1 Corintios  Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Co 5:1 It is reported G191 commonly G3654 that there is fornication G4202 among G1722 you, G5213 and G2532 such G5108 fornication G4202 as G3748 is not so much as G3761 named G3687 among G1722 the G3588 Gentiles, G1484 that G5620 one G5100 should have G2192 his father's G3962 wife.G1135

1Co 5:2 And G2532 ye G5210 are G2075 puffed up, G5448 and G2532 have not G3780 rather G3123 mourned, G3996 that G2443 he that hath done G4160 this G5124 deed G2041 might be taken away G1808 from G1537 among G3319 you.G5216

1Co 5:3 For G1063 I G1473 verily, G3303 as G5613 absent G548 in body, G4983 but G1161 present G3918 in spirit, G4151 have judged G2919 already, G2235 as though G5613 I were present, G3918 concerning him that hath so done G2716 G3779 this deed,G5124

1Co 5:4 In G1722 the G3588 name G3686 of our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ, G5547 when ye G5216 are gathered together, G4863 and G2532 my G1699 spirit, G4151 with G4862 the G3588 power G1411 of our G2257 Lord G2962 Jesus G2424 Christ,G5547

1Co 5:5 To deliver G3860 such an one G5108 unto Satan G4567 for G1519 the destruction G3639 of the G3588 flesh, G4561 that G2443 the G3588 spirit G4151 may be saved G4982 in G1722 the G3588 day G2250 of the G3588 Lord G2962 Jesus.G2424

1Co 5:6 Your G5216 glorying G2745 is not G3756 good. G2570 Know G1492 ye not G3756 that G3754 a little G3398 leaven G2219 leaveneth G2220 the G3588 whole G3650 lump?G5445

1Co 5:7 Purge out G1571 therefore G3767 the G3588 old G3820 leaven, G2219 that G2443 ye may be G5600 a new G3501 lump, G5445 as G2531 ye are G2075 unleavened. G106 For G1063 even G2532 Christ G5547 our G2257 passover( G3957) is sacrificed G2380 for G5228 us:G2257

1Co 5:8 Therefore G5620 let us keep the feast, G1858 not G3361 with G1722 old G3820 leaven, G2219 neither G3366 with G1722 the leaven G2219 of malice G2549 and G2532 wickedness; G4189 but G235 with G1722 the unleavened G106 bread of sincerity G1505 and G2532 truth.G225

1Co 5:9 I wrote G1125 unto you G5213 in G1722 an epistle G1992 not G3361 to company with G4874 fornicators:G4205

1Co 5:10 Yet G2532 not G3756 altogether G3843 with the G3588 fornicators G4205 of this G5127 world, G2889 or G2228 with the G3588 covetous, G4123 or G2228 extortioners, G727 or G2228 with idolaters; G1496 for G1893 then G686 must ye needs G3784 go G1831 out of G1537 the G3588 world.G2889

1Co 5:11 But G1161 now G3570 I have written G1125 unto you G5213 not G3361 to keep company, G4874 if G1437 any man G5100 that is called G3687 a brother G80 be a fornicator, G4205 or G2228 covetous, G4123 or G2228 an idolater, G1496 or G2228 a railer, G3060 or G2228 a drunkard, G3183 or G2228 an extortioner; G727 with such an one G5108 no not G3366 to eat.G4906

1Co 5:12 For G1063 what have I to do G5101 G3427 to judge G2919 them also that are without? G1854 G2532 do not G3780 ye G5210 judge G2919 them that are within?G2080

1Co 5:13 But G1161 them that are without G1854 God G2316 judgeth. G2919 Therefore G2532 put away G1808 from G1537 among yourselves G5216 G848 that wicked person.G4190

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