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Mar 16:1 And G2532 when the G3588 sabbath G4521 was past, G1230 Mary G3137 Magdalene, G3094 and G2532 Mary G3137 the G3588 mother of James, G2385 and G2532 Salome, G4539 had bought G59 sweet spices, G759 that G2443 they might come G2064 and anoint G218 him.G846

Mar 16:2 And G2532 very G3029 early in the morning G4404 the G3588 first G3391 day of the G3588 week, G4521 they came G2064 unto G1909 the G3588 sepulchre G3419 at the rising G393 of the G3588 sun.G2246

Mar 16:3 And G2532 they said G3004 among G4314 themselves, G1438 Who G5101 shall roll us away G617 G2254 the G3588 stone G3037 from G1537 the G3588 door G2374 of the G3588 sepulchre?G3419

Mar 16:4 And G2532 when they looked, G308 they saw G2334 that G3754 the G3588 stone G3037 was rolled away: G617 for G1063 it was G2258 very G4970 great.G3173

Mar 16:5 And G2532 entering G1525 into G1519 the G3588 sepulchre, G3419 they saw G1492 a young man G3495 sitting G2521 on G1722 the G3588 right side, G1188 clothed in G4016 a long white garment; G4749 G3022 and G2532 they were affrighted.G1568

Mar 16:6 And G1161 he G3588 saith G3004 unto them, G846 Be not G3361 affrighted: G1568 Ye seek G2212 Jesus G2424 of Nazareth, G3479 which was crucified: G4717 he is risen; G1453 he is G2076 not G3756 here: G5602 behold G2396 the G3588 place G5117 where G3699 they laid G5087 him.G846

Mar 16:7 But G235 go your way, G5217 tell G2036 his G846 disciples G3101 and G2532 Peter G4074 that G3754 he goeth before G4254 you G5209 into G1519 Galilee: G1056 there G1563 shall ye see G3700 him, G846 as G2531 he said G2036 unto you.G5213

Mar 16:8 And G2532 they went out G1831 quickly, G5035 and fled G5343 from G575 the G3588 sepulchre; G3419 for G1161 they G846 trembled G5156 G2192 and G2532 were amazed: G1611 neither G2532 said G2036 they any thing G3762 to any G3762 man; for G1063 they were afraid.G5399

Mar 16:9 Now G1161 when Jesus was risen G450 early G4404 the first G4413 day of the week, G4521 he appeared G5316 first G4412 to Mary G3137 Magdalene, G3094 out of G575 whom G3739 he had cast G1544 seven G2033 devils.G1140

Mar 16:10 And she G1565 went G4198 and told G518 them that had been G1096 with G3326 him, G846 as they mourned G3996 and G2532 wept.G2799

Mar 16:11 And they, G2548 when they had heard G191 that G3754 he was alive, G2198 and G2532 had been seen G2300 of G5259 her, G846 believed not.G569

Mar 16:12 After G3326 that G5023 he appeared G5319 in G1722 another G2087 form G3444 unto two G1417 of G1537 them, G846 as they walked, G4043 and went G4198 into G1519 the country.G68

Mar 16:13 And they G2548 went G565 and told G518 it unto the G3588 residue: G3062 neither G3761 believed G4100 they them.G1565

Mar 16:14 Afterward G5305 he appeared G5319 unto the G3588 eleven G1733 as they G846 sat at meat, G345 and G2532 upbraided G3679 them with their G846 unbelief G570 and G2532 hardness of heart, G4641 because G3754 they believed G4100 not G3756 them which had seen G2300 him G846 after he was risen.G1453

Mar 16:15 And G2532 he said G2036 unto them, G846 Go G4198 ye into G1519 all G537 the G3588 world, G2889 and preach G2784 the G3588 gospel G2098 to every G3956 creature.G2937

Mar 16:16 He that believeth G4100 and G2532 is baptized G907 shall be saved; G4982 but G1161 he that believeth not G569 shall be damned.G2632

Mar 16:17 And G1161 these G5023 signs G4592 shall follow G3877 them G3588 that believe; G4100 In G1722 my G3450 name G3686 shall they cast out G1544 devils; G1140 they shall speak G2980 with new G2537 tongues;G1100

Mar 16:18 They shall take up G142 serpents; G3789 and if G2579 they drink G4095 any G5100 deadly thing, G2286 it shall not G3364 hurt G984 them; G846 they shall lay G2007 hands G5495 on G1909 the sick, G732 and G2532 they shall recover. G2192 G2573

Mar 16:19 So G3767 then G3303 after G3326 the G3588 Lord G2962 had spoken G2980 unto them, G846 he was received up G353 into G1519 heaven, G3772 and G2532 sat G2523 on G1537 the right hand G1188 of God.G2316

Mar 16:20 And G1161 they G1565 went forth, G1831 and preached G2784 every where, G3837 the G3588 Lord G2962 working with G4903 them, and G2532 confirming G950 the G3588 word G3056 with G1223 signs G4592 following. G1872 Amen.G281

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