Santiago   Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

Stg 2:1 My G3450 brethren, G80 have G2192 not G3361 the G3588 faith G4102 of our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 the Lord of glory, G1391 with G1722 respect of persons.G4382

Stg 2:2 For G1063 if G1437 there come G1525 unto G1519 your G5216 assembly G4864 a man G435 with a gold ring, G5554 in G1722 goodly G2986 apparel, G2066 and G1161 there come in G1525 also G2532 a poor man G4434 in G1722 vile G4508 raiment;G2066

Stg 2:3 And G2532 ye have respect G1914 to G1909 him that weareth G5409 the G3588 gay G2986 clothing, G2066 and G2532 say G2036 unto him, G846 Sit G2521 thou G4771 here G5602 in a good place; G2573 and G2532 say G2036 to the G3588 poor, G4434 Stand G2476 thou G4771 there, G1563 or G2228 sit G2521 here G5602 under G5259 my G3450 footstool:G5286

Stg 2:5 Hearken, G191 my G3450 beloved G27 brethren, G80 Hath not G3756 God G2316 chosen G1586 the G3588 poor G4434 of this G5127 world G2889 rich G4145 in G1722 faith, G4102 and G2532 heirs G2818 of the G3588 kingdom G932 which G3739 he hath promised G1861 to them that love G25 him?G846

Stg 2:6 But G1161 ye G5210 have despised G818 the G3588 poor. G4434 Do not G3756 rich men G4145 oppress G2616 you, G5216 and G2532 draw G1670 you G5209 before G1519 the judgment seats?G2922

Stg 2:7 Do not G3756 they G846 blaspheme G987 that worthy G2570 name G3686 by the which G3588 ( G1909) ye G5209 are called?G1941

Stg 2:8 If G1487 ye( G3305) fulfil G5055 the royal G937 law G3551 according G2596 to the G3588 scripture, G1124 Thou shalt love G25 thy G4675 neighbour G4139 as G5613 thyself, G4572 ye do G4160 well:G2573

Stg 2:9 But G1161 if G1487 ye have respect to persons, G4380 ye commit G2038 sin, G266 and are convinced G1651 of G5259 the G3588 law G3551 as G5613 transgressors.G3848

Stg 2:10 For G1063 whosoever G3748 shall keep G5083 the G3588 whole G3650 law, G3551 and G1161 yet offend G4417 in G1722 one G1520 point, he is G1096 guilty G1777 of all.G3956

Stg 2:11 For G1063 he that said, G2036 Do not G3361 commit adultery, G3431 said G2036 also, G2532 Do not G3361 kill. G5407 Now G1161 if G1487 thou commit no adultery, G3431 G3756 yet G1161 if thou kill, G5407 thou art become G1096 a transgressor G3848 of the law.G3551

Stg 2:12 So G3779 speak G2980 ye, and G2532 so G3779 do, G4160 as G5613 they that shall be G3195 judged G2919 by G1223 the law G3551 of liberty.G1657

Stg 2:13 For G1063 he shall have judgment G2920 without mercy, G448 that hath shewed G4160 no G3361 mercy; G1656 and G2532 mercy G1656 rejoiceth against G2620 judgment.G2920

Stg 2:14 What G5101 doth it profit, G3786 my G3450 brethren, G80 though G1437 a man G5100 say G3004 he hath G2192 faith, G4102 and G1161 have G2192 not G3361 works? G2041 ( G3361) can G1410 faith G4102 save G4982 him?G846

Stg 2:15 ( G1161) If G1437 a brother G80 or G2228 sister G79 be G5225 naked, G1131 and G2532 destitute G5600 G3007 of daily G2184 food,G5160

Stg 2:16 And G1161 one G5100 of G1537 you G5216 say G2036 unto them, G846 Depart G5217 in G1722 peace, G1515 be ye warmed G2328 and G2532 filled; G5526 notwithstanding G1161 ye give G1325 them G846 not G3361 those things which are needful G2006 to the G3588 body; G4983 what G5101 doth it profit?G3786

Stg 2:18 Yea, G235 a man G5100 may say, G2046 Thou G4771 hast G2192 faith, G4102 and I G2504 have G2192 works: G2041 shew G1166 me G3427 thy G4675 faith G4102 without G5565 thy G4675 works, G2041 and I G2504 will shew G1166 thee G4671 my G3450 faith G4102 by G1537 my G3450 works.G2041

Stg 2:19 Thou G4771 believest G4100 that G3754 there is G2076 one G1520 God; G2316 thou doest G4160 well: G2573 the G3588 devils G1140 also G2532 believe, G4100 and G2532 tremble.G5425

Stg 2:20 But G1161 wilt G2309 thou know, G1097 O G5599 vain G2756 man, G444 that G3754 faith G4102 without G5565 works G2041 is G2076 dead?G3498

Stg 2:21 Was not G3756 Abraham G11 our G2257 father G3962 justified G1344 by G1537 works, G2041 when he had offered G399 Isaac G2464 his G848 son G5207 upon G1909 the G3588 altar?G2379

Stg 2:22 Seest G991 thou how G3754 faith G4102 wrought with G4903 his G846 works, G2041 and G2532 by G1537 works G2041 was faith G4102 made perfect?G5048

Stg 2:23 And G2532 the G3588 scripture G1124 was fulfilled G4137 which saith,G3004( G1161) Abraham G11 believed G4100 God, G2316 and G2532 it was imputed G3049 unto him G846 for G1519 righteousness: G1343 and G2532 he was called G2564 the Friend G5384 of God.G2316

Stg 2:24 Ye see G3708 then G5106 how G3754 that by G1537 works G2041 a man G444 is justified, G1344 and G2532 not G3756 by G1537 faith G4102 only.G3440

Stg 2:25 Likewise G3668 also G2532 was not G3756 Rahab G4460 the G3588 harlot G4204 justified G1344 by G1537 works, G2041 when she had received G5264 the G3588 messengers, G32 and G2532 had sent them out G1544 another G2087 way?G3598

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