italy, G2482 they deliveredG3860( G5037) Paul G3972 and G2532 certain G5100 other G2087 prisoners G1202 unto one named G3686 Julius, G2457 a centurion G1543 of Augustus' G4575 band.G4686

Hec 27:2 And G1161 entering into G1910 a ship G4143 of Adramyttium, G98 we launched, G321 meaning G3195 to sail G4126 by the G3588 coasts G5117 of G2596 Asia; G773 one Aristarchus, G708 a Macedonian G3110 of Thessalonica, G2331 being G5607 with G4862 us.G2254

Hec 27:3 And G5037 the G3588 next G2087 day we touched G2609 at G1519 Sidon. G4605 And G5037 Julius G2457 courteously G5364 entreated G5530 Paul, G3972 and gave him liberty G2010 to go G4198 unto G4314 his friends G5384 to refresh himself. G5177 G1958

Hec 27:5 And G5037 when we had sailed over G1277 the G3588 sea G3989 of G2596 Cilicia G2791 and G2532 Pamphylia, G3828 we came G2718 to G1519 Myra, G3460 a city of Lycia.G3073

Hec 27:6 And there G2546 the G3588 centurion G1543 found G2147 a ship G4143 of Alexandria G222 sailing G4126 into G1519 Italy; G2482 and he put G1688 us G2248 therein. G1519 G846

Hec 27:7 And G1161 when we had sailed slowly G1020 many G2425 days, G2250 and G2532 scarce G3433 were come G1096 over against G2596 Cnidus, G2834 the G3588 wind G417 not G3361 suffering G4330 us, G2248 we sailed under G5284 Crete, G2914 over against G2596 Salmone;G4534

Hec 27:8 And, G5037 hardly G3433 passing G3881 it, G846 came G2064 unto G1519 a G5100 place G5117 which is called G2564 The fair G2568 havens; nigh G1451 whereunto G3739 was G2258 the city G4172 of Lasea.G2996

Hec 27:9 Now G1161 when much G2425 time G5550 was spent, G1230 and G2532 when sailing G4144 was G5607 now G2235 dangerous, G2000 because( G2532) the G3588 fast G3521 was now already past, G3928 G2235 Paul G3972 admonished G3867 them,

Hec 27:10 And said G3004 unto them, G846 Sirs, G435 I perceive G2334 that G3754 this voyage G4144 will G3195 be G1510 with G3326 hurt G5196 and G2532 much G4183 damage, G2209 not G3756 only G3440 of the G3588 lading G5414 and G2532 ship, G4143 but G235 also G2532 of our G2257 lives.G5590

Hec 27:11 Nevertheless G1161 the G3588 centurion G1543 believed G3982 the G3588 master G2942 and G2532 the G3588 owner of the ship, G3490 more G3123 than G2228 those things which were spoken G3004 by G5259 Paul.G3972

Hec 27:12 And G1161 because the G3588 haven G3040 was G5225 not commodious G428 to G4314 winter in, G3915 the G3588 more part G4119 advised G5087 G1012 to depart G321 thence also, G2547 if by any means G1513 they might G1410 attain G2658 to G1519 Phenice, G5405 and there to winter; G3914 which is an haven G3040 of Crete, G2914 and lieth G991 toward G2596 the south west G3047 and G2532 north west.G5566

Hec 27:13 And G1161 when the south wind G3558 blew softly, G5285 supposing G1380 that they had obtained G2902 their purpose, G4286 loosing G142 G788 thence, they sailed close by G3881 Crete.G2914

Hec 27:14 But G1161 not G3756 long G4183 after G3326 there arose G906 against G2596 it G846 a tempestuous G5189 wind, G417 called G2564 Euroclydon.G2148

Hec 27:15 And G1161 when the G3588 ship G4143 was caught, G4884 and G2532 could G1410 not G3361 bear up G503 into the G3588 wind, G417 we let her drive. G1929 G5342

Hec 27:16 And G1161 running under G5295 a certain G5100 island G3519 which is called G2564 Clauda, G2802 we had much work G2480 G3433 to come by G1096 G4031 the G3588 boat:G4627

Hec 27:17 Which G3739 when they had taken up, G142 they used G5530 helps, G996 undergirding G5269 the G3588 ship; G4143 and, G5037 fearing G5399 lest G3361 they should fall G1601 into G1519 the G3588 quicksands, G4950 strake sail, G5465 G4632 and so G3779 were driven.G5342

Hec 27:18 And G1161 we G2257 being exceedingly G4971 tossed with a tempest, G5492 the G3588 next G1836 day they lightened the ship; G4160 G1546

Hec 27:19 And G2532 the G3588 third G5154 day we cast out G4496 with our own hands G849 the G3588 tackling G4631 of the G3588 ship.G4143

Hec 27:20 And G1161 when neither G3383 sun G2246 nor G3383 stars G798 in G1909 many G4119 days G2250 appeared, G2014 and G5037 no G3756 small G3641 tempest G5494 lay on G1945 us, all G3956 hope G1680 that we G2248 should be saved G4982 was then G3063 taken away.G4014

Hec 27:21 But G1161 after( G5225) long G4183 abstinence G776 Paul G3972 stood forth G2476 in G1722 the midst G3319 of them, G848 and said,G2036( G5599) Sirs, G435 ye should G1163 have( G3303) hearkened G3980 unto me, G3427 and not G3361 have loosed G321 from G575 Crete, G2914 and G5037 to have gained G2770 this G5026 harm G5196 and G2532 loss.G2209

Hec 27:22 And G2532 now G3569 I exhort G3867 you G5209 to be of good cheer: G2114 for G1063 there shall be G2071 no G3762 loss G580 of any man's life G5590 among G1537 you, G5216 but G4133 of the G3588 ship.G4143

Hec 27:23 For G1063 there stood by G3936 me G3427 this G5026 night G3571 the angel G32 of God, G2316 whose G3739 I am, G1510 and G2532 whom G3739 I serve,G3000

Hec 27:24 Saying, G3004 Fear G5399 not, G3361 Paul; G3972 thou G4571 must G1163 be brought before G3936 Caesar: G2541 and, G2532 lo, G2400 God G2316 hath given G5483 thee G4671 all G3956 them that sail G4126 with G3326 thee.G4675

Hec 27:25 Wherefore, G1352 sirs, G435 be of good cheer: G2114 for G1063 I believe G4100 God, G2316 that G3754 it( G3779) shall be G2071 even as G2596 G3739 G5158 it was told G2980 me.G3427

Hec 27:26 Howbeit G1161 we G2248 must G1163 be cast G1601 upon G1519 a certain G5100 island.G3520

Hec 27:27 But G1161 when G5613 the fourteenth G5065 night G3571 was come, G1096 as we G2257 were driven up and down G1308 in G1722 Adria, G99 about G2596 midnight G3319 G3571 the G3588 shipmen G3492 deemed G5282 that they G848 drew near G4317 to some G5100 country;G5561

Hec 27:28 And G2532 sounded, G1001 and found G2147 it twenty G1501 fathoms: G3712 and G1161 when they had gone a little further, G1339 G1024 they sounded G1001 again, G3825 and G2532 found G2147 it fifteen G1178 fathoms.G3712

Hec 27:29 Then G5037 fearing G5399 lest G3381 we should have fallen G1601 upon G1519 rocks, G5138 G5117 they cast G4496 four G5064 anchors G45 out G1537 of the stern, G4403 and wished G2172 for the day. G2250 ( G1096)

Hec 27:30 And G1161 as the G3588 shipmen G3492 were about G2212 to flee G5343 out of G1537 the G3588 ship, G4143 when G2532 they had let down G5465 the G3588 boat G4627 into G1519 the G3588 sea, G2281 under colour G4392 as though G5613 they would G3195 have cast G1614 anchors G45 out of G1537 the foreship,G4408

Hec 27:31 Paul G3972 said G2036 to the G3588 centurion G1543 and G2532 to the G3588 soldiers, G4757 Except G3362 these G3778 abide G3306 in G1722 the G3588 ship, G4143 ye G5210 cannot G1410 G3756 be saved.G4982

Hec 27:32 Then G5119 the G3588 soldiers G4757 cut off G609 the G3588 ropes G4979 of the G3588 boat, G4627 and G2532 let G1439 her G846 fall off.G1601

Hec 27:33 And G1161 while G891 G3739 the day G2250 was G3195 coming on, G1096 Paul G3972 besought G3870 them all G537 to take G3335 meat, G5160 saying, G3004 This day G4594 is the fourteenth G5065 day G2250 that ye have tarried G4328 and continued G1300 fasting, G777 having taken G4355 nothing.G3367

Hec 27:34 Wherefore G1352 I pray G3870 you G5209 to take G4355 some meat: G5160 for G1063 this G5124 is G5225 for G4314 your G5212 health: G4991 for G1063 there shall not an hair G2359 fall G4098 from G1537 the G3588 head G2776 of any G3762 of you.G5216

Hec 27:35 And G1161 when he had thus G5023 spoken, G2036 he( G2532) took G2983 bread, G740 and gave thanks G2168 to God G2316 in presence G1799 of them all: G3956 and G2532 when he had broken G2806 it, he began G756 to eat.G2068

Hec 27:36 Then G1161 were G1096 they all G3956 of good cheer, G2115 and they G848 also G2532 took G4355 some meat.G5160

Hec 27:37 And G1161 we were G2258 in all G3956 in G1722 the G3588 ship G4143 two hundred threescore and sixteen G1250 G1440 G1803 souls.G5590

Hec 27:38 And G1161 when they had eaten enough, G2880 G5160 they lightened G2893 the G3588 ship, G4143 and cast out G1544 the G3588 wheat G4621 into G1519 the G3588 sea.G2281

Hec 27:39 And G1161 when G3753 it was G1096 day, G2250 they knew G1921 not G3756 the G3588 land: G1093 but G1161 they discovered G2657 a certain G5100 creek G2859 with( G2192) a shore, G123 into G1519 the which G3739 they were minded, G1011 if G1487 it were possible, G1410 to thrust in G1856 the G3588 ship.G4143

Hec 27:40 And G2532 when they had taken up G4014 the G3588 anchors, G45 they committed G1439 themselves unto G1519 the G3588 sea, G2281 and( G260) loosed G447 the G3588 rudder G4079 bands, G2202 and G2532 hoised up G1869 the G3588 mainsail G736 to the G3588 wind, G4154 and made G2722 toward G1519 shore.G123

Hec 27:41 And G1161 falling G4045 into G1519 a place G5117 where two seas met, G1337 they ran the ship aground; G2027 G3588 G3491 and G2532 the G3588 forepartG4408( G3303) stuck fast, G2043 and remained G3306 unmoveable, G761 but G1161 the G3588 hinder part G4403 was broken G3089 with G5259 the G3588 violence G970 of the G3588 waves.G2949

Hec 27:42 And G1161 the G3588 soldiers' G4757 counsel G1012 was G1096 to G2443 kill G615 the G3588 prisoners, G1202 lest any of them G3361 G5100 should swim out, G1579 and escape.G1309

Hec 27:43 But G1161 the G3588 centurion, G1543 willing G1014 to save G1295 Paul, G3972 kept G2967 them G846 from their purpose; G1013 and G5037 commanded G2753 that they which could G1410 swim G2860 should cast G641 themselves first G4413 into the sea, and get G1826 to G1909 land:G1093

Hec 27:44 And G2532 the G3588 rest, G3062 some G3739 on G1909 boards, G4548 and G1161 someG3739( G3303) on G1909 broken pieces( G5100) of G575 the G3588 ship. G4143 And G2532 so G3779 it came to pass, G1096 that they escaped all safe G1295 G3956 to G1909 land.G1093

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