Santiago   Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

Stg 5:1 Go to G33 now, G3568 ye rich men, G4145 weep G2799 and howl G3649 for G1909 your G5216 miseries G5004 that shall come upon G1904 you.

Stg 5:2 Your G5216 riches G4149 are corrupted, G4595 and G2532 your G5216 garments G2440 are G1096 motheaten.G4598

Stg 5:3 Your G5216 gold G5557 and G2532 silver G696 is cankered; G2728 and G2532 the G3588 rust G2447 of them G846 shall be G2071 a( G1519) witness G3142 against you, G5213 and G2532 shall eat G5315 your G5216 flesh G4561 as it were G5613 fire. G4442 Ye have heaped treasure together G2343 for G1722 the last G2078 days.G2250

Stg 5:4 Behold, G2400 the G3588 hire G3408 of the G3588 labourers G2040 who have reaped down G270 your G5216 fields, G5561 which is of G575 you G5216 kept back by fraud, G650 crieth: G2896 and G2532 the G3588 cries G994 of them which have reaped G2325 are entered G1525 into G1519 the G3588 ears G3775 of the Lord G2962 of sabaoth.G4519

Stg 5:5 Ye have lived in pleasure G5171 on G1909 the G3588 earth, G1093 and G2532 been wanton; G4684 ye have nourished G5142 your G5216 hearts, G2588 as in G1722 a day G2250 of slaughter.G4967

Stg 5:6 Ye have condemned G2613 and killed G5407 the G3588 just; G1342 and he doth not G3756 resist G498 you.G5213

Stg 5:7 Be patient G3114 therefore, G3767 brethren, G80 unto G2193 the G3588 coming G3952 of the G3588 Lord. G2962 Behold, G2400 the G3588 husbandman G1092 waiteth for G1551 the G3588 precious G5093 fruit G2590 of the G3588 earth, G1093 and G2532 hath long patience G3114 for G1909 it, G846 until G2193 G302 he receive G2983 the early G4406 and G2532 latter G3797 rain.G5205

Stg 5:9 Grudge G4727 not G3361 one against another, G240 G2596 brethren, G80 lest G3363 ye be condemned: G2632 behold, G2400 the G3588 judge G2923 standeth G2476 before G4253 the G3588 door.G2374

Stg 5:10 Take, G2983 my G3450 brethren, G80 the G3588 prophets, G4396 who G3739 have spoken G2980 in the G3588 name G3686 of the Lord, G2962 for an example G5262 of suffering affliction, G2552 and G2532 of patience.G3115

Stg 5:11 Behold, G2400 we count them happy G3106 which endure. G5278 Ye have heard G191 of the G3588 patience G5281 of Job, G2492 and G2532 have seen G1492 the G3588 end G5056 of the Lord; G2962 that G3754 the G3588 Lord G2962 is G2076 very pitiful, G4184 and G2532 of tender mercy.G3629

Stg 5:12 But G1161 above G4253 all things, G3956 my G3450 brethren, G80 swear G3660 not, G3361 neither G3383 by heaven, G3772 neither G3383 by the G3588 earth, G1093 neither G3383 by any G243 other G5100 oath: G3727 but G1161 let your G5216 yea G3483 be G2277 yea; G3483 and G2532 your( G3588) nay, G3756 nay; G3756 lest G3363 ye fall G4098 into G1519 condemnation.G5272

Stg 5:14 Is any sick G770 G5100 among G1722 you? G5213 let him call for G4341 the G3588 elders G4245 of the G3588 church; G1577 and G2532 let them pray G4336 over G1909 him, G846 anointing G218 him G846 with oil G1637 in G1722 the G3588 name G3686 of the G3588 Lord:G2962

Stg 5:15 And G2532 the G3588 prayer G2171 of faith G4102 shall save G4982 the G3588 sick, G2577 and G2532 the G3588 Lord G2962 shall raise him up; G1453 G846 and if G2579 he have G5600 committed G4160 sins, G266 they shall be forgiven G863 him.G846

Stg 5:16 Confess G1843 your faults G3900 one to another, G240 and G2532 pray G2172 one for another, G240 G5228 that G3704 ye may be healed. G2390 The effectual fervent G1754 prayer G1162 of a righteous man G1342 availeth G2480 much.G4183

Stg 5:17 Elias G2243 was G2258 a man G444 subject to like passions G3663 as we G2254 are, and G2532 he prayed earnestly G4336 G4335 that it might not G3361 rain: G1026 and G2532 it rained G1026 not G3756 on G1909 the G3588 earth G1093 by the space of three G5140 years G1763 and G2532 six G1803 months.G3376

Stg 5:18 And G2532 he prayed G4336 again, G3825 and G2532 the G3588 heaven G3772 gave G1325 rain, G5205 and G2532 the G3588 earth G1093 brought forth G985 her G848 fruit.G2590

Stg 5:20 Let him know, G1097 that G3754 he which converteth G1994 the sinner G268 from G1537 the error G4106 of his G846 way G3598 shall save G4982 a soul G5590 from G1537 death, G2288 and G2532 shall hide G2572 a multitude G4128 of sins.G266

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