Marcos   Capitulo 6 - King James with Numbers Strong

Mar 6:1 And G2532 he went out G1831 from thence, G1564 and G2532 came G2064 into G1519 his own G848 country; G3968 and G2532 his G846 disciples G3101 follow G190 him.G846

Mar 6:2 And G2532 when the sabbath day G4521 was come, G1096 he began G756 to teach G1321 in G1722 the G3588 synagogue: G4864 and G2532 many G4183 hearing G191 him were astonished, G1605 saying, G3004 From whence G4159 hath this G5129 man these things? G5023 and G2532 what G5101 wisdom G4678 is this which is given G1325 unto him, G846 that G3754 even G2532 such G5108 mighty works G1411 are wrought G1096 by G1223 his G846 hands?G5495

Mar 6:3 Is G2076 not G3756 this G3778 the G3588 carpenter, G5045 the G3588 son G5207 of Mary, G3137 the( G1161) brother G80 of James, G2385 and G2532 Joses, G2500 and G2532 of Juda, G2455 and G2532 Simon? G4613 and G2532 are G1526 not G3756 his G846 sisters G79 here G5602 with G4314 us? G2248 And G2532 they were offended G4624 at G1722 him.G846

Mar 6:4 But G1161 Jesus G2424 said G3004 unto them, G846 A prophet G4396 is G2076 not G3756 without honour, G820 but G1508 in G1722 his own G848 country, G3968 and G2532 among G1722 his own kin, G4773 and G2532 in G1722 his own G848 house.G3614

Mar 6:5 And G2532 he could G1410 there G1563 do G4160 no G3756 mighty work, G1411 save that G1508 he laid his hands upon G2007 G5495 a few G3641 sick folk, G732 and healed G2323 them.

Mar 6:6 And G2532 he marvelled G2296 because G1223 of their G846 unbelief. G570 And G2532 he went G4013 round about G2945 the G3588 villages, G2968 teaching.G1321

Mar 6:7 And G2532 he called G4341 unto him the G3588 twelve, G1427 and G2532 began G756 to send them forth G649 G846 by two and two; G1417 G1417 and G2532 gave G1325 them G846 power G1849 over unclean G169 spirits;G4151

Mar 6:8 And G2532 commanded G3853 them G846 that G2443 they should take G142 nothing G3367 for G1519 their journey, G3598 save G1508 a staff G4464 only; G3440 no G3361 scrip, G4082 no G3361 bread, G740 no G3361 money G5475 in G1519 their purse:G2223

Mar 6:9 But G235 be shod G5265 with sandals; G4547 and G2532 not G3361 put on G1746 two G1417 coats.G5509

Mar 6:10 And G2532 he said G3004 unto them, G846 In what place soever G3699 G1437 ye enter G1525 into G1519 an house, G3614 there G1563 abide G3306 till G2193 G302 ye depart G1831 from that place.G1564

Mar 6:11 And G2532 whosoever G3745 G302 shall not G3361 receive G1209 you, G5209 nor G3366 hear G191 you, G5216 when ye depart G1607 thence, G1564 shake off G1621 the G3588 dust G5522 under G5270 your G5216 feet G4228 for G1519 a testimony G3142 against them. G846 Verily G281 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 It shall be G2071 more tolerable G414 for Sodom G4670 and G2228 Gomorrha G1116 in G1722 the day G2250 of judgment, G2920 than G2228 for that G1565 city.G4172

Mar 6:12 And G2532 they went out, G1831 and preached G2784 that G2443 men should repent.G3340

Mar 6:13 And G2532 they cast out G1544 many G4183 devils, G1140 and G2532 anointed G218 with oil G1637 many G4183 that were sick, G732 and G2532 healed G2323 them.

Mar 6:14 And G2532 king G935 Herod G2264 heard G191 of him; (for G1063 his G846 name G3686 was spread abroad:) G1096 G5318 and G2532 he said, G3004 That G3754 John G2491 the G3588 Baptist G907 was risen G1453 from G1537 the dead, G3498 and G2532 therefore G1223 G5124 mighty works G1411 do shew forth G1754 themselves in G1722 him.G846

Mar 6:15 Others G243 said, G3004 That G3754 it is G2076 Elias. G2243 And G1161 others G243 said, G3004 That G3754 it is G2076 a prophet, G4396 or G2228 as G5613 one G1520 of the G3588 prophets.G4396

Mar 6:16 But G1161 when Herod G2264 heard G191 thereof, he said, G2036 It G3778 is G2076 John, G2491 whom G3739 I G1473 beheaded: G607 he G846 is risen G1453 from G1537 the dead.G3498

Mar 6:17 For G1063 Herod G2264 himself G846 had sent forth G649 and G2532 laid hold upon G2902 John, G2491 and G2532 bound G1210 him G846 in G1722 prison G5438 for Herodias' sake, G1223 G2266 his G848 brother G80 Philip's G5376 wife: G1135 for G3754 he had married G1060 her.G846

Mar 6:18 For G1063 John G2491 had said G3004 unto Herod, G2264 It is not lawful G1832 G3756 for thee G4671 to have G2192 thy G4675 brother's G80 wife.G1135

Mar 6:19 Therefore G1161 Herodias G2266 had a quarrel against G1758 him, G846 and G2532 would G2309 have killed G615 him; G846 but G2532 she could G1410 not:G3756

Mar 6:20 For G1063 Herod G2264 feared G5399 John, G2491 knowing G1492 that he G846 was a just G1342 man G435 and G2532 an holy, G40 and G2532 observed G4933 him; G846 and G2532 when he heard G191 him, G846 he did G4160 many things, G4183 and G2532 heard G191 him G846 gladly.G2234

Mar 6:21 And G2532 when a convenient G2121 day G2250 was come, G2064 that G3753 Herod G2264 on his G848 birthday G1077 made G4160 a supper G1173 to his G848 lords,G3175( G2532) high captains, G5506 and G2532 chief G4413 estates of Galilee;G1056

Mar 6:22 And when G2532 the G3588 daughter G2364 of the said G846 Herodias G2266 came in, G1525 and G2532 danced, G3738 and G2532 pleased G700 Herod G2264 and G2532 them that sat with G4873 him, the G3588 king G935 said G2036 unto the G3588 damsel, G2877 Ask G154 of me G3165 whatsoever G3739 G1437 thou wilt, G2309 and G2532 I will give G1325 it thee.G4671

Mar 6:23 And G2532 he sware G3660 unto her, G846 Whatsoever G3739 G1437 thou shalt ask G154 of me, G3165 I will give G1325 it thee, G4671 unto G2193 the half G2255 of my G3450 kingdom.G932

Mar 6:24 And G1161 she G3588 went forth, G1831 and said G2036 unto her G848 mother, G3384 What G5101 shall I ask? G154 And G1161 she G3588 said, G2036 The G3588 head G2776 of John G2491 the G3588 Baptist.G910

Mar 6:25 And G2532 she came in G1525 straightway G2112 with G3326 haste G4710 unto G4314 the G3588 king, G935 and asked, G154 saying, G3004 I will G2309 that G2443 thou give G1325 me G3427 by and by G1824 in G1909 a charger G4094 the G3588 head G2776 of John G2491 the G3588 Baptist.G910

Mar 6:26 And G2532 the G3588 king G935 was G1096 exceeding sorry; G4036 yet for his oath's sake, G1223 G3727 and G2532 for their sakes which sat with G4873 him, he would G2309 not G3756 reject G114 her.G846

Mar 6:27 And G2532 immediately G2112 the G3588 king G935 sent G649 an executioner, G4688 and commanded G2004 his G846 head G2776 to be brought: G5342 and G1161 he G3588 went G565 and beheaded G607 him G846 in G1722 the G3588 prison,G5438

Mar 6:28 And G2532 brought G5342 his G846 head G2776 in G1909 a charger, G4094 and G2532 gave G1325 it G846 to the G3588 damsel: G2877 and G2532 the G3588 damsel G2877 gave G1325 it G846 to her G848 mother.G3384

Mar 6:29 And G2532 when his G846 disciples G3101 heard G191 of it, they came G2064 and G2532 took up G142 his G846 corpse, G4430 and G2532 laid G5087 it G846 in G1722 a tomb.G3419

Mar 6:30 And G2532 the G3588 apostles G652 gathered themselves together G4863 unto G4314 Jesus, G2424 and G2532 told G518 him G846 all things, G3956 both G2532 what G3745 they had done, G4160 and G2532 what G3745 they had taught.G1321

Mar 6:31 And G2532 he said G2036 unto them, G846 Come G1205 ye G5210 yourselves G846 apart G2596 G2398 into G1519 a desert G2048 place, G5117 and G2532 rest G373 a while: G3641 for G1063 there were G2258 many G4183 coming G2064 and G2532 going, G5217 and G2532 they had no leisure so much as G2119 G3761 to eat.G5315

Mar 6:32 And G2532 they departed G565 into G1519 a desert G2048 place G5117 by ship G4143 privately. G2596 G2398

Mar 6:33 And G2532 the G3588 people G3793 saw G1492 them G846 departing, G5217 and G2532 many G4183 knew G1921 him, G846 and G2532 ran G4936 afoot G3979 thither G1563 out of G575 all G3956 cities, G4172 and G2532 outwent G4281 them, G846 and G2532 came together G4905 unto G4314 him.G846

Mar 6:34 And G2532 Jesus, G2424 when he came out, G1831 saw G1492 much G4183 people, G3793 and G2532 was moved with compassion G4697 toward G1909 them, G846 because G3754 they were G2258 as G5613 sheep G4263 not G3361 having G2192 a shepherd: G4166 and G2532 he began G756 to teach G1321 them G846 many things.G4183

Mar 6:35 And G2532 when the day was now far spent, G2235 G1096 G4183 G5610 his G846 disciples G3101 came G4334 unto him, G846 and said, G3004 This is G2076 a desert G2048 place, G5117 and G2532 now G2235 the time is far passed: G4183 G5610

Mar 6:36 Send them away, G630 G846 that G2443 they may go G565 into G1519 the G3588 country G68 round about, G2945 and G2532 into the villages, G2968 and buy G59 themselves G1438 bread: G740 for G1063 they have G2192 nothing G3756 G5101 to eat.G5315

Mar 6:37 ( G1161) He G3588 answered G611 and said G2036 unto them, G846 Give G1325 ye G5210 them G846 to eat. And G5315 they G2532 say G3004 unto him, G846 Shall we go G565 and buy G59 two hundred G1250 pennyworth G1220 of bread, G740 and G2532 give G1325 them G846 to eat?G5315

Mar 6:38 ( G1161) He G3588 saith G3004 unto them, G846 How many G4214 loaves G740 have G2192 ye? go G5217 and G2532 see. G1492 And G2532 when they knew, G1097 they say, G3004 Five, G4002 and G2532 two G1417 fishes.G2486

Mar 6:39 And G2532 he commanded G2004 them G846 to make all sit down G347 G3956 by companies G4849 G4849 upon G1909 the G3588 green G5515 grass.G5528

Mar 6:40 And G2532 they sat down G377 in ranks, G4237 G4237 by hundreds, G303 G1540 and G2532 by fifties. G303 G4004

Mar 6:41 And G2532 when he had taken G2983 the G3588 five G4002 loaves G740 and G2532 the G3588 two G1417 fishes, G2486 he looked up G308 to G1519 heaven, G3772 and blessed, G2127 and G2532 brake G2622 the G3588 loaves, G740 and G2532 gave G1325 them to his G848 disciples G3101 to G2443 set before G3908 them; G846 and G2532 the G3588 two G1417 fishes G2486 divided G3307 he among them all.G3956

Mar 6:42 And G2532 they did all G3956 eat, G5315 and G2532 were filled.G5526

Mar 6:43 And G2532 they took up G142 twelve G1427 baskets G2894 full G4134 of the fragments, G2801 and G2532 of G575 the G3588 fishes.G2486

Mar 6:44 And G2532 they that did eat G5315 of the G3588 loaves G740 were G2258 about G5616 five thousand G4000 men.G435

Mar 6:45 And G2532 straightway G2112 he constrained G315 his G848 disciples G3101 to get G1684 into G1519 the G3588 ship, G4143 and G2532 to go to the other side G4254 G1519 G4008 before G4314 unto Bethsaida, G966 while G2193 he G846 sent away G630 the G3588 people.G3793

Mar 6:46 And G2532 when he had sent them away, G657 G846 he departed G565 into G1519 a mountain G3735 to pray.G4336

Mar 6:47 And G2532 when even G3798 was come, G1096 the G3588 ship G4143 was G2258 in G1722 the midst G3319 of the G3588 sea, G2281 and G2532 he G846 alone G3441 on G1909 the G3588 land.G1093

Mar 6:48 And G2532 he saw G1492 them G846 toiling G928 in rowing; G1643 for G1063 the G3588 wind G417 was G2258 contrary G1727 unto them: G846 and G2532 about G4012 the fourth G5067 watch G5438 of the G3588 night G3571 he cometh G2064 unto G4314 them, G846 walking G4043 upon G1909 the G3588 sea, G2281 and G2532 would G2309 have passed by G3928 them.G846

Mar 6:49 But G1161 when they G3588 saw G1492 him G846 walking G4043 upon G1909 the G3588 sea, G2281 they supposed G1380 it had been G1511 a spirit, G5326 and G2532 cried out:G349

Mar 6:50 For G1063 they all G3956 saw G1492 him, G846 and G2532 were troubled. G5015 And G2532 immediately G2112 he talked G2980 with G3326 them, G846 and G2532 saith G3004 unto them, G846 Be of good cheer: G2293 it is G1510 I; G1473 be not afraid. G5399 G3361

Mar 6:51 And G2532 he went up G305 unto G4314 them G846 into G1519 the G3588 ship; G4143 and G2532 the G3588 wind G417 ceased: G2869 and G2532 they were sore G3029 amazed G1839 in G1722 themselves G1438 beyond G1537 measure, G4053 and G2532 wondered.G2296

Mar 6:52 For G1063 they considered G4920 not G3756 the miracle of G1909 the G3588 loaves: G740 for G1063 their G846 heart G2588 was G2258 hardened.G4456

Mar 6:53 And G2532 when they had passed over, G1276 they came G2064 into G1909 the G3588 land G1093 of Gennesaret, G1082 and G2532 drew to the shore.G4358

Mar 6:54 And G2532 when they G846 were come G1831 out of G1537 the G3588 ship, G4143 straightway G2112 they knew G1921 him,G846

Mar 6:55 And ran through G4063 that G1565 whole G3650 region round about, G4066 and began G756 to carry about G4064 in G1909 beds G2895 those that were sick, G2192 G2560 where G3699 they heard G191 he( G3754) was. G2076 ( G1563)

Mar 6:56 And G2532 whithersoever G3699 G302 he entered, G1531 into G1519 villages, G2968 or G2228 cities, G4172 or G2228 country, G68 they laid G5087 the G3588 sick G770 in G1722 the G3588 streets, G58 and G2532 besought G3870 him G846 that G2443 they might touch G680 if it were but G2579 the G3588 border G2899 of his G846 garment: G2440 and G2532 as many as G3745 G302 touched G680 him G846 were made whole.G4982

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