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Rom 5:1 Therefore G3767 being justified G1344 by G1537 faith, G4102 we have G2192 peace G1515 with G4314 God G2316 through G1223 our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ:G5547

Rom 5:2 By G1223 whom G3739 also G2532 we have G2192 access G4318 by faith G4102 into G1519 this G5026 grace G5485 wherein G1722 G3739 we stand, G2476 and G2532 rejoice G2744 in G1909 hope G1680 of the G3588 glory G1391 of God.G2316

Rom 5:3 And G1161 not G3756 only G3440 so, but G235 we glory G2744 in G1722 tribulations G2347 also: G2532 knowing G1492 that G3754 tribulation G2347 worketh G2716 patience;G5281

Rom 5:4 And G1161 patience, G5281 experience; G1382 and G1161 experience, G1382 hope:G1680

Rom 5:5 And G1161 hope G1680 maketh not ashamed; G2617 G3756 because G3754 the G3588 love G26 of God G2316 is shed abroad G1632 in G1722 our G2257 hearts G2588 by G1223 the Holy G40 Ghost G4151 which is given G1325 unto us.G2254

Rom 5:6 For G1063 when we G2257 were G5607 yet G2089 without strength, G772 in G2596 due time G2540 Christ G5547 died G599 for G5228 the ungodly.G765

Rom 5:7 For G1063 scarcely G3433 for G5228 a righteous man G1342 will one G5100 die: G599 yet G1063 peradventure G5029 for G5228 a good man G18 some G5100 would even G2532 dare G5111 to die.G599

Rom 5:8 But G1161 God G2316 commendeth G4921 his G1438 love G26 toward G1519 us, G2248 in that, G3754 while we G2257 were G5607 yet G2089 sinners, G268 Christ G5547 died G599 for G5228 us.G2257

Rom 5:9 Much G4183 more G3123 then, G3767 being now G3568 justified G1344 by G1722 his G848 blood, G129 we shall be saved G4982 from G575 wrath G3709 through G1223 him.G846

Rom 5:10 For G1063 if, G1487 when we were G5607 enemies, G2190 we were reconciled G2644 to God G2316 by G1223 the G3588 death G2288 of his G848 Son, G5207 much G4183 more, G3123 being reconciled, G2644 we shall be saved G4982 by G1722 his G848 life.G2222

Rom 5:11 And G1161 not G3756 only G3440 so, but G235 we also G2532 joy G2744 in G1722 God G2316 through G1223 our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 by G1223 whom G3739 we have now G3568 received G2983 the G3588 atonement.G2643

Rom 5:13 (For G1063 until G891 the law G3551 sin G266 was G2258 in G1722 the world: G2889 but G1161 sin G266 is not G3756 imputed G1677 when there is G5607 no G3361 law.G3551

Rom 5:14 Nevertheless G235 death G2288 reigned G936 from G575 Adam G76 to G3360 Moses, G3475 even G2532 over G1909 them that had not sinned G264 G3361 after G1909 the G3588 similitude G3667 of Adam's G76 transgression, G3847 who G3739 is G2076 the figure G5179 of him G3588 that was to come.G3195

Rom 5:15 But G235 not G3756 as G5613 the G3588 offence, G3900 so G3779 also G2532 is the G3588 free gift. G5486 For G1063 if G1487 through the G3588 offence G3900 of one G1520 many G4183 be dead, G599 much G4183 more G3123 the G3588 grace G5485 of God, G2316 and G2532 the G3588 gift G1431 by G1722 grace, G5485 which( G3588) is by one G1520 man, G444 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 hath abounded G4052 unto G1519 many.G4183

Rom 5:16 And G2532 not G3756 as G5613 it was by G1223 one G1520 that sinned, G264 so is the G3588 gift: G1434 for G1063 the G3588 ( G3303) judgment G2917 was by G1537 one G1520 to G1519 condemnation, G2631 but G1161 the G3588 free gift G5486 is of G1537 many G4183 offences G3900 unto G1519 justification.G1345

Rom 5:17 For G1063 if G1487 by one man's G1520 offence G3900 death G2288 reigned G936 by G1223 one; G1520 much G4183 more G3123 they which receive G2983 abundance G4050 of grace G5485 and G2532 of the G3588 gift G1431 of righteousness G1343 shall reign G936 in G1722 life G2222 by G1223 one, G1520 Jesus G2424 Christ.)G5547

Rom 5:18 Therefore G686 G3767 as G5613 by G1223 the offence G3900 of one G1520 judgment came upon G1519 all G3956 men G444 to G1519 condemnation; G2631 even G2532 so G3779 by G1223 the righteousness G1345 of one G1520 the free gift came upon G1519 all G3956 men G444 unto G1519 justification G1347 of life.G2222

Rom 5:19 For G1063 as G5618 by G1223 one G1520 man's G444 disobedience G3876 many G4183 were made G2525 sinners, G268 so G3779 ( G2532) by G1223 the G3588 obedience G5218 of one G1520 shall many G4183 be made G2525 righteous.G1342

Rom 5:20 Moreover G1161 the law G3551 entered, G3922 that G2443 the G3588 offence G3900 might abound. G4121 But G1161 where G3757 sin G266 abounded, G4121 grace G5485 did much more abound:G5248

Rom 5:21 That G2443 as G5618 sin G266 hath reigned G936 unto G1722 death, G2288 even G2532 so G3779 might grace G5485 reign G936 through G1223 righteousness G1343 unto G1519 eternal G166 life G2222 by G1223 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 our G2257 Lord.G2962

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