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Rut 4:1 Then went Boaz up H5927 H1162 to the gate, H8179 and sat him down H3427 there: H8033 and, behold, H2009 the kinsman H1350 of whom Boaz H1162 spake H1696 came by; H5674 unto whom H834 he said, H559 Ho, such H6423 a one! H492 turn aside, H5493 sit down H3427 here. H6311 And he turned aside, H5493 and sat down.H3427

Rut 4:2 And he took H3947 ten H6235 men H376 of the elders H4480 H2205 of the city, H5892 and said, H559 Sit ye down H3427 here. H6311 And they sat down.H3427

Rut 4:3 And he said H559 unto the kinsman, H1350 Naomi, H5281 that is come again H7725 out of the country H4480 H7704 of Moab, H4124 selleth H4376 a parcel H2513 of land, H7704 which H834 was our brother H251 Elimelech's:H458

Rut 4:4 And I H589 thought H559 to advertise H1540 H241 thee, saying, H559 Buy H7069 it before H5048 the inhabitants, H3427 and before H5048 the elders H2205 of my people. H5971 If H518 thou wilt redeem H1350 it, redeem H1350 it: but if H518 thou wilt not H3808 redeem H1350 it, then tell H5046 me, that I may know: H3045 for H3588 there is none H369 to redeem H1350 it beside H2108 thee; and I H595 am after H310 thee. And he said, H559 I H595 will redeem H1350 it.

Rut 4:5 Then said H559 Boaz, H1162 What day H3117 thou buyest H7069 the field H7704 of the hand H4480 H3027 of Naomi, H5281 thou must buy H7069 it also of H4480 H854 Ruth H7327 the Moabitess, H4125 the wife H802 of the dead, H4191 to raise up H6965 the name H8034 of the dead H4191 upon H5921 his inheritance.H5159

Rut 4:6 And the kinsman H1350 said, H559 I cannot H3808 H3201 redeem H1350 it for myself, lest H6435 I mar H7843 (H853) mine own inheritance: H5159 redeem H1350 thou H859 (H853) my right H1353 to thyself; for H3588 I cannot H3808 H3201 redeem H1350 it.

Rut 4:7 Now this H2063 was the manner in former time H6440 in Israel H3478 concerning H5921 redeeming H1353 and concerning H5921 changing, H8545 for to confirm H6965 all H3605 things; H1697 a man H376 plucked off H8025 his shoe, H5275 and gave H5414 it to his neighbour: H7453 and this H2063 was a testimony H8584 in Israel.H3478

Rut 4:8 Therefore the kinsman H1350 said H559 unto Boaz, H1162 Buy H7069 it for thee. So he drew off H8025 his shoe.H5275

Rut 4:9 And Boaz H1162 said H559 unto the elders, H2205 and unto all H3605 the people, H5971 Ye H859 are witnesses H5707 this day, H3117 that H3588 I have bought H7069 (H853) all H3605 that H834 was Elimelech's, H458 and all H3605 that H834 was Chilion's H3630 and Mahlon's, H4248 of the hand H4480 H3027 of Naomi.H5281

Rut 4:10 Moreover H1571 (H853) Ruth H7327 the Moabitess, H4125 the wife H802 of Mahlon, H4248 have I purchased H7069 to be my wife, H802 to raise up H6965 the name H8034 of the dead H4191 upon H5921 his inheritance, H5159 that the name H8034 of the dead H4191 be not H3808 cut off H3772 from among H4480 H5973 his brethren, H251 and from the gate H4480 H8179 of his place: H4725 ye H859 are witnesses H5707 this day.H3117

Rut 4:11 And all H3605 the people H5971 that H834 were in the gate, H8179 and the elders, H2205 said, H559 We are witnesses. H5707 The LORD H3068 make H5414 (H853) the woman H802 that is come H935 into H413 thine house H1004 like Rachel H7354 and like Leah, H3812 which H834 two H8147 did build H1129 (H853) the house H1004 of Israel: H3478 and do H6213 thou worthily H2428 in Ephratah, H672 and be famous H7121 H8034 in Bethlehem:H1035

Rut 4:12 And let thy house H1004 be H1961 like the house H1004 of Pharez, H6557 whom H834 Tamar H8559 bare H3205 unto Judah, H3063 of H4480 the seed H2233 which H834 the LORD H3068 shall give H5414 thee of H4480 this H2063 young woman.H5291

Rut 4:13 So Boaz H1162 took H3947 (H853) Ruth, H7327 and she was H1961 his wife: H802 and when he went H935 in unto H413 her, the LORD H3068 gave H5414 her conception, H2032 and she bare H3205 a son.H1121

Rut 4:14 And the women H802 said H559 unto H413 Naomi, H5281 Blessed H1288 be the LORD, H3068 which H834 hath not H3808 left H7673 thee this day H3117 without a kinsman, H1350 that his name H8034 may be famous H7121 in Israel.H3478

Rut 4:15 And he shall be H1961 unto thee a restorer H7725 of thy life, H5315 and a nourisher H3557 of(H853) thine old age: H7872 for H3588 thy daughter in law, H3618 which H834 loveth H157 thee, which H834 is better H2896 to thee than seven H4480 H7651 sons, H1121 hath born H3205 him.

Rut 4:16 And Naomi H5281 took H3947 (H853) the child, H3206 and laid H7896 it in her bosom, H2436 and became H1961 nurse H539 unto it.

Rut 4:17 And the women her neighbours H7934 gave H7121 it a name, H8034 saying, H559 There is a son H1121 born H3205 to Naomi; H5281 and they called H7121 his name H8034 Obed: H5744 he H1931 is the father H1 of Jesse, H3448 the father H1 of David.H1732

Rut 4:18 Now these H428 are the generations H8435 of Pharez: H6557 Pharez H6557 begat H3205 (H853) Hezron,H2696

Rut 4:19 And Hezron H2696 begat H3205 (H853) Ram, H7410 and Ram H7410 (H853) begat H3205 Amminadab,H5992

Rut 4:20 And Amminadab H5992 begat H3205 (H853) Nahshon, H5177 and Nahshon H5177 begat H3205 (H853) Salmon,H8009

Rut 4:22 And Obed H5744 begat H3205 (H853) Jesse, H3448 and Jesse H3448 begat H3205 (H853) David.H1732

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