Cantares  Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

Cnt 4:1 Behold, H2009 thou art fair, H3303 my love; H7474 behold, H2009 thou art fair; H3303 thou hast doves' H3123 eyes H5869 within H4480 H1157 thy locks: H6777 thy hair H8181 is as a flock H5739 of goats, H5795 that appear H7945 H1570 from mount H4480 H2022 Gilead.H1568

Cnt 4:2 Thy teeth H8127 are like a flock H5739 of sheep that are even shorn, H7094 which came up H7945 H5927 from H4480 the washing; H7367 whereof every one H7945 H3605 bear twins, H8382 and none H369 is barren H7909 among them.

Cnt 4:3 Thy lips H8193 are like a thread H2339 of scarlet, H8144 and thy speech H4057 is comely: H5000 thy temples H7541 are like a piece H6400 of a pomegranate H7416 within H4480 H1157 thy locks.H6777

Cnt 4:4 Thy neck H6677 is like the tower H4026 of David H1732 builded H1129 for an armoury, H8530 whereon H5921 there hang H8518 a thousand H505 bucklers, H4043 all H3605 shields H7982 of mighty men.H1368

Cnt 4:5 Thy two H8147 breasts H7699 are like two H8147 young H6082 roes H6646 that are twins, H8380 which feed H7462 among the lilies.H7799

Cnt 4:6 Until H5704 the day H3117 break, H7945 H6315 and the shadows H6752 flee away, H5127 I will get H1980 me to H413 the mountain H2022 of myrrh, H4753 and to H413 the hill H1389 of frankincense.H3828

Cnt 4:7 Thou art all H3605 fair, H3303 my love; H7474 there is no H369 spot H3971 in thee.

Cnt 4:8 Come H935 with H854 me from Lebanon, H4480 H3844 my spouse, H3618 with H854 me from Lebanon: H4480 H3844 look H7789 from the top H4480 H7218 of Amana, H549 from the top H4480 H7218 of Shenir H8149 and Hermon, H2768 from the lions' H738 dens, H4480 H4585 from the mountains H4480 H2042 of the leopards.H5246

Cnt 4:9 Thou hast ravished my heart, H3823 my sister, H269 my spouse; H3618 thou hast ravished my heart H3823 with one H259 of thine eyes, H4480 H5869 with one H259 chain H6060 of thy neck. H4480 H6677

Cnt 4:10 How H4100 fair H3302 is thy love, H1730 my sister, H269 my spouse! H3618 how H4100 much better H2895 is thy love H1730 than wine! H4480 H3196 and the smell H7381 of thine ointments H8081 than all H4480 H3605 spices!H1314

Cnt 4:11 Thy lips, H8193 O my spouse, H3618 drop H5197 as the honeycomb: H5317 honey H1706 and milk H2461 are under H8478 thy tongue; H3956 and the smell H7381 of thy garments H8008 is like the smell H7381 of Lebanon.H3844

Cnt 4:12 A garden H1588 inclosed H5274 is my sister, H269 my spouse; H3618 a spring H1530 shut up, H5274 a fountain H4599 sealed.H2856

Cnt 4:13 Thy plants H7973 are an orchard H6508 of pomegranates, H7416 with H5973 pleasant H4022 fruits; H6529 camphire, H3724 with H5973 spikenard,H5373

Cnt 4:14 Spikenard H5373 and saffron; H3750 calamus H7070 and cinnamon, H7076 with H5973 all H3605 trees H6086 of frankincense; H3828 myrrh H4753 and aloes, H174 with H5973 all H3605 the chief H7218 spices:H1314

Cnt 4:15 A fountain H4599 of gardens, H1588 a well H875 of living H2416 waters, H4325 and streams H5140 from H4480 Lebanon.H3844

Cnt 4:16 Awake, H5782 O north H6828 wind; and come, H935 thou south; H8486 blow upon H6315 my garden, H1588 that the spices H1314 thereof may flow out. H5140 Let my beloved H1730 come H935 into his garden, H1588 and eat H398 his pleasant H4022 fruits.H6529

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