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Mar 11:1 And G2532 when G3753 they came nigh G1448 to G1519 Jerusalem, G2419 unto G1519 Bethphage G967 and G2532 Bethany, G963 at G4314 the G3588 mount G3735 of Olives, G1636 he sendeth forth G649 two G1417 of his G848 disciples,G3101

Mar 11:2 And G2532 saith G3004 unto them, G846 Go your way G5217 into G1519 the G3588 village G2968 over against G2713 you: G5216 and G2532 as soon as G2112 ye be entered G1531 into G1519 it, G846 ye shall find G2147 a colt G4454 tied, G1210 whereon G1909 G3739 never G3762 man G444 sat; G2523 loose G3089 him, G846 and bring G71 him.

Mar 11:3 And G2532 if G1437 any man G5100 say G2036 unto you, G5213 Why G5101 do G4160 ye this? G5124 say G2036 ye that G3754 the G3588 Lord G2962 hath G2192 need G5532 of him; G846 and G2532 straightway G2112 he will send G649 him G846 hither.G5602

Mar 11:4 And G1161 they went their way, G565 and G2532 found G2147 the G3588 colt G4454 tied G1210 by G4314 the G3588 door G2374 without G1854 in G1909 a place where two ways met; G296 and G2532 they loose G3089 him.G846

Mar 11:5 And G2532 certain G5100 of them that stood G2476 there G1563 said G3004 unto them, G846 What G5101 do G4160 ye, loosing G3089 the G3588 colt?G4454

Mar 11:6 And G1161 they G3588 said G2036 unto them G846 even as G2531 Jesus G2424 had commanded: G1781 and G2532 they let them go. G863 G846

Mar 11:7 And G2532 they brought G71 the G3588 colt G4454 to G4314 Jesus, G2424 and G2532 cast G1911 their G848 garments G2440 on him; G846 and G2532 he sat G2523 upon G1909 him.G846

Mar 11:8 And G1161 many G4183 spread G4766 their G848 garments G2440 in G1519 the G3588 way: G3598 and G1161 others G243 cut down G2875 branches G4746 off G1537 the G3588 trees, G1186 and G2532 strawed G4766 them in G1519 the G3588 way.G3598

Mar 11:9 And G2532 they that went before, G4254 and G2532 they that followed, G190 cried, G2896 saying, G3004 Hosanna; G5614 Blessed G2127 is he that cometh G2064 in G1722 the name G3686 of the Lord:G2962

Mar 11:10 Blessed G2127 be the G3588 kingdom G932 of our G2257 father G3962 David, G1138 that cometh G2064 in G1722 the name G3686 of the Lord: G2962 Hosanna G5614 in G1722 the G3588 highest.G5310

Mar 11:11 And G2532 Jesus G2424 entered G1525 into G1519 Jerusalem, G2414 and G2532 into G1519 the G3588 temple: G2411 and G2532 when he had looked round about G4017 upon all things, G3956 and G2532 now G2235 the G3588 eventide G5610 was come, G5607 G3798 he went out G1831 unto G1519 Bethany G963 with G3326 the G3588 twelve.G1427

Mar 11:12 And G2532 on the G3588 morrow, G1887 when they G846 were come G1831 from G575 Bethany, G963 he was hungry:G3983

Mar 11:13 And G2532 seeing G1492 a fig tree G4808 afar off G3113 having G2192 leaves, G5444 he came, G2064 if G1487 haply G686 he might find G2147 any thing G5100 thereon: G1722 G846 and G2532 when he came G2064 to G1909 it, he G846 found G2147 nothing G3762 but G1508 leaves; G5444 for G1063 the time G2540 of figs G4810 was G2258 not G3756 yet.

Mar 11:14 And G2532 Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said G2036 unto it, G846 No man G3367 eat G5315 fruit G2590 of G1537 thee G4675 hereafter G3371 for ever. G1519 G165 And G2532 his G846 disciples G3101 heard G191 it.

Mar 11:15 And G2532 they come G2064 to G1519 Jerusalem: G2414 and G2532 Jesus G2424 went G1525 into G1519 the G3588 temple, G2411 and began G756 to cast out G1544 them that sold G4453 and G2532 bought G59 in G1722 the G3588 temple, G2411 and G2532 overthrew G2690 the G3588 tables G5132 of the G3588 moneychangers, G2855 and G2532 the G3588 seats G2515 of them that sold G4453 doves;G4058

Mar 11:16 And G2532 would not G3756 suffer G863 that G2443 any man G5100 should carry G1308 any vessel G4632 through G1223 the G3588 temple.G2411

Mar 11:17 And G2532 he taught, G1321 saying G3004 unto them, G846 Is it not G3756 written, G1125 My G3450 house G3624 shall be called G2564 of all G3956 nations G1484 the house G3624 of prayer? G4335 but G1161 ye G5210 have made G4160 it G846 a den G4693 of thieves.G3027

Mar 11:18 And G2532 the G3588 scribes G1122 and G2532 chief priests G749 heard G191 it, and G2532 sought G2212 how G4459 they might destroy G622 him: G846 for G1063 they feared G5399 him, G846 because G3754 all G3956 the G3588 people G3793 was astonished G1605 at G1909 his G846 doctrine.G1322

Mar 11:19 And G2532 when G3753 even G3796 was come, G1096 he went G1607 out G1854 of the G3588 city.G4172

Mar 11:20 And G2532 in the morning, G4404 as they passed by, G3899 they saw G1492 the G3588 fig tree G4808 dried up G3583 from G1537 the roots.G4491

Mar 11:21 And G2532 Peter G4074 calling to remembrance G363 saith G3004 unto him, G846 Master, G4461 behold, G2396 the G3588 fig tree G4808 which G3739 thou cursedst G2672 is withered away.G3583

Mar 11:22 And G2532 Jesus G2424 answering G611 saith G3004 unto them, G846 Have G2192 faith G4102 in God.G2316

Mar 11:23 For G1063 verily G281 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 That G3754 whosoever G3739 G302 shall say G2036 unto this G5129 mountain, G3735 Be thou removed, G142 and G2532 be thou cast G906 into G1519 the G3588 sea; G2281 and G2532 shall not G3361 doubt G1252 in G1722 his G848 heart, G2588 but G235 shall believe G4100 that G3754 those things which G3739 he saith G3004 shall come to pass; G1096 he G846 shall have G2071 whatsoever G3739 G1437 he saith.G2036

Mar 11:24 Therefore G1223 G5124 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 What things soever G3956 G3745 G302 ye desire, G154 when ye pray, G4336 believe G4100 that G3754 ye receive G2983 them, and G2532 ye G5213 shall have G2071 them.

Mar 11:25 And G2532 when G3752 ye stand G4739 praying, G4336 forgive, G863 if G1487 ye have G2192 ought G5100 against G2596 any: G5100 that G2443 your G5216 Father G3962 also G2532 which G3588 is in G1722 heaven G3772 may forgive G863 you G5213 your G5216 trespasses.G3900

Mar 11:26 But G1161 if G1487 ye G5210 do not G3756 forgive, G863 neither G3761 will your G5216 Father G3962 which G3588 is in G1722 heaven G3772 forgive G863 your G5216 trespasses.G3900

Mar 11:27 And G2532 they come G2064 again G3825 to G1519 Jerusalem: G2414 and G2532 as he G846 was walking G4043 in G1722 the G3588 temple, G2411 there come G2064 to G4314 him G846 the G3588 chief priests, G749 and G2532 the G3588 scribes, G1122 and G2532 the G3588 elders,G4245

Mar 11:28 And G2532 say G3004 unto him, G846 By G1722 what G4169 authority G1849 doest G4160 thou these things? G5023 and G2532 who G5101 gave G1325 thee G4671 this G5026 authority G1849 to G2443 do G4160 these things?G5023

Mar 11:29 And G1161 Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said G2036 unto them, G846 I will also ask G2504 G1905 of you G5209 one G1520 question, G3056 and G2532 answer G611 me, G3427 and G2532 I will tell G2046 you G5213 by G1722 what G4169 authority G1849 I do G4160 these things.G5023

Mar 11:30 The G3588 baptism G908 of John, G2491 was G2258 it from G1537 heaven, G3772 or G2228 of G1537 men? G444 answer G611 me.G3427

Mar 11:31 And G2532 they reasoned G3049 with G4314 themselves, G1438 saying, G3004 If G1437 we shall say, G2036 From G1537 heaven; G3772 he will say, G2046 Why G1302 then G3767 did ye not G3756 believe G4100 him?G846

Mar 11:32 But G235 if G1437 we shall say, G2036 Of G1537 men; G444 they feared G5399 the G3588 people: G2992 for G1063 all G537 men counted G2192 John, G2491 that G3754 he was G2258 a prophet G4396 indeed.G3689

Mar 11:33 And G2532 they answered G611 and said G3004 unto Jesus, G2424 We cannot tell. G1492 G3756 And G2532 Jesus G2424 answering G611 saith G3004 unto them, G846 Neither G3761 do I G1473 tell G3004 you G5213 by G1722 what G4169 authority G1849 I do G4160 these things.G5023

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