Jueces  Capitulo 19 - King James with Numbers Strong

Jue 19:1 And it came to pass H1961 in those H1992 days, H3117 when there was no H369 king H4428 in Israel, H3478 that there was H1961 a certain H376 Levite H3881 sojourning H1481 on the side H3411 of mount H2022 Ephraim, H669 who took H3947 to him a concubine H802 H6370 out of Bethlehemjudah. H4480 H1035 H3063

Jue 19:2 And his concubine H6370 played the whore H2181 against H5921 him, and went away H1980 from H4480 H854 him unto H413 her father's H1 house H1004 to H413 Bethlehemjudah, H1035 H3063 and was H1961 there H8033 four H702 whole H3117 months.H2320

Jue 19:3 And her husband H376 arose, H6965 and went H1980 after H310 her, to speak H1696 friendly H5921 H3820 unto her, and to bring her again, H7725 having his servant H5288 with H5973 him, and a couple H6776 of asses: H2543 and she brought H935 him into her father's H1 house: H1004 and when the father H1 of the damsel H5291 saw H7200 him, he rejoiced H8055 to meet H7125 him.

Jue 19:4 And his father in law, H2859 the damsel's H5291 father, H1 retained H2388 him; and he abode H3427 with H854 him three H7969 days: H3117 so they did eat H398 and drink, H8354 and lodged H3885 there.H8033

Jue 19:5 And it came to pass H1961 on the fourth H7243 day, H3117 when they arose early H7925 in the morning, H1242 that he rose up H6965 to depart: H1980 and the damsel's H5291 father H1 said H559 unto H413 his son in law, H2860 Comfort H5582 thine heart H3820 with a morsel H6595 of bread, H3899 and afterward H310 go your way.H1980

Jue 19:6 And they sat down, H3427 and did eat H398 and drink H8354 both H8147 of them together: H3162 for the damsel's H5291 father H1 had said H559 unto H413 the man, H376 Be content, H2974 I pray thee, H4994 and tarry all night, H3885 and let thine heart H3820 be merry.H3190

Jue 19:7 And when the man H376 rose up H6965 to depart, H1980 his father in law H2859 urged H6484 him: therefore he lodged H3885 there H8033 again.H7725

Jue 19:8 And he arose early H7925 in the morning H1242 on the fifth H2549 day H3117 to depart: H1980 and the damsel's H5291 father H1 said, H559 Comfort H5582 thine heart, H3824 I pray thee. H4994 And they tarried H4102 until H5704 afternoon, H5186 H3117 and they did eat H398 both H8147 of them.

Jue 19:9 And when the man H376 rose up H6965 to depart, H1980 he, H1931 and his concubine, H6370 and his servant, H5288 his father in law, H2859 the damsel's H5291 father, H1 said H559 unto him, Behold, H2009 now H4994 the day H3117 draweth H7503 toward evening, H6150 I pray you H4994 tarry all night: H3885 behold, H2009 the day H3117 groweth to an end, H2583 lodge H3885 here, H6311 that thine heart H3824 may be merry; H3190 and to morrow H4279 get you early H7925 on your way, H1870 that thou mayest go H1980 home.H168

Jue 19:10 But the man H376 would H14 not H3808 tarry that night, H3885 but he rose up H6965 and departed, H1980 and came H935 over against H5704 H5227 Jebus, H2982 which H1931 is Jerusalem; H3389 and there were with H5973 him two H6776 asses H2543 saddled, H2280 his concubine H6370 also was with H5973 him.

Jue 19:11 And when they H1992 were by H5973 Jebus, H2982 the day H3117 was far H3966 spent; H7286 and the servant H5288 said H559 unto H413 his master, H113 Come, H1980 I pray thee, H4994 and let us turn in H5493 into H413 this H2063 city H5892 of the Jebusites, H2983 and lodge H3885 in it.

Jue 19:12 And his master H113 said H559 unto H413 him, We will not H3808 turn aside H5493 hither into H413 the city H5892 of a stranger, H5237 that H834 is not H3808 of the children H4480 H1121 of Israel; H3478 we will pass over H5674 to H5704 Gibeah.H1390

Jue 19:13 And he said H559 unto his servant, H5288 Come, H1980 and let us draw near H7126 to one H259 of these places H4725 to lodge all night, H3885 in Gibeah, H1390 or H176 in Ramah.H7414

Jue 19:14 And they passed on H5674 and went their way; H1980 and the sun H8121 went down H935 upon them when they were by H681 Gibeah, H1390 which H834 belongeth to Benjamin.H1144

Jue 19:15 And they turned aside H5493 thither, H8033 to go in H935 and to lodge H3885 in Gibeah: H1390 and when he went in, H935 he sat him down H3427 in a street H7339 of the city: H5892 for there was no H369 man H376 that took H622 them into his house H1004 to lodging.H3885

Jue 19:16 And, behold, H2009 there came H935 an old H2205 man H376 from H4480 his work H4639 out of H4480 the field H7704 at even, H6153 which H3676 was also of mount H4480 H2022 Ephraim; H669 and he H1931 sojourned H1481 in Gibeah: H1390 but the men H376 of the place H4725 were Benjamites.H1145

Jue 19:17 And when he had lifted up H5375 his eyes, H5869 he saw H7200 (H853) a wayfaring H732 man H376 in the street H7339 of the city: H5892 and the old H2205 man H376 said, H559 Whither H4480 H575 goest H1980 thou? and whence H4480 H370 comest H935 thou?

Jue 19:18 And he said H559 unto H413 him, We H587 are passing H5674 from Bethlehemjudah H4480 H1035 H3063 toward H5704 the side H3411 of mount H2022 Ephraim; H669 from thence H4480 H8033 am I: H595 and I went H1980 to H5704 Bethlehemjudah, H1035 H3063 but I H589 am now going H1980 to the house H1004 of the LORD; H3068 and there is no H369 man H376 that receiveth H622 me to house.H1004

Jue 19:19 Yet there is H3426 both H1571 straw H8401 and H1571 provender H4554 for our asses; H2543 and there is H3426 bread H3899 and wine H3196 also H1571 for me, and for thy handmaid, H519 and for the young man H5288 which is with H5973 thy servants: H5650 there is no H369 want H4270 of any H3605 thing.H1697

Jue 19:20 And the old H2205 man H376 said, H559 Peace H7965 be with thee; howsoever H7535 let all H3605 thy wants H4270 lie upon H5921 me; only H7535 lodge H3885 not H408 in the street.H7339

Jue 19:21 So he brought H935 him into his house, H1004 and gave provender H1101 unto the asses: H2543 and they washed H7364 their feet, H7272 and did eat H398 and drink.H8354

Jue 19:22 Now as they H1992 were making their hearts merry, H3190 (H853) H3820 behold, H2009 the men H376 of the city, H5892 certain H376 sons H1121 of Belial, H1100 beset the house round about, H5437 (H853) H1004 and beat H1849 at H5921 the door, H1817 and spake H559 to H413 the master H1167 of the house, H1004 the old man, H2205 saying, H559 Bring forth H3318 (H853) the man H376 that H834 came H935 into H413 thine house, H1004 that we may know H3045 him.

Jue 19:23 And the man, H376 the master H1167 of the house, H1004 went out H3318 unto H413 them, and said H559 unto H413 them, Nay, H408 my brethren, H251 nay, I pray you, H4994 do not so wickedly; H7489 H408 seeing that H310 H834 this H2088 man H376 is come H935 into H413 mine house, H1004 do H6213 not H408 (H853) this H2063 folly.H5039

Jue 19:24 Behold, H2009 here is my daughter H1323 a maiden, H1330 and his concubine; H6370 them I will bring out H3318 now, H4994 and humble H6031 ye them, and do H6213 with them what seemeth H5869 good H2896 unto you: but unto this H2088 man H376 do H6213 not H3808 so H2063 vile H5039 a thing.H1697

Jue 19:25 But the men H376 would H14 not H3808 hearken H8085 to him: so the man H376 took H2388 his concubine, H6370 and brought her forth H3318 H2351 unto H413 them; and they knew H3045 her, and abused H5953 her all H3605 the night H3915 until H5704 the morning: H1242 and when the day H7837 began to spring, H5927 they let her go.H7971

Jue 19:26 Then came H935 the woman H802 in the dawning H6437 of the day, H1242 and fell down H5307 at the door H6607 of the man's H376 house H1004 where H834 H8033 her lord H113 was, till H5704 it was light.H216

Jue 19:27 And her lord H113 rose up H6965 in the morning, H1242 and opened H6605 the doors H1817 of the house, H1004 and went out H3318 to go H1980 his way: H1870 and, behold, H2009 the woman H802 his concubine H6370 was fallen down H5307 at the door H6607 of the house, H1004 and her hands H3027 were upon H5921 the threshold.H5592

Jue 19:28 And he said H559 unto H413 her, Up, H6965 and let us be going. H1980 But none H369 answered. H6030 Then the man took H3947 her up upon H5921 an ass, H2543 and the man H376 rose up, H6965 and gat H1980 him unto his place.H4725

Jue 19:29 And when he was come H935 into H413 his house, H1004 he took H3947 (H853) a knife, H3979 and laid hold H2388 on his concubine, H6370 and divided H5408 her, together with her bones, H6106 into twelve H8147 H6240 pieces, H5409 and sent H7971 her into all H3605 the coasts H1366 of Israel.H3478

Jue 19:30 And it was H1961 so, that all H3605 that saw H7200 it said, H559 There was no H3808 such H2063 deed done H1961 nor H3808 seen H7200 from the day H4480 H3117 that the children H1121 of Israel H3478 came up H5927 out of the land H4480 H776 of Egypt H4714 unto H5704 this H2088 day: H3117 consider H7760 of H5921 it, take advice, H5779 and speak H1696 your minds.

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