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Mat 22:1 And G2532 Jesus G2424 answered G611 and spake G2036 unto them G846 again G3825 by G1722 parables, G3850 and said,G3004

Mat 22:2 The G3588 kingdom G932 of heaven G3772 is like unto G3666 a certain king, G444 G935 which G3748 made G4160 a marriage G1062 for his G848 son,G5207

Mat 22:3 And G2532 sent forth G649 his G848 servants G1401 to call G2564 them that were bidden G2564 to G1519 the G3588 wedding: G1062 and G2532 they would G2309 not G3756 come.G2064

Mat 22:4 Again, G3825 he sent forth G649 other G243 servants, G1401 saying, G3004 Tell G2036 them which are bidden, G2564 Behold, G2400 I have prepared G2090 my G3450 dinner: G712 my G3450 oxen G5022 and G2532 my fatlings G4619 are killed, G2380 and G2532 all things G3956 are ready: G2092 come G1205 unto G1519 the G3588 marriage.G1062

Mat 22:5 But G1161 they G3588 made light of G272 it, and went their ways, G565 one G3588 G3303 to G1519 his G2398 farm,G68( G1161) another G3588 G3303 to G1519 his G848 merchandise:G1711

Mat 22:6 And G1161 the G3588 remnant G3062 took G2902 his G846 servants, G1401 and entreated them spitefully, G5195 and G2532 slew G615 them.

Mat 22:7 But G1161 when the G3588 king G935 heard G191 thereof, he was wroth: G3710 and G2532 he sent forth G3992 his G848 armies, G4753 and destroyed G622 those G1565 murderers, G5406 and G2532 burned up G1714 their G846 city.G4172

Mat 22:8 Then G5119 saith G3004 he to his G848 servants, G1401 The G3588 wedding G1062 ( G3303) is G2076 ready, G2092 but G1161 they which were bidden G2564 were G2258 not G3756 worthy.G514

Mat 22:9 Go G4198 ye therefore G3767 into G1909 the G3588 highways, G1327 G3598 and G2532 as many as G3745 G302 ye shall find, G2147 bid G2564 to G1519 the G3588 marriage.G1062

Mat 22:10 So G2532 those G1565 servants G1401 went out G1831 into G1519 the G3588 highways, G3598 and gathered together G4863 all G3956 as many as G3745 they found, G2147 both G5037 bad G4190 and G2532 good: G18 and G2532 the G3588 wedding G1062 was furnished G4130 with guests.G345

Mat 22:11 And G1161 when the G3588 king G935 came in G1525 to see G2300 the G3588 guests, G345 he saw G1492 there G1563 a man G444 which had not on G1746 G3756 a wedding G1062 garment:G1742

Mat 22:12 And G2532 he saith G3004 unto him, G846 Friend, G2083 how G4459 camest G1525 thou in hither G5602 not G3361 having G2192 a wedding G1062 garment? G1742 And G1161 he G3588 was speechless.G5392

Mat 22:13 Then G5119 said G2036 the G3588 king G935 to the G3588 servants, G1249 Bind G1210 him G846 hand G5495 and G2532 foot, G4228 and take him away, G142 G846 and G2532 cast G1544 him into G1519 outer G1857 darkness; G4655 there G1563 shall be G2071 weeping G2805 and G2532 gnashing G1030 of teeth.G3599

Mat 22:14 For G1063 many G4183 are G1526 called, G2822 but G1161 few G3641 are chosen.G1588

Mat 22:15 Then G5119 went G4198 the G3588 Pharisees, G5330 and G2532 took G2983 counsel G4824 how G3704 they might entangle G3802 him G846 in G1722 his talk.G3056

Mat 22:16 And G2532 they sent out G649 unto him G846 their G848 disciples G3101 with G3326 the G3588 Herodians, G2265 saying, G3004 Master, G1320 we know G1492 that G3754 thou art G1488 true, G227 and G2532 teachest G1321 the G3588 way G3598 of God G2316 in G1722 truth, G225 neither G2532 G3756 carest G3199 thou G4671 for G4012 any G3762 man: for G1063 thou regardest G991 not G3756 the( G1519) person G4383 of men.G444

Mat 22:17 Tell G2036 us G2254 therefore, G3767 What G5101 thinkest G1380 thou? G4671 Is it lawful G1832 to give G1325 tribute G2778 unto Caesar, G2541 or G2228 not?G3756

Mat 22:18 But G1161 Jesus G2424 perceived G1097 their G846 wickedness, G4189 and said, G2036 Why G5101 tempt G3985 ye me, G3165 ye hypocrites?G5273

Mat 22:19 Shew G1925 me G3427 the G3588 tribute G2778 money. G3546 And G1161 they G3588 brought G4374 unto him G846 a penny.G1220

Mat 22:20 And G2532 he saith G3004 unto them, G846 Whose G5101 is this G3778 image G1504 and G2532 superscription?G1923

Mat 22:21 They say G3004 unto him, G846 Caesar's. G2541 Then G5119 saith G3004 he unto them, G846 Render G591 therefore G3767 unto Caesar G2541 the things G3588 which are Caesar's; G2541 and G2532 unto God G2316 the things G3588 that are God's.G2316

Mat 22:22 ( G2532) When they had heard G191 these words, they marvelled, G2296 and G2532 left G863 him, G846 and went their way.G565

Mat 22:23 The same G1565 day G2250 came G4334 to him G846 the Sadducees, G4523 which say G3004 that there is G1511 no G3361 resurrection, G386 and G2532 asked G1905 him,G846

Mat 22:24 Saying, G3004 Master, G1320 Moses G3475 said, G2036 If G1437 a man G5100 die, G599 having G2192 no G3361 children, G5043 his G848 brother G80 shall marry G1918 his G846 wife, G1135 and G2532 raise up G450 seed G4690 unto his G848 brother.G80

Mat 22:25 Now G1161 there were G2258 with G3844 us G2254 seven G2033 brethren: G80 and G2532 the G3588 first, G4413 when he had married a wife, G1060 deceased, G5053 and, G2532 having G2192 no G3361 issue, G4690 left G863 his G848 wife G1135 unto his G848 brother:G80

Mat 22:28 Therefore G3767 in G1722 the G3588 resurrection G386 whose G5101 wife G1135 shall she be G2071 of the G3588 seven? G2033 for G1063 they all G3956 had G2192 her.G846

Mat 22:29 ( G1161) Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said G2036 unto them, G846 Ye do err, G4105 not G3361 knowing G1492 the G3588 scriptures, G1124 nor G3366 the G3588 power G1411 of God.G2316

Mat 22:30 For G1063 in G1722 the G3588 resurrection G386 they neither G3777 marry, G1060 nor G3777 are given in marriage, G1547 but G235 are G1526 as G5613 the angels G32 of God G2316 in G1722 heaven.G3772

Mat 22:31 But G1161 as touching G4012 the G3588 resurrection G386 of the G3588 dead, G3498 have ye not G3756 read G314 that which was spoken G4483 unto you G5213 by G5259 God, G2316 saying,G3004

Mat 22:32 I G1473 am G1510 the G3588 God G2316 of Abraham, G11 and G2532 the G3588 God G2316 of Isaac, G2464 and G2532 the G3588 God G2316 of Jacob? G2384 God G2316 is G2076 not G3756 the God G2316 of the dead, G3498 but G235 of the living.G2198

Mat 22:33 And G2532 when the G3588 multitude G3793 heard G191 this, they were astonished G1605 at G1909 his G846 doctrine.G1322

Mat 22:34 But G1161 when the G3588 Pharisees G5330 had heard G191 that G3754 he had put the Sadducees to silence, G5392 G3588 G4523 they were gathered G4863 together. G1909 G846

Mat 22:35 Then G2532 one G1520 of G1537 them, G846 which was a lawyer, G3544 asked G1905 him a question, tempting G3985 him, G846 and G2532 saying,G3004

Mat 22:36 Master, G1320 which G4169 is the great G3173 commandment G1785 in G1722 the G3588 law?G3551

Mat 22:37 ( G1161) Jesus G2424 said G2036 unto him, G846 Thou shalt love G25 the Lord G2962 thy G4675 God G2316 with G1722 all G3650 thy G4675 heart, G2588 and G2532 with G1722 all G3650 thy G4675 soul, G5590 and G2532 with G1722 all G3650 thy G4675 mind.G1271

Mat 22:38 This G3778 is G2076 the first G4413 and G2532 great G3173 commandment.G1785

Mat 22:39 And G1161 the second G1208 is like unto G3664 it, G846 Thou shalt love G25 thy G4675 neighbour G4139 as G5613 thyself.G4572

Mat 22:40 On G1722 these G5025 two G1417 commandments G1785 hang G2910 all G3650 the G3588 law G3551 and G2532 the G3588 prophets.G4396

Mat 22:41 While G1161 the G3588 Pharisees G5330 were gathered together, G4863 Jesus G2424 asked G1905 them,G846

Mat 22:42 Saying, G3004 What G5101 think G1380 ye G5213 of G4012 Christ? G5547 whose G5101 son G5207 is G2076 he? They say G3004 unto him, G846 The Son of David.G1138

Mat 22:43 He saith G3004 unto them, G846 How G4459 then G3767 doth David G1138 in G1722 spirit G4151 call G2564 him G846 Lord, G2962 saying,G3004

Mat 22:44 The G3588 LORD G2962 said G2036 unto my G3450 Lord, G2962 Sit G2521 thou on G1537 my G3450 right hand, G1188 till G2193 I make G5087 thine G4675 enemies G2190 thy G4675 footstool? G5286 G4228

Mat 22:46 And G2532 no man G3762 was able G1410 to answer G611 him G846 a word, G3056 neither G3761 durst G5111 any G5100 man from G575 that G1565 day G2250 forth ask G1905 him G846 any more G3765 questions.

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