Proverbios  Capitulo 31 - King James with Numbers Strong

Pro 31:1 The words H1697 of king H4428 Lemuel, H3927 the prophecy H4853 that H834 his mother H517 taught H3256 him.

Pro 31:2 What, H4100 my son? H1248 and what, H4100 the son H1248 of my womb? H990 and what, H4100 the son H1248 of my vows?H5088

Pro 31:3 Give H5414 not H408 thy strength H2428 unto women, H802 nor thy ways H1870 to that which destroyeth H4229 kings.H4428

Pro 31:4 It is not H408 for kings, H4428 O Lemuel, H3927 it is not H408 for kings H4428 to drink H8354 wine; H3196 nor H176 for princes H7336 strong drink:H7941

Pro 31:5 Lest H6435 they drink, H8354 and forget H7911 the law, H2710 and pervert H8138 the judgment H1779 of any H3605 of the afflicted. H1121 H6040

Pro 31:6 Give H5414 strong drink H7941 unto him that is ready to perish, H6 and wine H3196 unto those that be of heavy H4751 hearts.H5315

Pro 31:7 Let him drink, H8354 and forget H7911 his poverty, H7389 and remember H2142 his misery H5999 no H3808 more.H5750

Pro 31:8 Open H6605 thy mouth H6310 for the dumb H483 in H413 the cause H1779 of all H3605 such as are appointed H1121 to destruction.H2475

Pro 31:9 Open H6605 thy mouth, H6310 judge H8199 righteously, H6664 and plead the cause H1777 of the poor H6041 and needy.H34

Pro 31:10 Who H4310 can find H4672 a virtuous H2428 woman? H802 for her price H4377 is far H7350 above rubies. H4480 H6443

Pro 31:11 The heart H3820 of her husband H1167 doth safely trust H982 in her, so that he shall have no H3808 need H2637 of spoil.H7998

Pro 31:12 She will do H1580 him good H2896 and not H3808 evil H7451 all H3605 the days H3117 of her life.H2416

Pro 31:13 She seeketh H1875 wool, H6785 and flax, H6593 and worketh H6213 willingly H2656 with her hands.H3709

Pro 31:14 She is H1961 like the merchants' H5503 ships; H591 she bringeth H935 her food H3899 from afar. H4480 H4801

Pro 31:15 She riseth H6965 also while it is yet H5750 night, H3915 and giveth H5414 meat H2964 to her household, H1004 and a portion H2706 to her maidens.H5291

Pro 31:16 She considereth H2161 a field, H7704 and buyeth H3947 it: with the fruit H4480 H6529 of her hands H3709 she planteth H5193 a vineyard.H3754

Pro 31:17 She girdeth H2296 her loins H4975 with strength, H5797 and strengtheneth H553 her arms.H2220

Pro 31:18 She perceiveth H2938 that H3588 her merchandise H5504 is good: H2896 her candle H5216 goeth not out H3808 H3518 by night.H3915

Pro 31:19 She layeth H7971 her hands H3027 to the spindle, H3601 and her hands H3709 hold H8551 the distaff.H6418

Pro 31:20 She stretcheth out H6566 her hand H3709 to the poor; H6041 yea, she reacheth forth H7971 her hands H3027 to the needy.H34

Pro 31:21 She is not H3808 afraid H3372 of the snow H4480 H7950 for her household: H1004 for H3588 all H3605 her household H1004 are clothed H3847 with scarlet.H8144

Pro 31:22 She maketh H6213 herself coverings of tapestry; H4765 her clothing H3830 is silk H8336 and purple.H713

Pro 31:23 Her husband H1167 is known H3045 in the gates, H8179 when he sitteth H3427 among H5973 the elders H2205 of the land.H776

Pro 31:24 She maketh H6213 fine linen, H5466 and selleth H4376 it; and delivereth H5414 girdles H2289 unto the merchant.H3669

Pro 31:25 Strength H5797 and honour H1926 are her clothing; H3830 and she shall rejoice H7832 in time H3117 to come.H314

Pro 31:26 She openeth H6605 her mouth H6310 with wisdom; H2451 and in H5921 her tongue H3956 is the law H8451 of kindness.H2617

Pro 31:27 She looketh well H6822 to the ways H1979 of her household, H1004 and eateth H398 not H3808 the bread H3899 of idleness.H6104

Pro 31:28 Her children H1121 arise up, H6965 and call her blessed; H833 her husband H1167 also, and he praiseth H1984 her.

Pro 31:29 Many H7227 daughters H1323 have done H6213 virtuously, H2428 but thou H859 excellest H5927 H5921 them all.H3605

Pro 31:30 Favour H2580 is deceitful, H8267 and beauty H3308 is vain: H1892 but a woman H802 that feareth H3373 the LORD, H3068 she H1931 shall be praised.H1984

Pro 31:31 Give H5414 her of the fruit H4480 H6529 of her hands; H3027 and let her own works H4639 praise H1984 her in the gates.H8179

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