Lucas  Capitulo 8 - King James with Numbers Strong

Luc 8:1 And G2532 it came to pass G1096 afterward, G1722 G2517 that G2532 he G846 went throughout G1353 every city G2596 G4172 and G2532 village, G2968 preaching G2784 and G2532 shewing the glad tidings G2097 of the G3588 kingdom G932 of God: G2316 and G2532 the G3588 twelve G1427 were with G4862 him,G846

Luc 8:2 And G2532 certain G5100 women, G1135 which G3739 had been G2258 healed G2323 of G575 evil G4190 spirits G4151 and G2532 infirmities, G769 Mary G3137 called G2564 Magdalene, G3094 out of G575 whom G3739 went G1831 seven G2033 devils,G1140

Luc 8:3 And G2532 Joanna G2489 the wife G1135 of Chuza G5529 Herod's G2264 steward, G2012 and G2532 Susanna, G4677 and G2532 many G4183 others, G2087 which G3748 ministered G1247 unto him G846 of G575 their G846 substance.G5224

Luc 8:4 And G1161 when much G4183 people G3793 were gathered together, G4896 and G2532 were come G1975 to G4314 him G846 out of every city, G2596 G4172 he spake G2036 by G1223 a parable:G3850

Luc 8:5 A sower G4687 went out G1831 to sow G4687 his G848 seed: G4703 and G2532 as he G846 sowed, G4687 some G3739 G3303 fell G4098 by G3844 the G3588 way side; G3598 and G2532 it was trodden down, G2662 and G2532 the G3588 fowls G4071 of the G3588 air G3772 devoured G2719 it.G846

Luc 8:6 And G2532 some G2087 fell G4098 upon G1909 a rock; G4073 and G2532 as soon as it was sprung up, G5453 it withered away, G3583 because it lacked G2192 G3361 moisture.G2429

Luc 8:7 And G2532 some G2087 fell G4098 among G1722 G3319 thorns; G173 and G2532 the G3588 thorns G173 sprang up with G4855 it, and choked G638 it.G846

Luc 8:8 And G2532 other G2087 fell G4098 on G1909 good G18 ground, G1093 and G2532 sprang up, G5453 and bare G4160 fruit G2590 an hundredfold. G1542 And when he had said G3004 these things, G3778 he cried, G5455 He that hath G2192 ears G3775 to hear, G191 let him hear.G191

Luc 8:9 And G1161 his G846 disciples G3101 asked G1905 him, G846 saying, G3004 What G5101 might this G3778 parable G3850 be?G1498

Luc 8:10 And G1161 he G3588 said, G2036 Unto you G5213 it is given G1325 to know G1097 the G3588 mysteries G3466 of the G3588 kingdom G932 of God: G2316 but G1161 to others G3062 in G1722 parables; G3850 that G2443 seeing G991 they might not G3361 see, G991 and G2532 hearing G191 they might not G3361 understand.G4920

Luc 8:12 ( G1161) Those G3588 by G3844 the G3588 way side G3598 are G1526 they that hear; G191 then G1534 cometh G2064 the G3588 devil, G1228 and G2532 taketh away G142 the G3588 word G3056 out of G575 their G846 hearts, G2588 lest G3363 they should believe G4100 and be saved.G4982

Luc 8:13 ( G1161) They G3588 on G1909 the G3588 rock G4073 are they, which, G3739 when G3752 they hear, G191 receive G1209 the G3588 word G3056 with G3326 joy; G5479 and G2532 these G3778 have G2192 no G3756 root, G4491 which G3739 for G4314 a while G2540 believe, G4100 and G2532 in G1722 time G2540 of temptation G3986 fall away.G868

Luc 8:14 And G1161 that which fell G4098 among G1519 thorns G173 are G1526 they, which, when they have heard, G191 go forth, G4198 and G2532 are choked G4846 with G5259 cares G3308 and G2532 riches G4149 and G2532 pleasures G2237 of this life, G979 and G2532 bring no fruit to perfection. G5052 G3756

Luc 8:15 But G1161 that G3588 on G1722 the G3588 good G2570 ground G1093 are G1526 they, G3748 which in G1722 an honest G2570 and G2532 good G18 heart, G2588 having heard G191 the G3588 word, G3056 keep G2722 it, and G2532 bring forth fruit G2592 with G1722 patience.G5281

Luc 8:16 No man, G3762 when he hath lighted G681 a candle, G3088 covereth G2572 it G846 with a vessel, G4632 or G2228 putteth G5087 it under G5270 a bed; G2825 but G235 setteth G2007 it on G1909 a candlestick, G3087 that G2443 they which enter in G1531 may see G991 the G3588 light.G5457

Luc 8:17 For G1063 nothing G3756 is G2076 secret, G2927 that G3739 shall not G3756 be made G1096 manifest; G5318 neither G3761 any thing hid, G614 that G3739 shall not G3756 be known G1097 and G2532 come G2064 abroad. G1519 G5318

Luc 8:18 Take heed G991 therefore G3767 how G4459 ye hear: G191 for G1063 whosoever G3739 G302 hath, G2192 to him G846 shall be given; G1325 and G2532 whosoever G3739 G302 hath G2192 not, G3361 from G575 him G846 shall be taken G142 even G2532 that which G3739 he seemeth G1380 to have.G2192

Luc 8:19 Then G1161 came G3854 to G4314 him G846 his mother G3384 and G2532 his G846 brethren, G80 and G2532 could G1410 not G3756 come at G4940 him G846 for G1223 the G3588 press.G3793

Luc 8:20 And G2532 it was told G518 him G846 by certain which said, G3004 Thy G4675 mother G3384 and G2532 thy G4675 brethren G80 stand G2476 without, G1854 desiring G2309 to see G1492 thee.G4571

Luc 8:21 And G1161 he G3588 answered G611 and said G2036 unto G4314 them, G846 My G3450 mother G3384 and G2532 my G3450 brethren G80 are G1526 these G3778 which hear G191 the G3588 word G3056 of God, G2316 and G2532 do G4160 it.G846

Luc 8:22 Now G2532 it came to pass G1096 on G1722 a certain G3391 day, G2250 that( G2532) he G846 went G1684 into G1519 a ship G4143 with( G2532) his G846 disciples: G3101 and G2532 he said G2036 unto G4314 them, G846 Let us go over G1330 unto G1519 the G3588 other side G4008 of the G3588 lake. G3041 And G2532 they launched forth.G321

Luc 8:23 But G1161 as they G846 sailed G4126 he fell asleep: G879 and G2532 there came down G2597 a storm G2978 of wind G417 on G1519 the G3588 lake; G3041 and G2532 they were filled G4845 with water, and G2532 were in jeopardy.G2793

Luc 8:24 And G1161 they came G4334 to him, and awoke G1326 him, G846 saying, G3004 Master, G1988 master, G1988 we perish. G622 Then G1161 he G3588 arose, G1453 and rebuked G2008 the G3588 wind G417 and G2532 the G3588 raging G2830 of the G3588 water: G5204 and G2532 they ceased, G3973 and G2532 there was G1096 a calm.G1055

Luc 8:25 And G1161 he said G2036 unto them, G846 Where G4226 is G2076 your G5216 faith? G4102 And G1161 they being afraid G5399 wondered, G2296 saying G3004 one to another, G240 G4314 What manner of man G5101 ( G686) is G2076 this! G3778 for G3754 he commandeth G2004 even G2532 the G3588 winds G417 and G2532 water, G5204 and G2532 they obey G5219 him.G846

Luc 8:26 And G2532 they arrived G2668 at G1519 the G3588 country G5561 of the G3588 Gadarenes, G1046 which G3748 is G2076 over against G495 Galilee.G1056

Luc 8:27 And G1161 when he G846 went forth G1831 to G1909 land, G1093 there met G5221 him G846 out of G1537 the G3588 city G4172 a certain G5100 man, G435 which G3739 had G2192 devils G1140 ( G1537) long time, G2425 G5550 and G2532 ware G1737 no G3756 clothes, G2440 neither G2532 G3756 abode G3306 in G1722 any house, G3614 but G235 in G1722 the G3588 tombs.G3418

Luc 8:28 When( G1161) he saw G1492 Jesus, G2424 he cried out, G349 and G2532 fell down before G4363 him, G846 and G2532 with a loud G3173 voice G5456 said, G2036 What have I to do with thee, G5101 G1698 G2532 G4671 Jesus, G2424 thou Son G5207 of God G2316 most high? G5310 I beseech G1189 thee, G4675 torment G928 me G3165 not.G3361

Luc 8:29 (For G1063 he had commanded G3853 the G3588 unclean G169 spirit G4151 to come G1831 out of G575 the G3588 man. G444 For G1063 oftentimes G4183 G5550 it had caught G4884 him: G846 and G2532 he was kept G5442 bound G1196 with chains G254 and G2532 in fetters; G3976 and G2532 he brake G1284 the G3588 bands, G1199 and was driven G1643 of G5259 the G3588 devil G1142 into G1519 the G3588 wilderness.)G2048

Luc 8:30 And G1161 Jesus G2424 asked G1905 him, G846 saying, G3004 What G5101 is G2076 thy G4671 name? G3686 And G1161 he G3588 said, G2036 Legion: G3003 because G3754 many G4183 devils G1140 were entered G1525 into G1519 him.G846

Luc 8:31 And G2532 they besought G3870 him G846 that G2443 he would not G3361 command G2004 them G846 to go out G565 into G1519 the G3588 deep.G12

Luc 8:32 And G1161 there was G2258 there G1563 an herd G34 of many G2425 swine G5519 feeding G1006 on G1722 the G3588 mountain: G3735 and G2532 they besought G3870 him G846 that G2443 he would suffer G2010 them G846 to enter G1525 into G1519 them. G1565 And G2532 he suffered G2010 them.G846

Luc 8:33 Then G1161 went G1831 the G3588 devils G1140 out of G575 the G3588 man, G444 and entered G1525 into G1519 the G3588 swine: G5519 and G2532 the G3588 herd G34 ran violently G3729 down G2596 a steep place G2911 into G1519 the G3588 lake, G3041 and G2532 were choked.G638

Luc 8:34 When( G1161) they that fed G1006 them saw G1492 what was done, G1096 they fled, G5343 and G2532 went G565 and told G518 it in G1519 the G3588 city G4172 and G2532 in G1519 the G3588 country.G68

Luc 8:35 Then G1161 they went out G1831 to see G1492 what was done; G1096 and G2532 came G2064 to G4314 Jesus, G2424 and G2532 found G2147 the G3588 man, G444 out of G575 whom G3739 the G3588 devils G1140 were departed, G1831 sitting G2521 at G3844 the G3588 feet G4228 of Jesus, G2424 clothed, G2439 and G2532 in his right mind: G4993 and G2532 they were afraid.G5399

Luc 8:36 ( G1161) They also which saw G1492 G2532 it told G518 them G846 by what means G4459 he that was possessed of the devils G1139 was healed.G4982

Luc 8:37 Then G2532 the G3588 whole G537 multitude G4128 of the G3588 country of the Gadarenes round about G4066 G3588 G1046 besought G2065 him G846 to depart G565 from G575 them; G846 for G3754 they were taken G4912 with great G3173 fear: G5401 and G1161 he G846 went up G1684 into G1519 the G3588 ship, G4143 and returned back again.G5290

Luc 8:38 Now G1161 the G3588 man G435 out of G575 whom G3739 the G3588 devils G1140 were departed G1831 besought G1189 him G846 that he might be G1511 with G4862 him: G846 but G1161 Jesus G2424 sent him away, G630 G846 saying,G3004

Luc 8:39 Return G5290 to G1519 thine own G4675 house, G3624 and G2532 shew G1334 how great things G3745 God G2316 hath done G4160 unto thee. G4671 And G2532 he went his way, G565 and published G2784 throughout G2596 the G3588 whole G3650 city G4172 how great things G3745 Jesus G2424 had done G4160 unto him.G846

Luc 8:40 And G1161 it came to pass, G1096 that, when Jesus G2424 was returned, G5290 the G3588 people G3793 gladly received G588 him: G846 for G1063 they were G2258 all G3956 waiting for G4328 him.G846

Luc 8:41 And, G2532 behold, G2400 there came G2064 a man G435 named G3686 Jairus, G2383 and G2532 he G846 was G5225 a ruler G758 of the G3588 synagogue: G4864 and G2532 he fell down G4098 at G3844 Jesus' G2424 feet, G4228 and besought G3870 him G846 that he would come G1525 into G1519 his G848 house:G3624

Luc 8:42 For G3754 he G846 had G2258 one only G3439 daughter, G2364 about G5613 twelve G1427 years of age, G2094 and G2532 she G3778 lay a dying. G599 But G1161 as he G846 went G5217 the G3588 people G3793 thronged G4846 him.G846

Luc 8:43 And G2532 a woman G1135 having G5607 an( G1722) issue G4511 of blood G129 twelve G1427 years, G2094 which G3748 had spent G4321 all G3650 her living G979 upon G1519 physicians, G2395 neither G3756 could G2480 be healed G2323 of G5259 any,G3762

Luc 8:44 Came G4334 behind G3693 him, and touched G680 the G3588 border G2899 of his G846 garment: G2440 and G2532 immediately G3916 her G846 issue G4511 of blood G129 stanched.G2476

Luc 8:45 And G2532 Jesus G2424 said, G2036 Who G5101 touched G680 me? G3450 When G1161 all G3956 denied, G720 Peter G4074 and G2532 they G3588 that were with G3326 him G846 said, G2036 Master, G1988 the G3588 multitude G3793 throng G4912 thee G4571 and G2532 press G598 thee, and G2532 sayest G3004 thou, Who G5101 touched G680 me?G3450

Luc 8:46 And G1161 Jesus G2424 said, G2036 Somebody G5100 hath touched G680 me: G3450 for G1063 I G1473 perceive G1097 that virtue G1411 is gone G1831 out of G575 me.G1700

Luc 8:47 And G1161 when the G3588 woman G1135 saw G1492 that G3754 she was not G3756 hid, G2990 she came G2064 trembling, G5141 and G2532 falling down before G4363 him, G846 she declared G518 unto him G846 before G1799 all G3956 the G3588 people G2992 for G1223 what G3739 cause G156 she had touched G680 him, G846 and G2532 how G5613 she was healed G2390 immediately.G3916

Luc 8:48 And G1161 he G3588 said G2036 unto her, G846 Daughter, G2364 be of good comfort: G2293 thy G4675 faith G4102 hath made thee whole; G4982 G4571 go G4198 in G1519 peace.G1515

Luc 8:49 While he G846 yet G2089 spake, G2980 there cometh G2064 one G5100 from G3844 the G3588 ruler of the synagogue's G752 house, saying G3004 to him, G846 Thy G4675 daughter G2364 is dead; G2348 trouble G4660 not G3361 the G3588 Master.G1320

Luc 8:50 But G1161 when Jesus G2424 heard G191 it, he answered G611 him, G846 saying, G3004 Fear G5399 not: G3361 believe G4100 only, G3440 and G2532 she shall be made whole.G4982

Luc 8:51 And G1161 when he came G1525 into G1519 the G3588 house, G3614 he suffered G863 no man G3756 G3762 to go in, G1525 save G1508 Peter, G4074 and G2532 James, G2385 and G2532 John, G2491 and G2532 the G3588 father G3962 and G2532 the G3588 mother G3384 of the G3588 maiden.G3816

Luc 8:52 And G1161 all G3956 wept, G2799 and G2532 bewailed G2875 her: G846 but G1161 he G3588 said, G2036 Weep G2799 not; G3361 she is not dead, G599 G3756 but G235 sleepeth.G2518

Luc 8:53 And G2532 they laughed him to scorn, G2606 G846 knowing G1492 that G3754 she was dead.G599

Luc 8:54 And G1161 he G846 put G1544 them all G3956 out, G1854 and G2532 took G2902 her G846 by the G3588 hand, G5495 and called, G5455 saying, G3004 Maid, G3816 arise.G1453

Luc 8:55 And G2532 her G846 spirit G4151 came again, G1994 and G2532 she arose G450 straightway: G3916 and G2532 he commanded G1299 to give G1325 her G846 meat.G5315

Luc 8:56 And G2532 her G846 parents G1118 were astonished: G1839 but G1161 he G3588 charged G3853 them G846 that they should tell G2036 no man G3367 what was done.G1096

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