1 Corintios  Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Co 4:1 Let a man G444 so G3779 account G3049 of us, G2248 as G5613 of the ministers G5257 of Christ, G5547 and G2532 stewards G3623 of the mysteries G3466 of God.G2316

1Co 4:2 ( G1161) Moreover G3063 G3739 it is required G2212 in G1722 stewards, G3623 that G2443 a man G5100 be found G2147 faithful.G4103

1Co 4:3 But G1161 with me G1698 it is G2076 a( G1519) very small thing G1646 that G2443 I should be judged G350 of G5259 you, G5216 or G2228 of G5259 man's G442 judgment: G2250 yea, G235 I judge G350 not G3761 mine own self.G1683

1Co 4:4 For G1063 I know G4894 nothing G3762 by myself; G1683 yet G235 am I not G3756 hereby G1722 G5129 justified: G1344 but G1161 he that judgeth G350 me G3165 is G2076 the Lord.G2962

1Co 4:5 Therefore G5620 judge G2919 nothing G5100 G3361 before G4253 the time, G2540 until G2193 G302 the G3588 Lord G2962 come, G2064 who G3739 both G2532 will bring to light G5461 the G3588 hidden things G2927 of darkness, G4655 and G2532 will make manifest G5319 the G3588 counsels G1012 of the G3588 hearts: G2588 and G2532 then G5119 shall every man G1538 have G1096 praise G1868 of G575 God.G2316

1Co 4:6 And G1161 these things, G5023 brethren, G80 I have in a figure transferred G3345 to G1519 myself G1683 and G2532 to Apollos G625 for your sakes; G1223 G5209 that G2443 ye might learn G3129 in G1722 us G2254 not G3361 to think G5426 of men above G5228 that which G3739 is written, G1125 that G2443 no G3361 one G1520 of you be puffed up G5448 for G5228 one G1520 against G2596 another.G2087

1Co 4:7 For G1063 who G5101 maketh thee to differ G1252 G4571 from another? and G1161 what G5101 hast G2192 thou that G3739 thou didst not G3756 receive? G2983 now G1161 if G1487 thou didst( G2532) receive G2983 it, why G5101 dost thou glory, G2744 as G5613 if G1487 thou hadst not G3361 received G2983 it?

1Co 4:8 Now G2235 ye are G2075 full, G2880 now G2235 ye are rich, G4147 ye have reigned as kings G936 without G5565 us: G2257 and G2532 I would to God G3785 G1065 ye did reign, G936 that G2443 we G2249 also G2532 might reign with G4821 you.G5213

1Co 4:9 For G1063 I think G1380 that G3754 God G2316 hath set forth G584 us G2248 the G3588 apostles G652 last, G2078 as it were G5613 appointed to death: G1935 for G3754 we are made G1096 a spectacle G2302 unto the G3588 world, G2889 and G2532 to angels, G32 and G2532 to men.G444

1Co 4:10 We G2249 are fools G3474 for Christ's sake, G1223 G5547 but G1161 ye G5210 are wise G5429 in G1722 Christ; G5547 we G2249 are weak, G772 but G1161 ye G5210 are strong; G2478 ye G5210 are honourable, G1741 but G1161 we G2249 are despised.G820

1Co 4:11 Even unto G891 this present G737 hour G5610 we both G2532 hunger, G3983 and G2532 thirst, G1372 and G2532 are naked, G1130 and G2532 are buffeted, G2852 and G2532 have no certain dwellingplace;G790

1Co 4:12 And G2532 labour, G2872 working G2038 with our own G2398 hands: G5495 being reviled, G3058 we bless; G2127 being persecuted, G1377 we suffer G430 it:

1Co 4:13 Being defamed, G987 we intreat: G3870 we are made G1096 as G5613 the filth G4027 of the G3588 world, G2889 and are the offscouring G4067 of all things G3956 unto G2193 this day.G737

1Co 4:15 For G1063 though G1437 ye have G2192 ten thousand G3463 instructors G3807 in G1722 Christ, G5547 yet G235 have ye not G3756 many G4183 fathers: G3962 for G1063 in G1722 Christ G5547 Jesus G2424 I G1473 have begotten G1080 you G5209 through G1223 the G3588 gospel.G2098

1Co 4:16 Wherefore G3767 I beseech G3870 you, G5209 be G1096 ye followers G3402 of me.G3450

1Co 4:17 For this cause G1223 G5124 have I sent G3992 unto you G5213 Timotheus, G5095 who G3739 is G2076 my G3450 beloved G27 son, G5043 and G2532 faithful G4103 in G1722 the Lord, G2962 who G3739 shall bring you into remembrance G363 G5209 of my G3450 ways G3598 which G3588 be in G1722 Christ, G5547 as G2531 I teach G1321 every where G3837 in G1722 every G3956 church.G1577

1Co 4:18 Now G1161 some G5100 are puffed up, G5448 as though G5613 I G3450 would not G3361 come G2064 to G4314 you.G5209

1Co 4:19 But G1161 I will come G2064 to G4314 you G5209 shortly, G5030 if G1437 the G3588 Lord G2962 will, G2309 and G2532 will know, G1097 not G3756 the G3588 speech G3056 of them which are puffed up, G5448 but G235 the G3588 power.G1411

1Co 4:20 For G1063 the G3588 kingdom G932 of God G2316 is not G3756 in G1722 word, G3056 but G235 in G1722 power.G1411

1Co 4:21 What G5101 will G2309 ye? shall I come G2064 unto G4314 you G5209 with G1722 a rod, G4464 or G2228 in G1722 love, G26 and G5037 in the spirit G4151 of meekness?G4236

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