Salmos  Capitulo 65 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 65:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 A Psalm H4210 and Song H7892 of David. H1732 Praise H8416 waiteth H1747 for thee, O God, H430 in Sion: H6726 and unto thee shall the vow H5088 be performed.H7999

Sal 65:2 O thou that hearest H8085 prayer, H8605 unto H5704 thee shall all H3605 flesh H1320 come.H935

Sal 65:3 Iniquities H1697 H5771 prevail H1396 against H4480 me: as for our transgressions, H6588 thou H859 shalt purge them away.H3722

Sal 65:4 Blessed H835 is the man whom thou choosest, H977 and causest to approach H7126 unto thee, that he may dwell H7931 in thy courts: H2691 we shall be satisfied H7646 with the goodness H2898 of thy house, H1004 even of thy holy H6918 temple.H1964

Sal 65:5 By terrible things H3372 in righteousness H6664 wilt thou answer H6030 us, O God H430 of our salvation; H3468 who art the confidence H4009 of all H3605 the ends H7099 of the earth, H776 and of them that are afar off H7350 upon the sea:H3220

Sal 65:6 Which by his strength H3581 setteth fast H3559 the mountains; H2022 being girded H247 with power:H1369

Sal 65:7 Which stilleth H7623 the noise H7588 of the seas, H3220 the noise H7588 of their waves, H1530 and the tumult H1995 of the people.H3816

Sal 65:8 They also that dwell H3427 in the uttermost parts H7098 are afraid H3372 at thy tokens: H4480 H226 thou makest the outgoings H4161 of the morning H1242 and evening H6153 to rejoice.H7442

Sal 65:9 Thou visitest H6485 the earth, H776 and waterest H7783 it: thou greatly H7227 enrichest H6238 it with the river H6388 of God, H430 which is full H4390 of water: H4325 thou preparest H3559 them corn, H1715 when H3588 thou hast so H3651 provided H3559 for it.

Sal 65:10 Thou waterest the ridges H8525 thereof abundantly: H7301 thou settlest H5181 the furrows H1417 thereof: thou makest it soft H4127 with showers: H7241 thou blessest H1288 the springing H6780 thereof.

Sal 65:11 Thou crownest H5849 the year H8141 with thy goodness; H2896 and thy paths H4570 drop H7491 fatness.H1880

Sal 65:12 They drop H7491 upon the pastures H4999 of the wilderness: H4057 and the little hills H1389 rejoice H1524 on every side.H2296

Sal 65:13 The pastures H3733 are clothed H3847 with flocks; H6629 the valleys H6010 also are covered over H5848 with corn; H1250 they shout for joy, H7321 they also H637 sing.H7891

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