Proverbios  Capitulo 18 - King James with Numbers Strong

Pro 18:1 Through desire H8378 a man, having separated himself, H6504 seeketh H1245 and intermeddleth H1566 with all H3605 wisdom.H8454

Pro 18:2 A fool H3684 hath no H3808 delight H2654 in understanding, H8394 but H3588 H518 that his heart H3820 may discover itself.H1540

Pro 18:3 When the wicked H7563 cometh, H935 then cometh H935 also H1571 contempt, H937 and with H5973 ignominy H7036 reproach.H2781

Pro 18:4 The words H1697 of a man's H376 mouth H6310 are as deep H6013 waters, H4325 and the wellspring H4726 of wisdom H2451 as a flowing H5042 brook.H5158

Pro 18:5 It is not H3808 good H2896 to accept H5375 the person H6440 of the wicked, H7563 to overthrow H5186 the righteous H6662 in judgment.H4941

Pro 18:6 A fool's H3684 lips H8193 enter H935 into contention, H7379 and his mouth H6310 calleth H7121 for strokes.H4112

Pro 18:7 A fool's H3684 mouth H6310 is his destruction, H4288 and his lips H8193 are the snare H4170 of his soul.H5315

Pro 18:8 The words H1697 of a talebearer H5372 are as wounds, H3859 and they H1992 go down H3381 into the innermost parts H2315 of the belly.H990

Pro 18:9 He H1931 also H1571 that is slothful H7503 in his work H4399 is brother H251 to him that is a great H1167 waster.H4889

Pro 18:10 The name H8034 of the LORD H3068 is a strong H5797 tower: H4026 the righteous H6662 runneth H7323 into it, and is safe.H7682

Pro 18:11 The rich man's H6223 wealth H1952 is his strong H5797 city, H7151 and as an high H7682 wall H2346 in his own conceit.H4906

Pro 18:12 Before H6440 destruction H7667 the heart H3820 of man H376 is haughty, H1361 and before H6440 honour H3519 is humility.H6038

Pro 18:13 He that answereth H7725 a matter H1697 before H2962 he heareth H8085 it, it H1931 is folly H200 and shame H3639 unto him.

Pro 18:14 The spirit H7307 of a man H376 will sustain H3557 his infirmity; H4245 but a wounded H5218 spirit H7307 who H4310 can bear?H5375

Pro 18:15 The heart H3820 of the prudent H995 getteth H7069 knowledge; H1847 and the ear H241 of the wise H2450 seeketh H1245 knowledge.H1847

Pro 18:16 A man's H120 gift H4976 maketh room H7337 for him, and bringeth H5148 him before H6440 great H1419 men.

Pro 18:17 He that is first H7223 in his own cause H7379 seemeth just; H6662 but his neighbour H7453 cometh H935 and searcheth H2713 him.

Pro 18:18 The lot H1486 causeth contentions H4079 to cease, H7673 and parteth H6504 between H996 the mighty.H6099

Pro 18:19 A brother H251 offended H6586 is harder to be won than a strong H5797 city: H4480 H7151 and their contentions H4079 are like the bars H1280 of a castle.H759

Pro 18:20 A man's H376 belly H990 shall be satisfied H7646 with the fruit H4480 H6529 of his mouth; H6310 and with the increase H8393 of his lips H8193 shall he be filled.H7646

Pro 18:21 Death H4194 and life H2416 are in the power H3027 of the tongue: H3956 and they that love H157 it shall eat H398 the fruit H6529 thereof.

Pro 18:22 Whoso findeth H4672 a wife H802 findeth H4672 a good H2896 thing, and obtaineth H6329 favour H7522 of the LORD. H4480 H3068

Pro 18:23 The poor H7326 useth H1696 intreaties; H8469 but the rich H6223 answereth H6030 roughly.H5794

Pro 18:24 A man H376 that hath friends H7453 must shew himself friendly: H7489 and there is H3426 a friend H157 that sticketh closer H1695 than a brother. H4480 H251

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