Salmos  Capitulo 1 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 1:1 Blessed H835 is the man H376 that H834 walketh H1980 not H3808 in the counsel H6098 of the ungodly, H7563 nor H3808 standeth H5975 in the way H1870 of sinners, H2400 nor H3808 sitteth H3427 in the seat H4186 of the scornful.H3887

Sal 1:2 But H3588 H518 his delight H2656 is in the law H8451 of the LORD; H3068 and in his law H8451 doth he meditate H1897 day H3119 and night.H3915

Sal 1:3 And he shall be H1961 like a tree H6086 planted H8362 by H5921 the rivers H6388 of water, H4325 that H834 bringeth forth H5414 his fruit H6529 in his season; H6256 his leaf H5929 also shall not H3808 wither; H5034 and whatsoever H3605 H834 he doeth H6213 shall prosper.H6743

Sal 1:4 The ungodly H7563 are not H3808 so: H3651 but H3588 H518 are like the chaff H4671 which H834 the wind H7307 driveth away.H5086

Sal 1:5 Therefore H5921 H3651 the ungodly H7563 shall not H3808 stand H6965 in the judgment, H4941 nor sinners H2400 in the congregation H5712 of the righteous.H6662

Sal 1:6 For H3588 the LORD H3068 knoweth H3045 the way H1870 of the righteous: H6662 but the way H1870 of the ungodly H7563 shall perish.H6

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