Job  Capitulo 27 - King James with Numbers Strong

Job 27:1 Moreover H3254 Job H347 continued H5375 his parable, H4912 and said,H559

Job 27:2 As God H410 liveth, H2416 who hath taken away H5493 my judgment; H4941 and the Almighty, H7706 who hath vexed H4843 my soul;H5315

Job 27:3 All H3605 the while H5750 my breath H5397 is in me, and the spirit H7307 of God H433 is in my nostrils;H639

Job 27:4 My lips H8193 shall not H518 speak H1696 wickedness, H5766 nor H518 my tongue H3956 utter H1897 deceit.H7423

Job 27:5 God forbid H2486 that H518 I should justify H6663 you: till H5704 I die H1478 I will not H3808 remove H5493 mine integrity H8538 from H4480 me.

Job 27:6 My righteousness H6666 I hold fast, H2388 and will not H3808 let it go: H7503 my heart H3824 shall not H3808 reproach H2778 me so long as I live. H4480 H3117

Job 27:7 Let mine enemy H341 be H1961 as the wicked, H7563 and he that riseth up against H6965 me as the unrighteous.H5767

Job 27:8 For H3588 what H4100 is the hope H8615 of the hypocrite, H2611 though H3588 he hath gained, H1214 when H3588 God H433 taketh away H7953 his soul?H5315

Job 27:11 I will teach H3384 you by the hand H3027 of God: H410 that which H834 is with H5973 the Almighty H7706 will I not H3808 conceal.H3582

Job 27:12 Behold, H2005 all H3605 ye yourselves H859 have seen H2372 it; why H4100 then are ye thus H2088 altogether H1892 vain?H1891

Job 27:13 This H2088 is the portion H2506 of a wicked H7563 man H120 with H5973 God, H410 and the heritage H5159 of oppressors, H6184 which they shall receive H3947 of the Almighty. H4480 H7706

Job 27:14 If H518 his children H1121 be multiplied, H7235 it is for H3926 the sword: H2719 and his offspring H6631 shall not H3808 be satisfied H7646 with bread.H3899

Job 27:15 Those that remain H8300 of him shall be buried H6912 in death: H4194 and his widows H490 shall not H3808 weep.H1058

Job 27:16 Though H518 he heap up H6651 silver H3701 as the dust, H6083 and prepare H3559 raiment H4403 as the clay;H2563

Job 27:17 He may prepare H3559 it, but the just H6662 shall put it on, H3847 and the innocent H5355 shall divide H2505 the silver.H3701

Job 27:18 He buildeth H1129 his house H1004 as a moth, H6211 and as a booth H5521 that the keeper H5341 maketh.H6213

Job 27:19 The rich man H6223 shall lie down, H7901 but he shall not H3808 be gathered: H622 he openeth H6491 his eyes, H5869 and he is not.H369

Job 27:20 Terrors H1091 take hold H5381 on him as waters, H4325 a tempest H5492 stealeth him away H1589 in the night.H3915

Job 27:21 The east wind H6921 carrieth him away, H5375 and he departeth: H1980 and as a storm hurleth H8175 him out of his place. H4480 H4725

Job 27:22 For God shall cast H7993 upon H5921 him, and not H3808 spare: H2550 he would fain flee H1272 H1272 out of his hand. H4480 H3027

Job 27:23 Men shall clap H5606 their hands H3709 at H5921 him, and shall hiss H8319 H5921 him out of his place. H4480 H4725

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