1 Reyes  20:39 (KJS)

And as H1961 the king H4428 passed by, H5674 he H1931 cried H6817 unto H413 the king: H4428 and he said, H559 Thy servant H5650 went out H3318 into the midst H7130 of the battle; H4421 and, behold, H2009 a man H376 turned aside, H5493 and brought H935 a man H376 unto H413 me, and said, H559 Keep H8104 (H853) this H2088 man: H376 if H518 by any means he be missing, H6485 H6485 then shall thy life H5315 be H1961 for H8478 his life, H5315 or H176 else thou shalt pay H8254 a talent H3603 of silver.H3701

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