Salmos  Capitulo 150 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 150:1 Praise H1984 ye the LORD. H3050 Praise H1984 God H410 in his sanctuary: H6944 praise H1984 him in the firmament H7549 of his power.H5797

Sal 150:2 Praise H1984 him for his mighty acts: H1369 praise H1984 him according to his excellent H7230 greatness.H1433

Sal 150:3 Praise H1984 him with the sound H8629 of the trumpet: H7782 praise H1984 him with the psaltery H5035 and harp.H3658

Sal 150:4 Praise H1984 him with the timbrel H8596 and dance: H4234 praise H1984 him with stringed instruments H4482 and organs.H5748

Sal 150:5 Praise H1984 him upon the loud H8088 cymbals: H6767 praise H1984 him upon the high sounding H8643 cymbals.H6767

Sal 150:6 Let every H3605 thing that hath breath H5397 praise H1984 the LORD. H3050 Praise H1984 ye the LORD.H3050

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