1 Corintios  Capitulo 13 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Co 13:1 Though G1437 I speak G2980 with the G3588 tongues G1100 of men G444 and G2532 of angels, G32 and G1161 have G2192 not G3361 charity, G26 I am become G1096 as sounding G2278 brass, G5475 or G2228 a tinkling G214 cymbal.G2950

1Co 13:2 And G2532 though G1437 I have G2192 the gift of prophecy, G4394 and G2532 understand G1492 all G3956 mysteries, G3466 and G2532 all G3956 knowledge; G1108 and G2532 though G1437 I have G2192 all G3956 faith, G4102 so that G5620 I could remove G3179 mountains, G3735 and G1161 have G2192 not G3361 charity, G26 I am G1510 nothing.G3762

1Co 13:3 And G2532 though G1437 I bestow all my goods to feed G5595 G3956 G3450 G5224 the poor, and G2532 though G1437 I give G3860 my G3450 body G4983 to G2443 be burned, G2545 and G2532 have G2192 not G3361 charity, G26 it profiteth G5623 me nothing.G3762

1Co 13:4 Charity G26 suffereth long, G3114 and is kind; G5541 charity G26 envieth G2206 not; G3756 charity G26 vaunteth not itself, G4068 G3756 is not G3756 puffed up,G5448

1Co 13:5 Doth not G3756 behave itself unseemly, G807 seeketh G2212 not G3756 her own, G1438 is not G3756 easily provoked, G3947 thinketh G3049 no G3756 evil;G2556

1Co 13:6 Rejoiceth G5463 not G3756 in G1909 iniquity, G93 but G1161 rejoiceth G4796 in the G3588 truth;G225

1Co 13:7 Beareth G4722 all things, G3956 believeth G4100 all things, G3956 hopeth G1679 all things, G3956 endureth G5278 all things.G3956

1Co 13:8 Charity G26 never G3763 faileth: G1601 but G1161 whether G1535 there be prophecies, G4394 they shall fail; G2673 whether G1535 there be tongues, G1100 they shall cease; G3973 whether G1535 there be knowledge, G1108 it shall vanish away.G2673

1Co 13:9 For G1063 we know G1097 in G1537 part, G3313 and G2532 we prophesy G4395 in G1537 part.G3313

1Co 13:10 But G1161 when G3752 that which is perfect G5046 is come, G2064 then G5119 that G3588 which is in G1537 part G3313 shall be done away.G2673

1Co 13:11 When G3753 I was G2252 a child, G3516 I spake G2980 as G5613 a child, G3516 I understood G5426 as G5613 a child, G3516 I thought G3049 as G5613 a child: G3516 but G1161 when G3753 I became G1096 a man, G435 I put away G2673 childish things. G3588 G3516

1Co 13:12 For G1063 now G737 we see G991 through G1223 a glass, G2072 darkly; G1722 G135 but G1161 then G5119 face G4383 to G4314 face: G4383 now G737 I know G1097 in G1537 part; G3313 but G1161 then G5119 shall I know G1921 even as G2531 also G2532 I am known.G1921

1Co 13:13 And G1161 now G3570 abideth G3306 faith, G4102 hope, G1680 charity, G26 these G5023 three; G5140 but G1161 the greatest G3187 of these G5130 is charity.G26

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