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Rom 3:1 What G5101 advantage G4053 then G3767 hath the G3588 Jew? G2453 or G2228 what G5101 profit G5622 is there of circumcision?G4061

Rom 3:2 Much G4183 every G3956 way: G5158 chiefly,G4412( G3303) because G1063 that G3754 unto them were committed G4100 the G3588 oracles G3051 of God.G2316

Rom 3:3 For G1063 what G5101 if G1487 some G5100 did not believe? G569 shall their G848 unbelief G570 ( G3361) make the faith of God without effect? G2673 G3588 G4102 G2316

Rom 3:4 God forbid: G1096 G3361 yea, let God G2316 be G1096 true, G227 but G1161 every G3956 man G444 a liar; G5583 as G2531 it is written, G1125 That G3704 thou mightest be justified G1344 G302 in G1722 thy G4675 sayings, G3056 and G2532 mightest overcome G3528 when thou G4571 art judged.G2919

Rom 3:5 But G1161 if G1487 our G2257 unrighteousness G93 commend G4921 the righteousness G1343 of God, G2316 what G5101 shall we say? G2046 Is God G2316 unrighteous G94 who taketh G2018 vengeance? (I G3709 speak G3004 as G2596 a man)G444

Rom 3:7 For G1063 if G1487 the G3588 truth G225 of God G2316 hath more abounded G4052 through G1722 my G1699 lie G5582 unto G1519 his G848 glory; G1391 why G5101 yet G2089 am I also G2504 judged G2919 as G5613 a sinner?G268

Rom 3:8 And G2532 not G3361 rather, (as G2531 we be slanderously reported, G987 and G2532 as G2531 some G5100 affirm G5346 that we G2248 say,) Let us G3004 do G4160 evil, G2556 that G2443 good G18 may come? G2064 whose G3739 damnation G2917 is G2076 just.G1738

Rom 3:9 What G5101 then? G3767 are we better G4284 than they? No, G3756 in no wise: G3843 for G1063 we have before proved G4256 both G5037 Jews G2453 and G2532 Gentiles, G1672 that they are G1511 all G3956 under G5259 sin;G266

Rom 3:10 As G2531 it is written, G1125 There is G2076 none G3756 righteous, G1342 no, not G3761 one:G1520

Rom 3:11 There is G2076 none G3756 that understandeth, G4920 there is G2076 none G3756 that seeketh after G1567 God.G2316

Rom 3:12 They are all G3956 gone out of the way, G1578 they are together G260 become unprofitable; G889 there is G2076 none G3756 that doeth G4160 good, G5544 no,( G2076) not G3756 ( G2193) one.G1520

Rom 3:13 Their G848 throat G2995 is an open G455 sepulchre; G5028 with their G848 tongues G1100 they have used deceit; G1387 the poison G2447 of asps G785 is under G5259 their G848 lips:G5491

Rom 3:14 Whose G3739 mouth G4750 is full G1073 of cursing G685 and G2532 bitterness:G4088

Rom 3:15 Their G848 feet G4228 are swift G3691 to shed G1632 blood:G129

Rom 3:17 And G2532 the way G3598 of peace G1515 have they not G3756 known:G1097

Rom 3:19 Now G1161 we know G1492 that G3754 what things soever G3745 the G3588 law G3551 saith, G3004 it saith G2980 to them G3588 who are under G1722 the G3588 law: G3551 that G2443 every G3956 mouth G4750 may be stopped, G5420 and G2532 all G3956 the G3588 world G2889 may become G1096 guilty G5267 before God.G2316

Rom 3:20 Therefore G1360 by G1537 the deeds G2041 of the law G3551 there shall no G3756 G3956 flesh G4561 be justified G1344 in his sight: G1799 G846 for G1063 by G1223 the law G3551 is the knowledge G1922 of sin.G266

Rom 3:21 But G1161 now G3570 the righteousness G1343 of God G2316 without G5565 the law G3551 is manifested, G5319 being witnessed G3140 by G5259 the G3588 law G3551 and G2532 the G3588 prophets;G4396

Rom 3:22 Even G1161 the righteousness G1343 of God G2316 which is by G1223 faith G4102 of Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 unto G1519 all G3956 and G2532 upon G1909 all G3956 them that believe: G4100 for G1063 there is G2076 no G3756 difference:G1293

Rom 3:23 For G1063 all G3956 have sinned, G264 and G2532 come short G5302 of the G3588 glory G1391 of God;G2316

Rom 3:24 Being justified G1344 freely G1432 by his G848 grace G5485 through G1223 the G3588 redemption G629 that G3588 is in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus:G2424

Rom 3:25 Whom G3739 God G2316 hath set forth G4388 to be a propitiation G2435 through G1223 faith G4102 in G1722 his G848 blood, G129 to declare G1519 G1732 his G848 righteousness G1343 for G1223 the G3588 remission G3929 of sins G265 that are past, G4266 through G1722 the G3588 forbearance G463 of God;G2316

Rom 3:26 To G4314 declare, G1732 I say, at G1722 this G3568 time G2540 his G846 righteousness: G1343 that he G846 might be G1511 just, G1342 and G2532 the justifier G1344 of him G3588 which believeth G1537 G4102 in Jesus.G2424

Rom 3:27 Where G4226 is boasting G2746 then? G3767 It is excluded. G1576 By G1223 what G4169 law? G3551 of works? G2041 Nay: G3780 but G235 by G1223 the law G3551 of faith.G4102

Rom 3:28 Therefore G3767 we conclude G3049 that a man G444 is justified G1344 by faith G4102 without G5565 the deeds G2041 of the law.G3551

Rom 3:29 Is he( G2228) the G3588 God G2316 of the Jews G2453 only? G3440 is he( G1161) not G3780 also G2532 of the Gentiles? G1484 Yes, G3483 of the Gentiles G1484 also:G2532

Rom 3:30 Seeing G1897 it is one G1520 God, G2316 which G3739 shall justify G1344 the circumcision G4061 by G1537 faith, G4102 and G2532 uncircumcision G203 through G1223 faith.G4102

Rom 3:31 Do we then G3767 make void G2673 the law G3551 through G1223 faith? G4102 God forbid: G1096 G3361 yea, G235 we establish G2476 the law.G3551

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