Levítico  Capitulo 19 - King James with Numbers Strong

Lev 19:2 Speak H1696 unto H413 all H3605 the congregation H5712 of the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 and say H559 unto H413 them, Ye shall be H1961 holy: H6918 for H3588 I H589 the LORD H3068 your God H430 am holy.H6918

Lev 19:3 Ye shall fear H3372 every man H376 his mother, H517 and his father, H1 and keep H8104 my sabbaths: H7676 I H589 am the LORD H3068 your God.H430

Lev 19:4 Turn H6437 ye not H408 unto H413 idols, H457 nor H3808 make H6213 to yourselves molten H4541 gods: H430 I H589 am the LORD H3068 your God.H430

Lev 19:5 And if H3588 ye offer H2076 a sacrifice H2077 of peace offerings H8002 unto the LORD, H3068 ye shall offer H2076 it at your own will.H7522

Lev 19:6 It shall be eaten H398 the same day H3117 ye offer H2077 it, and on the morrow: H4480 H4283 and if ought remain H3498 until H5704 the third H7992 day, H3117 it shall be burnt H8313 in the fire.H784

Lev 19:7 And if H518 it be eaten at all H398 H398 on the third H7992 day, H3117 it H1931 is abominable; H6292 it shall not H3808 be accepted.H7521

Lev 19:8 Therefore every one that eateth H398 it shall bear H5375 his iniquity, H5771 because H3588 he hath profaned H2490 (H853) the hallowed thing H6944 of the LORD: H3068 and that H1931 soul H5315 shall be cut off H3772 from among his people. H4480 H5971

Lev 19:9 And when ye reap H7114 (H853) the harvest H7105 of your land, H776 thou shalt not H3808 wholly reap H3615 H7114 the corners H6285 of thy field, H7704 neither H3808 shalt thou gather H3950 the gleanings H3951 of thy harvest.H7105

Lev 19:10 And thou shalt not H3808 glean H5953 thy vineyard, H3754 neither H3808 shalt thou gather H3950 every grape H6528 of thy vineyard; H3754 thou shalt leave H5800 them for the poor H6041 and stranger: H1616 I H589 am the LORD H3068 your God.H430

Lev 19:11 Ye shall not H3808 steal, H1589 neither H3808 deal falsely, H3584 neither H3808 lie H8266 one H376 to another.H5997

Lev 19:12 And ye shall not H3808 swear H7650 by my name H8034 falsely, H8267 neither shalt thou profane H2490 (H853) the name H8034 of thy God: H430 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 19:13 Thou shalt not H3808 defraud H6231 (H853) thy neighbour, H7453 neither H3808 rob H1497 him: the wages H6468 of him that is hired H7916 shall not H3808 abide with thee all night H3885 H854 until H5704 the morning.H1242

Lev 19:14 Thou shalt not H3808 curse H7043 the deaf, H2795 nor H3808 put H5414 a stumblingblock H4383 before H6440 the blind, H5787 but shalt fear thy God: H3372 H4480 H430 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 19:15 Ye shall do H6213 no H3808 unrighteousness H5766 in judgment: H4941 thou shalt not H3808 respect H5375 the person H6440 of the poor, H1800 nor H3808 honour H1921 the person H6440 of the mighty: H1419 but in righteousness H6664 shalt thou judge H8199 thy neighbour.H5997

Lev 19:16 Thou shalt not H3808 go up and down H1980 as a talebearer H7400 among thy people: H5971 neither H3808 shalt thou stand H5975 against H5921 the blood H1818 of thy neighbour: H7453 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 19:17 Thou shalt not H3808 hate H8130 (H853) thy brother H251 in thine heart: H3824 thou shalt in any wise rebuke H3198 H3198 (H853) thy neighbour, H5997 and not H3808 suffer H5375 sin H2399 upon H5921 him.

Lev 19:18 Thou shalt not H3808 avenge, H5358 nor H3808 bear any grudge H5201 against(H853) the children H1121 of thy people, H5971 but thou shalt love H157 thy neighbour H7453 as thyself: H3644 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 19:19 Ye shall keep H8104 (H853) my statutes. H2708 Thou shalt not H3808 let thy cattle H929 gender H7250 with a diverse kind: H3610 thou shalt not H3808 sow H2232 thy field H7704 with mingled seed: H3610 neither H3808 shall a garment H899 mingled H3610 of linen and woollen H8162 come H5927 upon H5921 thee.

Lev 19:20 And whosoever H376 H3588 lieth H7901 carnally H7902 H2233 with H854 a woman, H802 that H1931 is a bondmaid, H8198 betrothed H2778 to an husband, H376 and not H3808 at all redeemed, H6299 H6299 nor H176 H3808 freedom H2668 given H5414 her; she shall be H1961 scourged; H1244 they shall not H3808 be put to death, H4191 because H3588 she was not free. H2666 H3808

Lev 19:21 And he shall bring H935 (H853) his trespass offering H817 unto the LORD, H3068 unto H413 the door H6607 of the tabernacle H168 of the congregation, H4150 even a ram H352 for a trespass offering.H817

Lev 19:22 And the priest H3548 shall make an atonement H3722 for H5921 him with the ram H352 of the trespass offering H817 before H6440 the LORD H3068 for H5921 his sin H2403 which H834 he hath done: H2398 and the sin H4480 H2403 which H834 he hath done H2398 shall be forgiven H5545 him.

Lev 19:23 And when H3588 ye shall come H935 into H413 the land, H776 and shall have planted H5193 all manner H3605 of trees H6086 for food, H3978 then ye shall count H6188 (H853) the fruit H6529 thereof as uncircumcised: H6189 three H7969 years H8141 shall it be H1961 as uncircumcised H6189 unto you: it shall not H3808 be eaten H398 of.

Lev 19:24 But in the fourth H7243 year H8141 all H3605 the fruit H6529 thereof shall be H1961 holy H6944 to praise H1974 the LORD H3068 withal.

Lev 19:25 And in the fifth H2549 year H8141 shall ye eat H398 (H853) of the fruit H6529 thereof, that it may yield H3254 unto you the increase H8393 thereof: I H589 am the LORD H3068 your God.H430

Lev 19:26 Ye shall not H3808 eat H398 any thing with H5921 the blood: H1818 neither H3808 shall ye use enchantment, H5172 nor H3808 observe times.H6049

Lev 19:27 Ye shall not H3808 round H5362 the corners H6285 of your heads, H7218 neither H3808 shalt thou mar H7843 (H853) the corners H6285 of thy beard.H2206

Lev 19:28 Ye shall not H3808 make H5414 any cuttings H8296 in your flesh H1320 for the dead, H5315 nor H3808 print H5414 any marks H3793 H7085 upon you: I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 19:29 Do not H408 prostitute H2490 (H853) thy daughter, H1323 to cause her to be a whore; H2181 lest H3808 the land H776 fall to whoredom, H2181 and the land H776 become full H4390 of wickedness.H2154

Lev 19:30 Ye shall keep H8104 (H853) my sabbaths, H7676 and reverence H3372 my sanctuary: H4720 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 19:31 Regard H6437 not H408 them that have familiar spirits, H178 neither H408 seek H1245 after H413 wizards, H3049 to be defiled H2930 by them: I H589 am the LORD H3068 your God.H430

Lev 19:32 Thou shalt rise up H6965 before H4480 H6440 the hoary head, H7872 and honour H1921 the face H6440 of the old man, H2205 and fear thy God: H3372 H4480 H430 I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 19:33 And if H3588 a stranger H1616 sojourn H1481 with H854 thee in your land, H776 ye shall not H3808 vex H3238 him.

Lev 19:34 But the stranger H1616 that dwelleth H1481 with H854 you shall be H1961 unto you as one born among H249 H4480 you, and thou shalt love H157 him as thyself; H3644 for H3588 ye were H1961 strangers H1616 in the land H776 of Egypt: H4714 I H589 am the LORD H3068 your God.H430

Lev 19:35 Ye shall do H6213 no H3808 unrighteousness H5766 in judgment, H4941 in meteyard, H4060 in weight, H4948 or in measure.H4884

Lev 19:36 Just H6664 balances, H3976 just H6664 weights, H68 a just H6664 ephah, H374 and a just H6664 hin, H1969 shall ye have: H1961 I H589 am the LORD H3068 your God, H430 which H834 brought you out H3318 (H853) of the land H4480 H776 of Egypt.H4714

Lev 19:37 Therefore shall ye observe H8104 (H853) all H3605 my statutes, H2708 and all H3605 my judgments, H4941 and do H6213 them: I H589 am the LORD.H3068

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